World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1097
Du Hai also knows that this Primal Chaos Mountain now is unsafe, hastily brings Shen Xiang to pass through Blood Sex Fiend Forest, rushes in a very bleak direction. On this barren land, Shen Xiang has doubts, because here good and bad is also the places of Sacred Dan World 18 story-high, how to have this place? Let alone Immortal Qi, did not have including Spirit Qi. Where is our must go to?” Shen Xiang asked that Du Hai must lead him to go to a safe place is the affirmation, but if the illusion were too bad, he cultivated is also very difficult, he when alchemy or the practice, very relied on between Heaven and Earth strength. Goes to true Sacred Dan World, do you think Sacred Dan World on a little?” Before Du Hai, hides in Primal Chaos Mountain, to wait for opportunity revenge, but he must help Shen Xiang escape now, has to bring here him. Shen Xiang is somewhat surprised, he thought that the places of these 18 story-high should slightly be very right, but also is not true Sacred Dan World! What is called true Sacred Dan World?” Shen Xiang pursues asks. Has the Pill Saint place, here is only a Sacred Dan World corner!” Shen Xiang already knows that Sacred Dan World is impossible to be so simple, will otherwise not be called Sacred Dan World! However he thinks the Sacred Dan World quite fierce place should in Primal Chaos Mountain. In Primal Chaos Mountain also the road can arrive at Saint Dan Territory, there is the true Pill Dao civilization strongly, but there present some Demon and Devil occasionally are causing trouble, but is safe, Dragon Emperor does not dare to act unreasonably there!” Du Hai sees a question of Shen Xiang face , to continue saying: Told honestly, to Saint Dan Territory, only then two roads, one here, was I just discovered that because of one in Primal Chaos Mountain, only then the small number of people knows! The road that now we take is unsafe, on the road will probably run into the fierce fellow, I thought that is Saint Dan Territory intends to block this corner, possibly is guarding against a Primal Chaos clan.”

This by true Sacred Dan World blockade corner, not only then a Primal Chaos clan is a threat, because here has many secret passage, can lead to some world, reason that possibly this also blocked.” Shen Xiang is somewhat excited, true Sacred Dan World, has the place that Pill Saint has, he thought that there spirit herb is more certain! I delivered you to go in that's alright, I planned to continue to stay here!” Du Hai said. Old Du, then you can help me take care of my some friends, I worried that their comforts......” Shen Xiang did not have Liu Meng'er now their news, he can only entrust Du Hai, he and Du Hai related in detail the situation, making him find Huang Jintian and Li Baojun they. Front, is piece of sea of fire, comes all the way, they have not met any danger(ous), but this piece is burning the earth of flame, looks like very terrifying, especially that threatening fire intensity, making Shen Xiang think that this is another earth core fire territory! Is very fierce in Emperor Heaven earth core fire territory, he has not explored, but at present this, looks like with earth core fire territory is similar. Across this piece of sea of fire that's alright, you should be able to achieve! I did not accompany you, I will find your friend as soon as possible, although my Du Family perished, but the friend of mine also had many, you felt relieved!” Du Hai hurriedly said, he rushes to time, afterward fills to a Shen Xiang paper: Arrives at that side, must be careful that this woman, this is a very fearful woman, was good, you go in!” Shen Xiang opens that paper to look, above portrait unexpectedly is Bai Ziqian! Bai Ziqian posted a reward, moreover takes the monetary reward by ten grains of Immortal Dan, reason that above also writes her post a reward, because uses Devil Decaying Death Qi this taboo strange poison, Shen Xiang took a deep breath, said slightly: I knew!”

Shen Xiang enters sea of fire, is treading Earth Shrinking Step, dashes in the direction that Du Hai said that Bai Ziqian unexpectedly arrived at Sacred Dan World, this makes him somewhat excited, but this beautiful beautiful poisonous female Sister Bai Youyou's, initially he had occupied a point her convenient. But her situation is not very wonderful, has killed by poison Immortal King with Devil Decaying Death Qi, now will go to be chased down where. Shen Xiang goes through in sea of fire, judges according to the temperature, he thought the road that he takes in this piece of fire territory outside, if arrives at the deep place, the temperature of flame will be very certainly high. If the average person, is very difficult to pass through, at least must cross the Nirvana five tribulations about, has enough strength to pass through, moreover must prepare some pills, but for him, this is only a piece of cake. I crossed Nirvana five to plunder now, waits to return to Emperor Heaven, that big Fire Lion does not put!” Shen Xiang is having the idea of that Ancient Fire Beast, drags into Subduing Dragon Sect this fellow is a good idea. Shen Xiang, you arrive at that side, can help me find my elder sister, I very much want to see her now!” Bai Youyou looks at that portrait, beautiful female who looks at that braid belt sharp check, is somewhat low-spirited. Um!” Shen Xiang here not only has massive Devil Decaying Death Qi, God Intoxicating Flower that just obtained, he grasped two strange poison, if after wants to let Bai Ziqian, is safer, is makes Bai Ziqian have, fiercer strange poison. Shen Xiang has used three days, finally ran out of sea of fire, went to a Immortal Qi very rich place, making him feel what is inconceivable, although he behind is piece of sea of fire, but the front is really having -and-a-half pieces of person of high prairies, he dashed about wildly immediately, breaks in the prairie. „...... This is any grass, compared in that sea of fire also hot!” Shen Xiang soars immediately, is treading Earth Shrinking Step, rushes toward Mountain Spirit of distant place.

„Is this true Sacred Dan World? The feeling compared with was much better in that side!” Shen Xiang leisure walking in forest, wants to have a look here to have spirit herb anything, but he actually discovered that has many people have come trace, he thought that this true Sacred Dan World, spirit herb should not deficient be so right. These very suitable growth spirit herb place, does not have no spirit herb, by the natural lighting, it seems like here herbs was very been deficient, or some big influences such do intentionally, controls herbs, plants in own back garden.” Su Meiyao said: Has many influences to do in Heaven World.” Shen Xiang has made a cave here, after hiding into inside, eats up that grain of small Holy Dragon pill, he needs to promote the strength now rapidly, many one point of strength, can let him from now on many one point of security. dragon roar, suddenly awakens Shen Xiang, in his heart trembles, because Dragon Emperor came! After Dragon Emperor comes, first arrives at Primal Chaos Mountain, moreover is not only a Dragon Emperor person comes, he is also bringing many expert, but is human expert, looks at these clothing, knows that is Big Shot of Heaven World these rebel influences. Shen Xiang, comes out to me! Where regardless of you hide, I look for you!” Dragon Emperor is full of the sound recollection of might thickly crazily here Sacred Dan World, but that side that Shen Xiang is at has not actually heard.