World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1099
Only then a few knows personally that Holy Dragon Crown Prince is Shen Xiang kills, Du Hai is very clear, he knew after Taiyuan Dean died, admired full of admiration to Shen Xiang, unexpectedly was unjustly discredited to lose such big one to Taiyuan Dean! Dragon Emperor and the others also immediately leaves Sacred Dan World, heard that Dragon Emperor still obtained a valuable box that takes from Primal Chaos Mountain in Taiyuan Dean there, inside supreme treasure is precious, no wonder Taiyuan Dean will silence a witness of crime. Because Dragon Emperor is extremely angry, moreover had recognized that was Taiyuan Dean does, at that time Taiyuan Dean also thinks one have killed Holy Dragon Crown Prince, therefore has not refuted, was killed by the Dragon Emperor bang directly. Although Shen Xiang escapes this tribulation, but the humans affair, he still has not guarded against the later this matter to be revealed absolutely, because of Holy Dragon Crown Prince by him and dragon blood eating, the strength of that Holy Dragon, although can conceal, but definitely could not conceal in front of Dragon Emperor, therefore he must continue to promote the strength. To the present, these in the Heaven World's rebel influence, gave up Emperor Heaven, because their sent expert to go to Emperor Heaven very much again, there now is not their world, moreover Demon and Devil definitely also will erupt great war there, therefore they carried off Ji Meixian. They can only promote to be higher Heaven World's strength, later can go to Emperor Heaven time, starts the aggression again, suppresses the Emperor Heaven native influence, carves up Emperor Heaven! Two months later, Shen Xiang crossed sixth Nirvana Tribulation, each beast image six grains of Heaven Dan in within the body, this is he eats up that small Holy Dragon pill's harvest, making him break through all of a sudden. Shen Xiang returns to that cave, has put out that three valuable box that obtains from Primal Chaos Mountain! Quick, this mountain was shaken ta, but Shen Xiang actually crack cursed.

Cannot open, these broken boxes were too fierce!” Shen Xiang looks at that three black box, in the heart is very uncomfortable, knows obviously inside has fierce treasure, but is actually not able to open, he used Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade to divide to chop many, is unable to break. „After can only wait, looked for Sister Meng'er and Xinyue! Thinks them, how didn't know them now?” Shen Xiang receives these three valuable boxes, then leaves this stretch of ruins, although he now has not induced to Dragon Emperor strength, but he worried that the plan of Ji Meixian can be defeated, does not dare to step into other one side Sacred Dan World, in order to avoid being discovered. But here Sacred Dan World and that side are almost break to relate, Shen Xiang arrives at a small town, had not inquired that side news, he thought here dull a period of time had a look again in the past , to promote the strength while convenient here , to promote the alchemy rank. After Shen Xiang arrives at that small town, discovered that here alchemy master he has not imagined that many, but alchemy level very high that's it, he from demonstrated pill who can look, some pill's qualities even surpassed him to build up! He also heard that some alchemy masters leave pill's quantity is very high, this also makes Su Meiyao very excited, because in this Heaven World and Emperor Heaven, as well as Sacred Dan World other one side few this matters, but here are many alchemy master to achieve, is really the Pill Dao very developed place, here is only a small town. Perhaps Sister Meiyao, Sister Youyou, I here can help you restore the strength!” Shen Xiang said excitedly. Although after these two females restore the strength, definitely will leave him, but after not representative, does not meet, they are expert, stays is so long in Hidden Jade Ring, is very definitely uncomfortable. After they restore the strength, definitely will have a lot to do.

Hee hee, my good younger brother, the elder sister I to have approved, treats as my man you, you felt relieved, I later was your.” Su Meiyao thinks also to think that does not give up Shen Xiang very much, if there is an arrival of that day, making her temporarily leave the Shen Xiang's words, will make her very uncomfortable. Bai Youyou is silent, but Su Meiyao knows that she also has the same feeling, although Bai Youyou did not confess and Shen Xiang's relationship like her, but she does not have the sentiment to Shen Xiang is impossible, moreover Shen Xiang helped her be many, let her and Bai Ziqian's relationship improves, cultivated Ruthless Devil Art the road of no return her pull-off. Shen Xiang inquired after this small town neighbor big city, immediately hurries, he must find Bai Ziqian here, this is very difficult matter, because Bai Ziqian now is a super most wanted terrorist, definitely hides very secret. I before with she handled matters the time, has caused a dark mark of relation, you went to that city, indicated in some obvious places, directing her to look for you! These relate the dark mark, only then I and she can understand content, you do not need to be worried.” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang in this true Sacred Dan World, four matters must do, the collection helps Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou restores the strength pills, seeks for Pill Saint, seeks for Bai Ziqian, then promotes own strength, these can also carry on. Shen Xiang arrived at a city, this city is not big, but Shen Xiang has left behind the dark mark of relation, if Bai Ziqian sees these dark marks, will direct her to find subpoenas the jade symbol together, that jade symbol was Shen Xiang spends many Immortal Crystal to buy, can let Bai Ziqian and he relates. This city is not big, but there is Teleportation Formation, can make Shen Xiang save many time, goes to under the major urban staying or going the dark marks of these secrets, but goes to a city every time, needs a large sum of money Immortal Crystal purchase pass on message jade symbol, as well as transmission expense!

Those who make him quite depressed is, here pills shop does not receive others' pill, because each pills shop has own alchemy master, but pill of these alchemy masters have the special aura, some people are recognized that these alchemy Master Laimai, is not deficient because of here outstanding alchemy master. But low level pill does not have what market here, here will sell will only sell to owe, might as well will take away Emperor Heaven to sell, can gain there, therefore Shen Xiang will not plan to sell low level pill and high level herbs here, because that very much will be unworthy. Words that here sells, Immortal Crystal that needs a period of time to collect him to need, therefore he plans to join a large-scale pills shop, becomes a famous alchemy master can earn, because he discovered that is a pill, because hangs up a given name of famous alchemy master, on 1-2 times compared with others' expensive, even is higher, may many people buy, this is the name effect. Because here not deficient pill, therefore does not have the fame, the quality good also to be again abegging, this phenomenon makes Shen Xiang suddenly very difficult to understand, why similar quality, convenient instead nobody does buy? Shen Xiang arrived at a very large-scale pills shop entrance, is lining up to enter for the recruitment, so long as passed, can go to do odd jobs, if the luck is good, can mix to a position of regular alchemy master.