World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1095
One month later!” Taiyuan Dean gave Shen Xiang sound transmission. In the hall set of Taiyuan mountain!” Shen Xiang was right immediately, making Taiyuan Dean relax, he thinks that strength and Shen Xiang quite, should be Holy Dragon Crown Prince, if Shen Xiang were massacred by Holy Dragon Crown Prince, then the Shen Xiang's thing might be obtained by Holy Dragon Crown Prince very much, but he was not good to ask, because he has killed Three Horned Dragon King. Thinks that everybody has had many pain on the road, other companions are unable to flee the difficult position, we can only pay silent tribute for them! Explores the Primal Chaos Mountain matter to continue, we walk!” Taiyuan Dean took the lead, walked toward the front door of this stone chamber. The people understand that they have killed Big Shot of other influences, if passes on, they have the trouble, but Taiyuan Dean said a moment ago, these people are because is unable to be separated from the difficult position dead, is telling them, do not pass on this matter. Leaves the stone chamber to go straight, the people walk on a dim aisle, they are silent, but actually very much wants to ask the opposite party, who had a look has killed anyone, especially that Shen Xiang, the people thought Shen Xiang definitely also and others duel, although some people of suspicions were Holy Dragon Crown Prince kill, but too did not confirm. Holy Dragon Crown Prince died, has half to be eaten by Long Xueyi, but they this, is Shen Xiang turns at present. Shen Xiang is actually very relaxed, because that Taiyuan Dean has not guarded against him, here, Taiyuan Dean strength was strongest one, now was guarding by Big Shot of many rebel influences, was worried that this Taiyuan Dean wants to have sole possession of treasure, then cut completely them, because traded to do is they, they will also do. Although this Taiyuan Dean looked like compares righteous sect, but everyone was clear he is not my goodness, otherwise dominated Sacred Dan World time, will not slaughter that many people. Everyone has own small thoughts, Shen Xiang is no exception, because he wants to have sole possession of finally these treasure, but he , to be these fellows to be very difficult, even if uses Devil Decaying Death Qi not to be good. Front was this passage end, the people somewhat were tense, because must see treasure immediately, they were worried about to be killed by Taiyuan Dean, because before this matter them, little has not done, but has not thought that will be met by oneself, if before were, their rebel influences the person many did not fear actually, but they have eight now, facing strength strong Taiyuan Dean, did not have the stratagem which ensures success.

Holy Dragon Crown Prince, I think that you should not want to share the final achievement with these fellows.” Taiyuan Dean suddenly gave Shen Xiang sound transmission. In the Shen Xiang heart moves, hastily should say: Taiyuan Dean also anything spoke frankly!” Taiyuan Dean said: I massacre that several fellows, I divvy up the final thing, it is said 30 boxes, I give you eight! You only needed to keep secret that's alright.” In the Shen Xiang heart cursed this fellow, unexpectedly gives eight! Equal division, person of 15!” Shen Xiang naturally must bargain back and forth, this Taiyuan Dean has not dared to move him, because his present status is Holy Dragon Crown Prince, Taiyuan Dean was worried to enrage Dragon Emperor. Your ten! You must know that I must take very big risk, but you have Imperial Dragon Clan top in the back.” Taiyuan Dean said: „A person draws back one!” Good!” Shen Xiang complied to say first again that has been short of that eight fellows, then found the way to kill this Taiyuan Dean, although this was unlikely, but he to finally the good and bad also ten boxes, but did not know in these boxes to have any thing. Taiyuan Dean shoved open that sliding door, to Shen Xiang sound transmission: We have a look in these boxes to have any thing first, if no value, I do not need fight!” Shen Xiang also feels to these box inside things curious, initially these People went through the complications conceal here, will definitely have the thing, but before that Mountain Spirit, has said that once had a dragon to mix, Shen Xiang thought that has the good thing, definitely was also taken away by that dragon much.

After that sliding door, the people arrived at one to decorate in luxurious hall very, but in the ground in hall, was suspending three boxes! unexpectedly only then four, people one horridness, but the people saw the ground to have placed the traces of other boxes. Taiyuan Dean promptly has not opened box, but is fierce turning around, was looking to that eight ancient influence Big Shot. Taiyuan Dean, do you want to do?” Big Shot coldly asked. Here has four boxes!” Taiyuan Dean fist gripped tightly. Right, we should open have a look inside to have any thing, discussed again how to divide.” old man hurriedly said, he was worried about to be killed by Taiyuan Dean, therefore only then four types of things, he did not plan the minute to a point anything, in order to avoid being killed. Shen Xiang has displayed Primal Chaos Spirit Eye, wants to see through in these boxes to have anything, but actually cannot completely understand that at this time he noted the place of this hall to have sliding door, that should exit / to speak, he has tried slightly, discovered that here space blockade is unreliable, in other words he can the shuttle space. Taiyuan Dean, if they divide are less than the things, goes back to tell them in the Heaven World's influence, they certainly will find when the time comes the way to look for your trouble, perhaps they also will frame by planting stolen goods on to you, said that you kill other people, simply, these four boxes, we divide equally! I do not pass on this.” Shen Xiang gave Taiyuan Dean sound transmission. Taiyuan Dean has also thought this, he must obtain the thing, if did not apportion these eight Big Shot, later they exited to talk nonsense, he has troubled, these rebel influences in the Heaven World's strength were very formidable.

Snort!” In Taiyuan Dean heart a ruthless, giant palm has been clapping to that eight Big Shot, vigorous Primal Chaos Power, making entire Primal Chaos Mountain shiver. Taiyuan Dean you......” old man panic-stricken shouted, after moving that powerful Primal Chaos Power, immediately turned into the powder, but other seven people guarded obviously, immediately lost big pile of immortal tool to be used to resist this crazy fierce attack. The Big Shot influences of these seven person rebel influences are also very strong, unexpectedly received a Taiyuan Dean palm, simultaneously fast retreat. Taiyuan Dean double held condense the palm strength, to these people was being a crazy fan, held the shade to be dreadful, is bringing the Primal Chaos Power wild gland in the past, hit these seven person pitiful yells. Shen Xiang is looking at the same time, when Taiyuan Dean attacked once more, his hastily arrived at side of these boxes, fast loaded in these boxes Hidden Jade Ring! This action had been discovered by Taiyuan Dean, but Shen Xiang's speed very rapidness, now only remaining boxes! He attended to attacking that seven people, is hitting to a Shen Xiang palm, even if Holy Dragon Crown Prince his thing, he same will get rid! The Shen Xiang hastily shunt, treads Earth Shrinking Step to rush toward that sliding door, Taiyuan Dean arrived by that box, received the box, was being one crazily attacks to Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang has actually used the strength of Law of Space, fast across that sliding door!