World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1096

Holy Dragon Crown Prince, your despicable shameless fellow, do not blame me being cruel and merciless!” Taiyuan Dean got angry anxiously, looks seven injured Big Shot that fell to the ground, a palm hit, will rumble meat dregs, then rushed toward that sliding door, pursues Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang is dashing about wildly in passage, here Primal Chaos Mountain, except for feeling that sliding door, here mountain is very difficult to penetrate the person, if he does not play this, he cannot obtain three boxes, he is planned to take away, but that Taiyuan Dean was very cloudy, held back one trick against he, but was suitable for three by him. Make him feel what is funny, this Taiyuan Dean unexpectedly had not seen that his status comes, but Shen Xiang thought that makes him continue to suspect well. Taiyuan Dean was angry, he must massacre this sly Holy Dragon Crown Prince, because Holy Dragon Crown Prince has had a falling out with him, he also had gotten a moment ago down the killer, therefore after Holy Dragon Crown Prince exited outside, certainly will say this matter, when the time comes these rebel influences walked, he died quickly! Massacres Holy Dragon Crown Prince really to have very big risk, that by the situation that in Dragon Emperor finds out, he thought that Dragon Emperor should not know is he does. Can turn on these boxes?” Shen Xiang has given Su Meiyao them the box. Cannot!” Long Xueyi said: Probably needs some type of thing to open, but inside should not have formation of what self-destruction, you use Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade to break out!” Good, when I safe said again!” The Shen Xiang's speed is not slow, uses the Earth Shrinking Step coordination shuttle space, spread out more and more far in this passage neutralization behind Taiyuan Dean. After more than half double-hour, Shen Xiang saw front to present sliding door in this dim passage, he shuttle space, saw only the intense ray to appear immediately, he left Primal Chaos Mountain! Also has these elders of influence outside Primal Chaos Mountain, as well as some young people, they see some people to brave from the mountain, unexpectedly is Holy Dragon Crown Prince, cannot help but one startled, because they think that Holy Dragon Crown Prince died!

Shen Xiang just came out, that Taiyuan Dean was also following close on coming out, and has been hitting a palm to him, presented one such as the mountain-like giant palm, the vertical position in the past, the speed was extremely fast! The people were more surprised, Taiyuan Dean unexpectedly must kill Holy Dragon Crown Prince! Small female slave, run, this Taiyuan Dean will certainly kill off your!” Shen Xiang hastily gives Ji Meixian sound transmission. Shen Xiang hides into the space immediately, vanish from sight, Taiyuan Dean saw the Shen Xiang news, immediately looks at that group of people, he attacked the Holy Dragon Crown Prince matter to be seen, but can live the person from inside, only then he and Holy Dragon Crown Prince person, now Holy Dragon Crown Prince vanished, if were said by these people, he was very difficult to elute various suspicions. Ji Meixian realizes anything quickly, immediately moves sideways to hide into the forest, is far away from the place that group of people gather in rapidly. Shortly after Ji Meixian just left, one huge hand imprint that only then Primal Chaos Power condense becomes depresses suddenly, kills these person bang completely. Shen Xiang appears side Ji Meixian, holds her, puts in her Hidden Jade Ring, then consumes within the body most strength, the shuttle space, was far away from that Taiyuan Dean! Exactly what happened?” In Ji Meixian heart with amazement, if she were slow a moment ago one step, she likely can the severe wound. Died completely!” Shen Xiang briefly one passed through, he went to very far place now, but still felt the Taiyuan Dean random attacks, strength that erupted. You......” Ji Meixian is very speechless, Shen Xiang was really too bold, but this played truly attractively.

Hehe, so long as you are living going back, told others, Holy Dragon Crown Prince was that's alright that this fellow massacred, then holds completely the process that I said that as for my matter, did not raise, because when the time comes nobody believe Taiyuan Dean words.” Shen Xiang truly somewhat was worried that Dragon Emperor looks for him, but now he can feel that Dragon Emperor terror clearly strength. The dragon roar deafening sound in the horizon, Taiyuan Dean listened to this together immediately is Dragon Emperor roaring hiss, in his heart panic-stricken, he thinks immediately he had massacred Holy Dragon Crown Prince a moment ago, will enrage this Dragon Emperor! He started to be ruthless a moment ago, including massacring of oneself Taiyuan mountain, to avoid this matter revealed that now nobody personally sees is he does, will not suspect him absolutely, because his Holy Dragon Crown Prince relationship was good. Shen Xiang also stays in Primal Chaos Mountain, is dashing about wildly, he must avoid these Primal Chaos savage beast and Primal Chaos Barbarian Clan, he uses Transformation Technique, was turned into the birds by oneself, is all the way safer, but Sacred Dan World was being dashed by Dragon Emperor all day, makes him fearful and apprehensive. Nobody saw is I have killed Holy Dragon Crown Prince, if White Tiger can come back, perhaps I can make Ji Meixian help me elute the suspicion.” Shen Xiang can feel the Dragon Emperor anger at this time. Several days of making a long and wearisome journey, Shen Xiang arrived at Primal Chaos Mountain that city finally, he remembers Du Hai here! Small female slave, Dragon Emperor cultivates Divine Dao super expert, you should know that he may search when the time comes the thing that you see from your mind, I worried that you will be visited by him!” Shen Xiang said. This you could rest assured that my divine cloth is very fierce, can defend me and your matter, will not show any flaw absolutely, I can be closer remember that I select me to be able to achieve.” Ji Meixian comes out from Hidden Jade Ring, but at this time is having one group of people to leave Primal Chaos Mountain, because Holy Dragon Crown Prince dies here, they were worried Dragon Emperor gets angry, ruins here completely! Ji Meixian will pass through Blood Sex Fiend Forest with this group of people, but Shen Xiang is looks for Du Hai!

Before, Ji Meixian had said people will have ten years, when the time comes will gather on the altar, opens the altar to return to Emperor Heaven once more, therefore Shen Xiang must find a safe place to hide in these ten years, well promotion strength! Du Hai most knew about Sacred Dan World, therefore Shen Xiang, only then looked for him. Old Du!” Shen Xiang in the entrance of that city, to sloppy old man sound transmission. Young bastard, you brought big trouble!” Du Hai affirmed very much that Holy Dragon Crown Prince is Shen Xiang cuts, initially he had witnessed Shen Xiang slaughter over python dragon. Relax, Dragon Emperor does not think that is I does!” Shen Xiang gives Du Hai sound transmission: A bit faster leads me to go to a safe place.” What does not think that is you do? Entire Sacred Dan World knows that is you do!” Du Hai said not false, because only then Shen Xiang has this possibility. Shen Xiang does not want to say anything with him, urged that he leads him to go to a quite safe place. Du Hai helps certainly Shen Xiang's, moreover Shen Xiang also told him, Taiyuan Dean son died, this made him quite happy actually, because Du Yanyao will not be compelled that tightly! Shen Xiang will certainly not tell him, when the plan success of Ji Meixian, were the Taiyuan mountain exterminates an entire family!