World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1100
Shen Xiang planned registers works in this large-scale pills shop, but has not thought that because he does not have alchemy master rank jade token, others do not want. This he is depressed, has to use in the hand final Immortal Crystal, arrives at the Sacred City giant city, it is said establishes on a very high great mountain, can accommodate thousands of people. Only then here can carry on alchemist assessment, if Shen Xiang wants to sell a higher price own pills, must first have the fame to be good. Although here pill must have fame to sell the high price, some people buy, but if Heaven Level pill is different, because this pill are not here many, moreover alchemy master who can build up Heaven Level pill, even if no fame, but the strength is placed there, Shen Xiang finds that many fame very big gold medal alchemy masters, High-Grade Dan this in Earth Level have the achievement at most, but refined the Heaven Level pill actually not line. This Sacred City is Shen Xiang has seen pills shop most cities, from the street to the outskirt is, the person in this city, the overall strength is also good, Shen Xiang discovered that has many Nirvana Realm people to walk on the avenue, Immortal rank also has many. And inquired after an investigation that Shen Xiang knew purchases the pills main crowd is Nirvana Realm, the person of this strength has enough strength to walk in this stretch of world safely, can earn many Immortal Crystal to receive in exchange for pills , to promote own strength. Then is some middle-and-small influences, purchases pills to be used to train the disciple, in the place that this Immortal Beast appears and disappears frequently, can the Nirvana Realm person run away a matter, therefore the strength faint person earns crystal stones is very danger(ous). Here very deficient herbs, but sold to these pills shops time, the price is very low, leeway that simply has not bargained back and forth, person who in the hand has herbs is almost no matter many have sold, because must guarantee herbs fresh is also a very difficult matter.” Shen Xiang thought that large-scale pills shop, back powerful influences, but these influences have massive herbs, but will continue to purchase herbs on market condition, such comes to monopolize, keeping some small pills shops from surviving, these gold medal alchemy masters estimated that is also this group of people fiddles with, if because wants to become famous, must result is these big influences helps you fire the reputation, therefore the famous alchemy masters in some large-scale pills shops, open few of pills shop, almost not. The Immortal Crystal use is the same with crystal stones, but the energy of Immortal Crystal implication are more, the quality is higher! These big influences need massive Immortal Crystal, generally is used to arrange various large formation, takes the energy storage with Immortal Crystal.

Su Meiyao has said that in some Heaven World big influences, meets large formation to carry on the time to accelerate, expedites some needs to be able for a long time maturity herbs, must guarantee the alchemy herbs quality, must need large formation to carry on nurturing, this needs to consume many Immortal Crystal, plundering these resources that therefore many big influences resort to all means that ensure can concentrate are more, does not make these Immortal Crystal disperse to too many manpower. In the past Great Emperor of Ten Heavens because of Immortal Crystal Dragon Vein, can therefore support him to train formidable strength, making him conquer Nine Heavens and Ten Earths! Therefore now many Big Shot develop their influence vigorously, to be grasped more formidable strength by oneself, quite makes them a commander Nine Heavens and Ten Earths ruler, this can centralize more resources, making them further promote the strength! If it seems like wants quick point to obtain Immortal Crystal, to take to sell my good thing, but these fellows are black, definitely is not willing to pay the high price, if makes an auction anything also almost.” Shen Xiang is not willing to suffer a loss, therefore he will not sell by extremely low herbs high level herbs. Your strength is so weak, the words of your high-sounding talk, definitely will stare and ensure your anything cannot sell, this city should have with the fellow who Taiyuan Dean that rank had, will not be few! This side Sacred Dan World, it can be said that Heaven World's diminished version, but the benefit influence does not have Heaven World that many . Moreover the pills industry is very prosperous! You under enough strength, have not touched these influences the benefits, waits to be tidied up!” Su Meiyao said that in the place that this Immortal full Jie walks, Shen Xiang cannot act unreasonably. Did not say here, said that brings in one group of people to besiege in Emperor Heaven his Subduing Dragon City, is not because has smashed others' rice bowl? If he here others discovered that now has to pound the potential of others rice bowl, definitely early will be strangled. To put it bluntly , because he does not have the backstage!

Strength!” Shen Xiang clenches teeth secretly, does not have the strength, meat that he together allows to be oppressed, if he has White Tiger such strength, he also fears a wool! Can walk sideways like White Tiger, who hinders him, the bang will kill directly. Shen Xiang strolled, in some quality good Demon Beast pill his hand has sold, but kept prices down, but can actually make him have more than 10,000 Immortal Crystal. In all directions randomly strolls, seeks for the opportunity the time in him, jade symbol suddenly vibrates, this makes him pleasantly surprised, because that is used with the jade symbol of Bai Ziqian relation, in other words, Bai Ziqian following the dark mark that he leaves behind, had found that jade symbol! Who are you?” After Shen Xiang puts out the jade symbol, immediately hears Bai Ziqian that icy sound, this demon scorpion Princess is very vigilant. Sister Ziqian, is I, I am Shen Xiang!” Shen Xiang hastily response. Is you? Your unexpectedly is also living, I also think that you were tidied up by Dragon Emperor!” Bai Ziqian somewhat accidental saying. „Do you know my matter? You where? Your younger sister wants to see you!”

I once listened secretly several old fellow to talk, therefore Dragon Emperor must come to revenge for own son, they said that the Dragon Emperor precious son is you massacres.” Although Bai Ziqian very long did not see Shen Xiang, but the Shen Xiang's name actually can pass to her ear, moreover she cared about Bai Youyou, therefore also very much cared about the Shen Xiang's safety, reason that she strolled in the major cities, to inquire the Shen Xiang's news, she has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly went to this place. I in Sacred City, you quick......” jade symbol suddenly lost light glow, Shen Xiang cursed this type of inferior goods, soon discarded. Actually this is because the distance is too far, the energy accumulation are too many, destroyed jade symbol inside spirit pattern. After Shen Xiang this matter told Bai Youyou, making Bai Youyou very happy, then she made Shen Xiang leave behind the dark mark in the city immediately, directing Bai Ziqian to find his residence, like this they can see Bai Ziqian quickly. Shen Xiang lives in the places of many poor people to rent a small house in one, is waiting for Bai Ziqian in inside! He has not thought that here Big Shot unexpectedly also such pays attention to his matter, words that such comes, he was lower-key, cannot stare.