World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1101
Night, Shen Xiang sits in the roof looks at the star, was knocking the door of courtyard in this time people, his hastily jumped down from the roof, after opening that sliding door, he had a scare! What knocks on a door is Bai Ziqian, this he is not accidental, what is accidental is this Bai Ziqian unexpectedly does not camouflage, a pair of blue pupil, is making the long braid hangs in front of that abundant chest, also has to let the purple poisonous hook that the person is scared in the terminal of braid. Shen Xiang wants to teach several, but sees that beautifully but is bringing the incomparably ice-cold face, can only hastily please come in this demon scorpion Princess, words that discovered that that is the character who will bring in several Taiyuan Dean rank kills immediately. Enters in the room, Shen Xiang promptly opens large formation under his cloth, prevents inside aura revelation, preventing some people to hear inside talk. „The Dragon Emperor son you dares to kill, what do you also fear?” Bai Ziqian coldly said, she somewhat is not feeling well to Shen Xiang, because Shen Xiang and she fights, once maliciously has pinched her front that to the big peach, this makes her bear a grudge, let alone her younger sister also all day with this bad little rascal together. Youyou, do not come out, here is not very safe!” Bai Ziqian hurriedly said: This does little rascal have to bully you?” No, he is very good to me!” Bai Youyou said in a soft voice that making Shen Xiang relax slightly. Demon scorpion Princess, respects a point to my man, he has done many matters for your two sisters!” Su Meiyao tenderly snorted and said. What? Your man?” Bai Ziqian that beautiful face immediately changes: Little Fairy, did you gang up really with this brat?” Although Su Meiyao seems like flatters into the spirit of marrow, but Bai Ziqian is very clear, to move heart of such woman is very difficult, Shen Xiang can take this Su Meiyao, then Bai Youyou? Right, we already honestly treated......” Su Meiyao to say with a smile tenderly: giggle...... my man may be fierce, you could not certainly find one compared with him well comes.”

Hears Su Meiyao's to praise, Shen Xiang cannot help but shameless one red, but in heart delicious. Youyou, what do you have to have with this little rascal? Told me honestly!” Bai Ziqian stands up, visits him with a pair of ice-cold blue pupil. Has, Senior Sister and he has kissed, and has kissed long time.” Su Meiyao said with a smile tenderly, this made Shen Xiang want her to tow very much, spanked her maliciously, unexpectedly said that this words, angered this female poisonous demon, he will be very troublesome. She is voluntary!” Edge that Shen Xiang sees Bai Ziqian erupt, hurriedly said. Elder sister, does not need to be worried my.” Bai Youyou sighed lightly. Bai Ziqian took a deep breath, the complexion became moderate, because she knows that her younger sister got rid of Ruthless Devil Art, this was a good deed, was only Bai Youyou and Shen Xiang this little rascal on good, making her very uncomfortable, let alone and Su Meiyao this Little Fairy same man. I am very also good, although issued a warrant for arrest by each world, but I will not have the matter!” The Bai Ziqian sound said to Bai Youyou gently: This brat, he annoyed actually Dragon Emperor!” Shen Xiang hastily argued: I am also very safe, a plan that I set can make a fellow help me take the rap, but I cannot inquire that side matter now.” Devil Decaying Death Qi that elder sister, which your comes? Why can kill that Immortal King?” During the Bai Youyou spoken languages is completely kind, making in the Bai Ziqian heart very warm, this is the kinship, although their two sisters do not meet frequently, but frequently is actually thinking of the opposite party. Who makes him annoy me, annoys me dead!” Bai Ziqian coldly snorted: My Devil Decaying Death Qi accidentally obtains, only then a wee bit, complete waste on the body of that crowd of waste.”

Bai Ziqian is a Devil Decaying Death Qi zealot, in the past collected, but afterward was forced to give up, so long as has the opportunity to obtain, she reckless taking. Speaking of Devil Decaying Death Qi, Shen Xiang has smiled, this thing he was many, moreover in his body! Sister Ziqian, I know where has many Devil Decaying Death Qi!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Has in One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain, but estimated that died by the seal.” I had heard that Demon and Devil heavenly pit, there had been blocked by the Suppressing Devil Temple's person in secret, it is said that seal Dragon Emperor cannot untie.” Bai Ziqian shakes the head saying that appears very regrettable. Shen Xiang knows that Demon and Devil heavenly pit had been blocked, but has not thought that can be Suppressing Devil Temple gets rid. My family man has, you want many him to give many you. little rascal, do not buy the climax.” Su Meiyao sweet and delicate voice shouted. Bai Ziqian one startled, Shen Xiang unexpectedly has this thing, before she suspected that Shen Xiang cuts to kill that many expert, definitely uses some extraordinary things, if Devil Decaying Death Qi, that could convince. But this very danger(ous), if also wanted words like her, that flees the far-away place fate. Snort, Suppressing Devil Golden Body, Hundred Poisons Immunity! It seems like you have stayed under Demon and Devil heavenly pit!” Some Bai Ziqian hidden bitterness look at Shen Xiang, difficult adversary that this Hundred Poisons Immunity fellow, is their this using poisonous masters. Su Meiyao said with a smile tenderly: Because you are the Youyou elder sister, he can give you...... The words said that looked like your this whole body is the poisonous woman, the man touches will die, but my family man was different, Suppressing Devil Golden Body, Hundred Poisons Immunity...... you , to taste the taste of man, perhaps only then my family man can satisfy you, hee hee.” „......” Shen Xiang has swept two this beautiful and ice-cold demon scorpion Princess, cannot help but the recollections in close succession get up.

Snort!” Bai Ziqian coldly snorted. Shen Xiang hastily puts out a jade box, gives Bai Ziqian grinningly: This is I gives a Sister Ziqian gift, in the past many offended, but also please excuse me!” Bai Ziqian received to open, sees only in jade box to have several white flowers, but after she has stroked one gently next, the tender body trembles suddenly, as one generation of female poisonous demons, she knows certainly that these white bloom are anything, is God Intoxicating Flower, can manufacture of Drunken God Incense Primordial Strange Poison! Two Primordial Strange Poison Shen Xiang both have, little rascal of this lewd was really too danger(ous), was in itself Hundred Poisons Immunity, counteracting poison time definitely will stop at nothing, even if were she and Demon Empress this type with the poisonous person, treated Primordial Strange Poison to be careful, cannot unshackle. I saw these fellows to burn down God Intoxicating Flower at that time directly, can produce colorless tasteless Drunken God Incense, but I think the toxicity also weak.” Shen Xiang said that he also wants to make some fiercer Drunken God Incense. Direct firing is not certainly good, needs to refine has been good, you now how many?” Bai Ziqian takes up God Intoxicating Flower, smelled smelling, frowned: This God Intoxicating Flower is really fierce, if the average person hears, perhaps already drink to death!”