World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1104

Shen Xiang reorganized the clothes, low snort|hum said: Attendance looks, but does not need to pinch my there, your is so good to pinch, but also pinches my!” You......” Bai Ziqian coldly snorted, then enters Hidden Jade Ring, no longer and Shen Xiang quibbled, this actually and Bai Youyou looked like very much. little rascal, she occupies your convenient, I help you teach her, I will help you pinch her, giggle......” Su Meiyao happily said with a smile. This is unfair, must pinch is also I pinches!” Shen Xiang envies very said. Another day will have the opportunity...... The elder sister my you give to pinch that's it, moreover can kiss......” Dead spirit, really lets person to concentrate the spirit!” Shen Xiang remembers Su Meiyao that beautiful luster of the skin, immediately the mind ripples, he had traced many times before, but also has taken the affectionate couple bath with Su Meiyao, his suddenly thought one very long have not broken a meatless fast. Su Meiyao they do not know that Shen Xiang is because uses 5th level Refining Simulation Technique to faint, but Shen Xiang has not told them, this is to give them a pleasant surprise. When tries Multiple Refining Simulation Technique, cannot withstand must insist actually that had the corona past situation to be very normal, therefore Su Meiyao and unconsciously outside haughty, in the past she was also same, at that time was Bai Youyou takes care of her in her side. Shen Xiang cultivates Divine Dao, after fainting, Divine Soul quick on self- restoration, therefore he can wake quickly, will make a moment ago Bai Ziqian so awkward, now Su Meiyao is teasing her in Hidden Jade Ring with this matter, pair of white hands still paw on Bai Ziqian, their beforehand contradictions also gradually melted.

It seems like 5th level Refining Simulation Technique is my present limit, when I grasp good 5th level Refining Simulation Technique, I carry on 6th level and 7th level again...... , will otherwise only waste my Divine Soul!” Shen Xiang realized now own cultivate Spirit, in the alchemy aspect should not, only then this achievement! After herbs puts in Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace inside, Shen Xiang carries on 5th level refining simulation immediately, at this time his head started the pain, but there is a beforehand experience, he understood how the ingenious control, will not cause Divine Power endlessly welled up, otherwise when the time comes he will faint, if did not faint a moment ago, he perhaps has succeeded now. Life Returning Pill three main herbs are not simple, the flame is hard to burn down . Moreover the self- protection is very strong, not easily to the world of human opening innermost feelings, but also against stubbornly, if the temperature of flame is a little not slightly right, these herbs will discard. in other words, these spirit herb rank are higher, the intelligence is stronger! A double-hour passes by, the Shen Xiang streaming with sweat, the forehead concentrates together, on the face full is the pain, is painful, he has not thought that 5th level Refining Simulation Technique is so terrorist, especially, therefore herbal Spirit Qi fusion time, the thing that refining simulation leaves will gather together so, seemed must explode his head brace was the same! This his Divine Power also has many, but he is actually not able to deal with that sudden massive news, that is 5th level Refining Simulation Technique, mutually when fusion, content that each has instantaneously, this makes in his head resemble the suddenly volcanic eruption to be the same! Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace blasted! Does he a fuzziness, the whole person sway at present, but this time he has not fainted, he deeply has attracted several tones, the line of sight became clear. I can certainly grasp 5th level Refining Simulation Technique!” Shen Xiang thought that was only a moment ago poor, but this is because he does not have the reason of experience, if he early knows that 5th level Refining Simulation Technique meets suddenly to erupt these many things at that time, he definitely will prepare.

He can also use 4th level Refining Simulation Technique now, moreover perhaps can also succeed, but he thought that this can enable him to grasp 5th level Refining Simulation Technique quickly, so long as he builds up previous Earth Level High-Grade Dan completely, he attacks Heaven Level pill! Now he not only in study refinement high level pill, similarly in study high level alchemy technique! „The third time!” After rest, Shen Xiang puts in Life Returning Pill herbs pill furnace, at this time the day was black, when dawn, Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace trembled slightly, was explode pill furnace! Although is defeated, but he actually progressed, but this time, because he is extremely dedicated, causing own Divine Soul to be damaged, this makes him have to with several days of time repair, he also using these days time condense Soul Creation Fluid. Hidden Jade Ring inside Bai Ziqian, refines Drunken God Incense in inside, she is a female poisonous demon, although Hundred Poisons Immunity has not been in Shen Xiang that situation, but the anti- poisonous ability is very strong, but she, when refines Drunken God Incense, was made the whole body to be incapable unavoidably, whenever at this time, bored Su Meiyao will always come to bully her, but pokes several on her with the finger, she has not dared to touch this poisonous female randomly, only if she also has the body of Shen Xiang that Hundred Poisons Immunity. Suddenly, Shen Xiang stayed for three months in this room, in this period he had not refined Life Returning Pill again, but carries on 5th level Refining Simulation Technique baseless, this relation also has certain help to him, under long-term insistence, he gradually adapted to 5th level refining simulation now, when just did not use like before, has a terrible headache. Bai Ziqian worthily is one generation of female poisonous demons, her progress compared with Shen Xiang quickly, she two months ago, successful a God Intoxicating Flower refined into very tiny transparent powder, this is also Drunken God Incense, but that type with burning down way is fiercer than! Before these were only the gas, but these truly powder, once inhaled, the quantity, the massive toxin can quicker paralysis strength, Shen Xiang also unceasingly use Soul Creation Fluid, duplicated many God Intoxicating Flower, making Bai Ziqian refine massive Intoxicating Spirit Powder!

These days, Bai Ziqian understands why Su Meiyao said Shen Xiang to be formidable, that heaven defying Soul Creation Fluid, makes Bai Ziqian envy, she usually also some poisonous flowered poisonous herbs, need this way training, if not some of her also many matters must do, she will certainly depend does not walk here, plants the more toxin colored poisonous herbs. Shen Xiang has also given some Soul Creation Fluid Bai Ziqian, making her toss about own poisonous flowered poisonous herb, this made Bai Ziqian owe him, causing Su Meiyao to shout all day is making her meat recompense anything...... This time must succeed!” Shen Xiang thought similarly, he when using 5th level Refining Simulation Technique simulated to refine Life Returning Pill baseless, can furnace three grains, moreover was the most high quality. After herbs puts in pill furnace inside, the Shen Xiang facial expression is very tranquil, if before, he certainly because of headache, but the complexion is ugly! The result that 5th level Refining Simulation Technique, each calculates instantaneously must fuse together, then carries on next instantaneous refining simulation by the result of fusion, refining simulation is simultaneously five different trends refining simulation, so repeatedly circulates, very consumes the mental ability, needs the brains extremely quick revolution to be good.