World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1103

Before Shen Xiang, attempted to refine Life Returning Pill, but is not successful, is very difficult to carry on, he can carry on 2nd level refining simulation now, has a look in him, at least wants 4th level refining simulation to make him build up the peak Life Returning Pill. Now, he has to try to build up with the Refining Qi Divine Pill method! Life Returning Pill three main herbs, Life Returning Grass, White Jade Lotus Seed and Nine Elements Flower, before he is very early, collected, in he used under Soul Creation Fluid, he can cause to be many. In the close room, the Shen Xiang fast processing these herbs, losing will enter Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, pours into Universe Fire, then lets loose Divine Power, wants to give a try to enter these herbs interior, communicates with these herbs, making these herbs not stubborn! This Earth Level High-Grade Dan herbs is really different, is unable to communicate, when can look like refines to be mad Divine Pill, can see these herbs internal world, then he was very easy, now he has to use the old means that Refining Simulation Technique! I can carry on 3rd level Refining Simulation Technique now reluctantly, gives a try, how long can support!” The Shen Xiang's foundation is good, although tried a refinement to be mad the Divine Pill method a moment ago, but does not have explode pill furnace, afterward he acts according to pill furnace at this time inside situation, starts to use Refining Simulation Technique. 3rd level Refining Simulation Technique, in the mind simultaneously is calculating this furnace pill's three different trends, then unites the three, obtains the most correct result, uses this correct result again, unceasing correct mistake! Dual Refining Simulation Technique Shen Xiang can utilize very skillfully, but now 3rd level Refining Simulation Technique is only multi- 1st level, made him very uncomfortable, especially that astonishing calculation quantity, in each instantaneous calculation, there are innumerable details to pay attention, moreover must fuse three calculations! Instantaneous, in his mind has produced very many things, if not adapt, meets the headache to crack, is uncomfortable, if serious, but also meets the cerebral palsy! Insisted!” Shen Xiang closes one's eyes tightly, at this time he only thought that entire probably crazily is vibrating, in the mind simulates the alchemy scene to brave crazily, then rapid integration, so long as discovered where is not right, he will adjust pill furnace inside fire intensity immediately, in order to avoid causes the failure!

Su Meiyao has said that 3rd level Refining Simulation Technique sufficed to refine Earth Level High-Grade Dan, although was are only many 1st level, but actually awfully, many alchemy masters kept off on this threshold. „It is not good! Words that I continue like this, even if can have pill, but is one grain . Moreover the quality is unable to be guaranteed, will waste furnace herbs! At least must leave three grains, otherwise was unfair to this furnace herbs!” Shen Xiang clenched teeth, loudly shouted, in the mind left a scene of calculation, his unexpectedly has used the 4th level calculation! „For a penny and for a pound, in any case is headaches, I have Divine Soul, Divine Power is so vigorous, I can certainly support, before I had not attempted , because was frightened, because fears, therefore I have been thinking promotes from 2nd level Refining Simulation Technique slowly, but thinks that I made a mistake!” Why Shen Xiang had found itself unable in the reason of Refining Simulation Technique promotion , because he extremely feared to this Multiple Refining Simulation Technique, because before , he has tried 3rd level Refining Simulation Technique, but is actually not finally able to support, he always thought that is own foundation is insufficient, therefore has spun when 2nd level Refining Simulation Technique, moreover thinks later 4th level, 5th level and 6th level...... and even several are heavy, he felt that is weak, because 3rd level so was fierce, following is definitely more difficult! Naturally, because Heaven Refining Technique is also a reason, he always thought that can depend upon Heaven Refining Technique to replace Multiple Refining Simulation Technique! Heaven Refining Technique no doubt can refine unusual pill, regular is not good. If Refining Simulation Technique cannot learn, from now on is unable to grasp Heaven Refining Technique! Refining Simulation Technique is the Heaven Refining Technique foundation!” The Shen Xiang mind presented 4th level Refining Simulation Technique, this can make him when refining Life Returning Pill, avoids more small mistakes, such one, will not cause many herbal Spirit Qi outflows, can let him like before, uses peak peak herbs, has many pill, the quality is higher. Really, with is the same, pressure that the brain that he thinks bears, 4th level Refining Simulation Technique and 3rd level Refining Simulation Technique are similar, although 4th level Refining Simulation Technique is very difficult regarding many people, generally when has not grasped 3rd level Refining Simulation Technique, tries the 4th level words easily, only meets the headache dead, or Sea of Consciousness is damaged!

Potential! I am cultivate Spirit, my potential is very big, in the Multiple Refining Simulation Technique aspect, definitely surpasses in the average man, but this need I carry on the excavation to be good!” Shen Xiang discovered when one use 4th level Refining Simulation Technique, although is very uncomfortable, but the situation is the same with 3rd level! 5th level!” In the Shen Xiang heart drinks, in mind were also many to meditate the refining simulation scene. Leaps from 2nd level to 5th level, in the tuck dive that Shen Xiang's Divine sea keeps, Divine Power fast drains, but Shen Xiang wants is this effect, only by doing so, he can continually tap the Divine Power potential! Although he cultivate Spirit, Divine Power that but cultivate Spirit obtains usually uses by the condition of limit, causes disciplining of Divine sea little, but now, he was been same as fleshly body by his Divine sea, carries on the brutal baptism, can make his Divine Soul stronger! Bang! Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace shook slightly, Shen Xiang immediately has also fainted, in his mind Divine Power has dried up, he used 5th level Refining Simulation Technique a moment ago, but actually did not understand the using skill, caused the Divine Power crazy outflow! Bai Ziqian comes out from Hidden Jade Ring, seeing the Shen Xiang both eyes of corona fan to bleed, cannot help but frowned, then puts out some water, helping him clean that eye. „Is he all right?” Bai Youyou asked.

All right, is only the consumption is excessive, does not know really he is doing, builds up a furnace pill? Makes into itself this!” Bai Ziqian low snort|hum said that she first time such takes care of a man. Hello, do not seize the chance to occupy convenient of my man!” Su Meiyao shouted. „Will I occupy his convenient? What his does convenient have to be good to occupy?” Bai Ziqian does not know whether to laugh or cry, she is taking care of the Su Meiyao's man now, unexpectedly is also suspected by Su Meiyao, lets her somewhat angry. She puts in the hand the Shen Xiang's clothes, is pinching the bean bean of Shen Xiang's chest: Smelly brat, pinched me to be painful in the past!” At this moment, Shen Xiang has opened the eye, sees this secretly, he screamed one! „Has female lovelace, what you made to me?” The young girl who Shen Xiang at this time like one encroached, shrinks in a corner. Su Meiyao smiled the waist to break, she intentionally stimulated Bai Ziqian a moment ago, if she did not say that Bai Ziqian will not pinch the bean bean on Shen Xiang's chest spitefully! Bai Ziqian that elegantly beautiful jade face slightly one red, but she after is a ten thousand years of succuba, afterward the calm face said: You fainted, I worried that your safety, then while convenient helped Youyou take care of you!”