World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1102
I have many, but requires time! Sister Youyou is worried about you very much, therefore my as far as possible lane will be many some to you, making you safer.” Shen Xiang said that but real soul talk. Before, Su Meiyao used Dragon Saliva Art condense to leave dragon saliva, helping Bai Ziqian expedite many poisonous flowered poisonous herbs, therefore they, although had enmity, but actually relationship was good. Sister Ziqian, do you have the attire Devil Decaying Death Qi thing?” Has!” Bai Ziqian puts out a grain of bead, with similar of beforehand Lu Qinlian: Can the words, pack.” After Shen Xiang received, immediately transports Devil Decaying Death Qi in within the body to that grain of bead. Your unexpectedly hides in the body!” Bai Ziqian cannot help but surprised, but thinks that also normally, Shen Xiang's Suppressing Devil Golden Body is very fierce, Devil Decaying Death Qi how. Had the opportunity, I find the way to go to Demon and Devil heavenly pit again, the lane!” Now Bai Ziqian knows why Su Meiyao said Shen Xiang had the skill very much, Devil Decaying Death Qi and Drunken God Incense can have these many, even if were she, searched for many years, was very difficult to find. Hello, my family man has given your many good things, didn't you a little express?” Su Meiyao very proudly said. Bai Ziqian also knows Shen Xiang to her these two Primordial Strange Poison, because of Bai Youyou's relationship, because of Bai Youyou, Shen Xiang very much trusts her, otherwise who can exposed have these two Primordial Strange Poison?

However Bai Ziqian does not know how should indicate that Shen Xiang has Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, makes her envy incomparable Dragon Vein, is in itself the alchemy master, except for lacking some high level herbs, anything does not lack, but she does not have these. „The request of this brat is not high, with he kisses anything has been OK, giggle...... demon scorpion Princess that but keeps aloof such will definitely not do.” Su Meiyao this is showing off of scarlet fruits, she and Bai Ziqian have the contradiction, but her the man actually such helps her now, truly is uncomfortable to Bai Ziqian. Does not need to thank my, Sister Youyou gave me to help, does not have me without her today, said again this for me at all was not anything!” Shen Xiang is transporting Devil Decaying Death Qi toward that grain of bead, he truly does not care about anything to thank, in his opinion, Bai Ziqian and he was a whole family. Sister Meiyao, good and bad I am your man, is helped oneself man entice the woman by you like this?” Shen Xiang to Su Meiyao sound transmission, he was worried that this will stimulate Bai Youyou. little rascal, the elder sister is helping you handle this woman! The sisters pass kill, your this little rascal is the womanizer dish I am not does not know that are many her not to be many, few many, can take is certainly best!” Su Meiyao gives Shen Xiang sound transmission in secret: Your this hasn't little rascal thought taking their sisters?” Occasionally has thought that but wants to turn over to think, but others demon scorpion Princess.” What does this have? Your Xue Little Fairy and aren't Sister Meng'er master and apprentice? Hadn't been received by you? What fellow are you I can not know? Do not install sheep before me!” Su Meiyao tender sound track. Bai Ziqian truly does not know how should thank Shen Xiang, but this Drunken God Incense and Devil Decaying Death Qi are also very for her important, although Shen Xiang does not want her to thank, but she thinks to feel sorry, especially Su Meiyao always takes this matter to stimulate her. Shen Xiang does not want to make Bai Ziqian ugly, according to the Bai Ziqian's individuality , to continue again, definitely will intertwine dead, his hurriedly said: Sister Ziqian, do not wander about aimlessly these days, these days and Sister Youyou together narrated to chat, simultaneously refined Drunken God Incense!”

Comes, I also want to meet with you!” Su Meiyao said. Bai Ziqian wants to see Shen Xiang to walk, but she needs many God Intoxicating Flower, how also in thinking to be thanking Shen Xiang, therefore has to stay a period of time, then entered in Hidden Jade Ring, what happened as for inside, Shen Xiang did not know. After Shen Xiang that grain of bead fulls floaded operation Devil Decaying Death Qi, gives Hidden Jade Ring inside Bai Ziqian, then hastily leaves, inquired matter that inspects the alchemy master. After Bai Ziqian enters Hidden Jade Ring inside, knows that Bai Youyou crosses well in, another attractive Jade Palace, is planting massive herbs. If wants to become the gold medal alchemy master, must refine Earth Level High-Grade Dan!” This is news that Shen Xiang inquired, moreover must inspect is not easy, needs to adopt some unspoken rules. Here alchemy master rank and Emperor Heaven that Pill Association standard is similar, can refine three Earth Level High-Grade Dan is Dan Ancestor, but Sacred City inside Dan Ancestor are many, as for Dan Immortal, that are not many, Pill Saint were less, is very difficult to seek. Needs ten years later, will disperse the people to various places to gather on that Saint Altar, when the time comes will need enough energy to open Saint Altar to return, but person who however will come, majority died, especially these people of rebel influence, will not have the life, Shen Xiang does not know when the time comes can open Saint Altar, therefore he needs to promote a stronger strength, meanwhile must collect many herbs. Five Elements Profound Dan herbs? This is Earth Level High-Grade Dan herbs, generally the pills shop will not sell!” Here does not sell herbs!”

Profound Elemental Temper Body Dan? This herbs we do not sell do not trade!” „......” Shen Xiang walked many pills shops, first purchases some commonly used Earth Level High-Grade Dan herbs, but does not have the pills shop to be willing to sell! Only sells some low level herbs, this makes Shen Xiang very depressed, now he has to refine Life Returning Pill first first, luckily his many Life Returning Pill herbs, otherwise Earth Level High-Grade Dan is unable to start! You want herbs, I help you snatch that's it, here influence is issuing a warrant for arrest me in any case, I already looked that they are impatient!” Bai Ziqian said that she can also see outside thing in, but Shen Xiang has actually rejected, such makes too danger(ous), excited Sacred City old fellow is not good. The Sacred City large-scale pills shop is very discrete, Heaven Level pill of getting rid are not many, Immortal Dan were less, even if there are the quality is very disappointing, but Immortal Dan is used to auction, high level pill is uses generally, only then the disappointing talent will sell. But Heaven Level above herbs, will little appear in the market condition, this is these influences prevents to be bought by the opposite party then collects, as reserve resources. Shen Xiang always thought that this side Sacred Dan World, each big influence has the blood sea deep enmity to be the same, against opposite party against very deadly! „Is here fermenting great war?” Shen Xiang thought one need to relieve some influence inside core personnel, can know something, can make he better here plunder the wealth, after fishing a big ticket, leaves. Holy Dragon Crown Prince I can kill, isn't Sacred Dan World?” In the Shen Xiang heart is thinking secretly, returns to own residence, start to condense gathers Soul Creation Fluid, he must make to be many some God Intoxicating Flower to give Bai Ziqian, making her refine some Drunken God Incense to come out.