World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1094
News that Holy Dragon Crown Prince died, is similar to the ocean waves sweeps across entire Heaven World generally, but the Sacred Dan World person also quickly knew, is not clear in Primal Chaos Mountain inside person. No one knows that this attracting much attention, could become Dragon Emperor small Holy Dragon, in Shen Xiang's Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, small White Dragon anxiously is waiting at the same time also for that grain small Holy Dragon pill. This little rascal, has really done, I am only have not thought that he can such quickly massacre this small Holy Dragon!” Huang Jintian and Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen in Heavenly Sacred City hears the news, is not extremely accidental, Shen Xiang made this matter out of the ordinary is not a time two. suddenly, the earth has shaken violently. „It is not good, Imperial Dragon Clan Dragon Emperor must the rumbling broken space come!” The Huang Jintian complexion changes. Shen Xiang also in Sacred Dan World, if that Dragon Emperor comes, so long as catches Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang troubled. In Purple Orchid Valley, Yan Zilan, Du Yanyao and Yun Zhu are listening to Dongfang Jing to narrate Shen Xiang at Emperor Heaven has done these surprises, but now Holy Dragon Crown Prince died, makes them worry very that this is enrages a strength to endure compared with big of Great Emperor of Ten Heavens takes. Holy Dragon Crown Prince died, thinks that Taiyuan Dean grandson cannot run away, Yanyao you do not need to worry that was compelled the marriage again!” Yun Zhu said with a smile tenderly. But Shen Xiang will certainly anger the Taiyuan mountain!” Du Yanyao wants to know the Shen Xiang present situation very much. In the boundless star territory, White Tiger felt that the trim star territory was shivering, follows had also discovered in his Bai Xing anything, the trim starry sky was filling angry murderous aura. White Tiger and Bai Xing had not found anything to have the clue about starry sky White Tiger clan in the star territory, at this time is returning.

Old Ancestor, what's all this about?” Bai Xing asked. Shen Xiang this brat has caused trouble, from this imposing manner, should be Imperial Dragon Clan Dragon Emperor is getting angry, I must a bit faster go back, otherwise this little rascal must be finished!” White Tiger appears very helpless. Now many people want to know where Shen Xiang, is doing, but many people guessed that he should become a fugitive anything. Naturally, Shen Xiang this Sir was just cutting small Holy Dragon refined into pill who kills, moreover he was not worried that he was also planning how and other kills that group of fellows completely. This Holy Dragon Crown Prince dragon body is tenacious, Shen Xiang has to use the method that Heaven Refining Technique gets a light, inhales draw in all around Immortal Qi, turns into the intense flame, burns down fast the dragon body, he is building up anxiously pill. Before he has built up Illusory Ghost Eagle, had the beasts refined into pill's experience, although that Illusory Ghost Eagle was very farther than this small Holy Dragon difference, but the method was similar, when the firepower that but used differs from, concentrates pill difficulty slightly to be also big. Two grains of Dragon Pearl, no wonder this small Holy Dragon thinks one become Dragon Emperor, in Imperial Dragon Clan, double Dragon Pearl is truly rare, but he entered my belly finally!” Long Xueyi said with a smile tenderly: This small Holy Dragon strength is not too strong, Dragon Pearl should be very good to build up, compared with is difficult to build up should be these bodies, wants not to dig up dragon scales?” Dragon body is very big, digs up to spend the time very much, moreover dragon scales is unusable, will sell only to kill the person, who dares to use the small Holy Dragon body refined into appliance?” Shen Xiang decided dragon scales dragon bone anything's melt. Bang! Entire Sacred Dan World presented a deafening sound, with angry dragon roar, making people think that has probably a big dragon to be in the going all out rewiring Sacred Dan World.

Dragon Emperor must come! This lets entire Sacred Dan World in a terrified way, this vibration unceasingly is still continuing, many people think this space was stable, if Heaven World wants to come not to be easy, but this Dragon Emperor strength makes the people be hard to be calm now. After they is very worried about Dragon Emperor to come, could not find Shen Xiang, then slaughters! Shen Xiang in Primal Chaos Mountain, feels to shiver, but outside is not intense, he only considers other people to fight. However Mountain Spirit actually knows that he is worried to affect Shen Xiang alchemy, therefore has not told Shen Xiang, Dragon Emperor the strength of Holy Dragon appeared in Sacred Dan World, might anytime come here. If absorbs the Dragon Pearl energy like the normalcy, needs long time, but if refined into pill, that were quick, moreover Shen Xiang smelts with Dragon Pearl the flesh and blood skeleton of Holy Dragon now, the energy that Dragon Qu contains are many, Shen Xiang anticipated very these pill can provide many strength to him! Before refining this small Holy Dragon pill super was mad Divine Pill quickly, because this only needed to melt, the energy of then smelting extruded together, finally congealed pill to complete, because Heaven Refining Technique for refining this type of thing, will therefore reduce the difficulty. In Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace in a big way presented one to roll Qi ball that golden light sparkles, Shen Xiang will be separating two, if must reduce one grain, he thinks somewhat difficultly, after all this Holy Dragon energy is huge, moreover he cannot have sole possession, he must taste foods newly in season to Long Xueyi. Several days, Shen Xiang has completed, this giant stone chamber suddenly releases light glow to come, Mountain Spirit told him, the preparation can leave here. Shen Xiang is somewhat regrettable, he planned to eat up that grain of small Holy Dragon pill, but Long Xueyi just received, immediately puts in the mouth.

Do not be worried that the strength of Holy Dragon on the allows me to come release, I build up the speed is quicker than you!” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile: Turns into the appearance of that fellow!” After Shen Xiang feels Long Xueyi passes to his strength of some Holy Dragon, then feels relieved turns into the Holy Dragon Crown Prince appearance. Enters the Primal Chaos Mountain people transmitted to a stone chamber, in addition Shen Xiang, had ten people here! Comes in has about 30, the words of duel, should also remaining 15! Some people have hit two, this is arranges intentionally.” Mountain Spirit told Shen Xiang, because Shen Xiang was not the rebel influence, but Shen Xiang unusual monstruous talent, therefore this Mountain Spirit can with the Shen Xiang exchange. Other nine people you look at me, I think your, they know that the opposite party affirmed has experienced the duel, but does not know that who has killed anyone, naturally, they will definitely not say! Shen Xiang saw Taiyuan Dean also to live, guessed that Taiyuan Dean should kill that Three Horned Dragon King, only then this fellow had this strength, this helped him remove a disaster actually. Other is these Sacred Realm and Heavenspan Family Big Shot, although looks like they are forming an alliance, but crucial moment time, they momentarily can get angry, therefore before them , is the same with Shen Xiang, was forced to carry on the duel, after killing one person, can live. Taiyuan Dean was discrete at this time, to everyone sound transmission, with cipher confirmation status, in order to avoid Shen Xiang mixed, the fact that because Shen Xiang died, making his some unable to believe.