World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1098

Du Hai relaxed gently, Shen Xiang went to that side, temporarily is safe, only if Dragon Emperor can find that side, when the time comes can only look at Shen Xiang own good fortune. The strength of this group of people are very strong, crosses Blood Sex Fiend Forest the time, that does not dare to act unreasonably in the Blood Sex Fiend Forest underground monster, by this matchless Dragon Emperor frightening. In Heavenly Sacred City, Ji Meixian sees Zhao Yixuan to follow old man to fly from the sky, this is she uses the rare treasure pass on message of White Sea Sacred Realm, Zhao Yixuan upon learning this, to bring White Sea Sacred Realm expert to come immediately. These rebel influences send for the Sacred Dan World treasure hunt, but died completely, but they actually know that Ji Meixian is also living, because the Ji Meixian life bead has not broken to pieces. In a Heavenly Sacred City hall, in the Ji Meixian heart is somewhat disturbed, she does not have to think own rebirth many years later, but can also face these many expert, moreover in these expert, there are her to know in the past, but also met by chance, luckily before her, was obstructing the face, therefore nobody knew her appearance. Dragon Emperor sits on head, is a valiant formidable handsome middle age, the whole body golden red armor makes him appear more aggressive, Ji Meixian facing this Imperial Dragon Clan ruler, the pressure is not small. Says, why the person who you know died, are you also living?” The Dragon Emperor sound is light, but actually shakes the Ji Meixian headache, obviously such does intentionally, making her not dare have lied. I am not living only, Taiyuan Dean also went with us at that time, he was also living! And...... Is he kills Holy Dragon Crown Prince!” Ji Meixian does intentionally in a terrified way, hurriedly said. unexpectedly was Taiyuan Dean kills! The people are surprised immediately, because they suspected that is Shen Xiang does, after Dragon Emperor hears, flies into a rage, because he went to the Taiyuan mountain at that time time, Taiyuan Dean said that he has not gone, is arranges the elder to accompany! Ji Meixian knows that Taiyuan Dean will lie, she admired Shen Xiang at this time, such one, Taiyuan Dean back decided this to be unjustly discredited. Ji Meixian all matters detailed narrated that from them, got rid to Holy Dragon Crown Prince to Taiyuan Dean finally. Naturally, for she was not looked, mentioned Shen Xiang to turn into the Dongfang Lingyun matter.

Three Horned Dragon King...... the Shen Xiang strength is strong, but also kills undying he, in that Primal Chaos Mountain exactly what happened? Will make them have the conflict?” The Dragon Emperor complexion ice is cold, arrives in front of Ji Meixian, with one big according to the Ji Meixian top of the head. This lets Ji Meixian and Zhao Yixuan immediately in great surprise, Zhao Yixuan and Ji Meixian have the master and servant contract, but Ji Meixian and Shen Xiang have the master and servant contract, they worried that will be looked, but before Ji Meixian, has been ready, uses that divine cloth to go into hiding. Dragon Emperor closes the eye, displays Divine Ability, is examining the Ji Meixian memory, really saw many things, said with Ji Meixian is the same. He also sees Shen Xiang to reduce of Holy Dragon Crown Prince arm, because two time of world are different, therefore Taiyuan Dean got rid to Holy Dragon Crown Prince finally, the death time is unable to infer. No matter what, Holy Dragon Crown Prince died, but Taiyuan Dean was also living, but also lay to say one have not gone to Primal Chaos Mountain, he was only has not thought that Ji Meixian was also living, otherwise he does not dare to deceive Dragon Emperor! Went to the Taiyuan mountain!” Dragon Emperor opens the eye, roars. But Ji Meixian has fainted, Zhao Yixuan hastily goes to hold her, she has not obstructed greatly, but faints temporarily. unexpectedly is not Shen Xiang does! But Shen Xiang? Did Shen Xiang also die in Primal Chaos Mountain? Also after or Shen Xiang goes, also came out quietly? Shen Xiang dying made many people be hard to accept, these expert regarded as him is a undying Xiaoqiang. Just went out of Heavenly Sacred City, Dragon Emperor their this pedestrians sees one group of females to run outside the city! That is Demon Empress...... also has Xue Xianxian, Leng Youlan! Xue Xianxian is the Shen Xiang's wife, white hair Leng Youlan is Shen Xiang's sworn sister, so long as holds them, can force Shen Xiang to hand over Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, can perhaps make Shen Xiang come, I always do not believe that Shen Xiang died.” Purple robe old man said that he is Purple Moon Sacred Realm's. Sees sky group of person might dreadful people, the Demon Empress complexion big change, she recognizes comes majority, is these rebel influence inside Big Shot exists.

Holds them!” Dragon Emperor shouted. At this time had several people to fly toward Lu Qinlian, Lu Qinlian just must get rid, black light suddenly dodged together, the eyesight good person, can see to have a person to fly, trampled to fly super expert of that several rebel influences with the foot maliciously! The person who suddenly presents, is White Tiger! Liu Meng'er they relaxed, they know that this is the Shen Xiang's person, the pit bottom will help their! Their this group of females want to find the place that Shen Xiang said immediately, found some resources and spirit herb on the road, has delayed some time, when they arrive at the Heavenly Sacred City entrance, has actually met Dragon Emperor! Before Demon Empress had told them, Shen Xiang has angered Dragon Emperor, they have not thought that this Dragon Emperor unexpectedly style, unexpectedly do not threaten Shen Xiang with them! They are some females, under your fellow unexpectedly went well!” The White Tiger facial expression is light, looks that several were kicked two sections of super expert by him. White Tiger this foot frightens these person who came from Heaven World, Dragon Emperor frowned, he can see that at present this person of strength and he is equally matched! Facing White Tiger this existence, expert of these rebel influences do not dare to act unreasonably again, although is angry, but also can only look. „Who are you?” Dragon Emperor is overlooking White Tiger in the upper air, the sound ice-cold. Subduing Dragon Sect's Great Elder!”

White Tiger does not fear Dragon Emperor, before he possibly because will not dare the exposed status to suppress strength, but he obtains Law of Darkness profound bead now, what use will be dark strength, will not be looked, in his eyes, this so-called Dragon Emperor also will be only one by the fellow of his second of killing. Dares to say Subduing Dragon Sect's Great Elder in front of Dragon Emperor, this person is not a fool, has the real skill, but looked like from a moment ago his foot, he had the real skill. Dragon Emperor and White Tiger have looked at each other time of half tea, sees only Dragon Emperor to frown slightly, forehead unexpectedly seeps out the sweat, afterward drinks: We walk!” unexpectedly walked! The people also think Dragon Emperor can get with this Subduing Dragon Sect's Great Elder, but disputes in secret, Dragon Emperor unexpectedly chooses! After Dragon Emperor this pedestrian walked, Bai Xing suddenly walks, said to White Tiger: They give me, a bit faster looks for Shen Xiang!” White Tiger nodded, then turned into vanishes together black light! Liu Meng'er they must go to Purple Orchid Valley, but meets Bai Xing now, very fortunately, Bai Xing leads into Purple Orchid Valley them. Quick, Holy Dragon Crown Prince was not the matter that Shen Xiang killed has spread, this was Taiyuan Dean does . Moreover the entire Taiyuan mountain was extinguished, it is said however Taiyuan Dean could not say including the words, was killed by the Dragon Emperor direct bang......