World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1105

Bai Ziqian in Hidden Jade Ring, sits together with Bai Youyou, emits Divine Sense, looks at Shen Xiang, she secretly was also wishing Shen Xiang to succeed, now she was not big to the Shen Xiang's prejudice, with such that Su Meiyao said that Shen Xiang was very adorable little rascal . Moreover the potential was infinite, was one could become the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens person! Sister Ziqian, where do you later plan to go to? You now and our together is very safe, moreover can with Youyou together!” Su Meiyao said. Revenges, my personal enemy are not less than you! I currently had Drunken God Incense, must make that group of fellows attractive!” Bai Ziqian is very self-confident, she not only has Drunken God Incense, massive Devil Decaying Death Qi, but these priceless treasures are Shen Xiang bestow to her, therefore she wants to thank Shen Xiang very much, but by her disposition, orally will not thank such simply, but she cannot think that is used to thank. Later also has opportunity words, you can arrive at Emperor Heaven, looks for Subduing Dragon Sect, joins this brat Subduing Dragon regiment, perhaps he will give you an elder anything ding-dong!” Su Meiyao said with a smile. „, I loafed, after , was really tired, considered again!” Bai Ziqian truly is this, moreover this person was too difficult and person gathers together, because the whole body was poisonous, moreover was eccentric, the temperament was staunch. Shen Xiang arrived has congealed pill's stage, has come, he is smooth, three months of achievement is obvious! „Becoming!” Shen Xiang used more than three time of double-hour, cautious and solemn, finally succeeded. Opens pill furnace, he saw familiar Life Returning Pill . Moreover the quality is very high! Although his some Life Returning Pill, but actually never has to refine! Bai Ziqian also comes out from Hidden Jade Ring, looks at that three grains of quality very high Life Returning Pill, then looked at tired Shen Xiang, now she has witnessed the Shen Xiang alchemy talent, cannot help but exclaims in surprise that she once was also a weak one, at that time Life Returning Pill for her was the treasure, but a Shen Xiang furnace was three grains, this level, took a broad view at Heaven World is very difficult to discover several. Sister Ziqian, does if wanted taste?” Shen Xiang said with a smile.

Does not use, will only waste!” Bai Ziqian gives a Shen Xiang paper, said: Above has me to refine the attainment of Intoxicating Spirit Powder, you gave my God Intoxicating Flower to suffice me to use for serveral days for a long time!” Shen Xiang receives to be good that paper, God Intoxicating Flower that he makes are truly many, but he has given Bai Ziqian overwhelming majorities, he is the alchemy master, naturally can also refine. Bai Ziqian must walk, Shen Xiang somewhat does not give up, because of Bai Ziqian in these days, Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao are very happy. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou do not give up, but some Bai Ziqian a lot must be done. You to my graciousness I will remember, when I settle my matter, I will come back to look for you! You have Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique and Dragon Vein...... I believe that you always a day will become Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, when the time comes I completely my strength, will help your helping hand!” Bai Ziqian said very sincerely. Then I first many thanks Sister Ziqian!” Shen Xiang smiled. Bai Ziqian very gentle touches his face, shows a smile: Do not die, my younger sister and that Little Fairy whether to restore the strength also to look your!” After Bai Ziqian leaves, Shen Xiang tidies up the mood, puts out Life Returning Pill herbs , to continue to refine, before he had not used Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace inside acceleration formation, therefore somewhat will be slow, now he must refine Life Returning Pill fast! He also planned to detain Bai Ziqian a period of time, refines several grains of super Life Returning Pill to give her, but that need for a long time, at least 1-2 years, therefore. little rascal, has not thanked me quickly, Bai Ziqian has moved to you!” Su Meiyao gives Shen Xiang sound transmission in secret, Bai Youyou does not know that Su Meiyao and Shen Xiang are having her elder sister's idea. Not! Others were thanking me!” Shen Xiang does not believe that Bai Ziqian this female poisonous demon has a liking for this little rascal, he and Bai Youyou together is so long , can only make Bai Youyou move reluctantly.

I am a woman, I understand the woman compared with you! Do not look down upon yourself, your good and bad had a liking for by me! You think that the elder sister is plays you to play?” Su Meiyao tenderly snorted and said: I know, you only then your Sister Youyou!” Su Meiyao understood very much conquering desire of Shen Xiang to Bai Youyou this iceberg beautiful woman, the taste of vinegar said intentionally thickly. Naturally is not, my first sees your time, your deep ironing in my soul!” Shen Xiang said. Real hackneyed stuff, but the elder sister I am very happy!” Su Meiyao said with a smile tenderly: My present wound did not have, definitely becomes your genuine woman, but there is opportunity words, the elder sister is glad to take a bath with you together.” Shen Xiang sighed secretly, after he decides to return to Evil Dragon Burial Ground inside, must wash with this spirit well happily. Ten days later, Shen Xiang completely grasped to refine Life Returning Pill, now he must do gets so far as other Earth Level High-Grade Dan herbs, then tries to find the solution from these big influence neighborhoods to some Heaven Level pill's herbs, he has the sufficient time to complete all these. Shen Xiang arrived at the Sacred City inside named Saint Dan Hall palace, must inspect the gold medal alchemy master registers in inside, then some people will arrange to inspect, only needs to refine furnace Earth Level High-Grade Dan then to obtain. Registration fee inspection fee takes over ten thousand Immortal Crystal, too expensive of his mother!” Shen Xiang very meat pain lost ten thousand Immortal Crystal, must know that five hundred Immortal Crystal can buy grain of Life Returning Pill, Bai Ziqian walks, has given Shen Xiang 20,000, because Bai Ziqian do not have many, she was purchasing on the poisonous flowered poisonous herb to use up. You come just, to inspect in the afternoon! You are taking, in the afternoon here, some people will arrange you to inspect.” old man of counter gives a Shen Xiang certificate.

Shen Xiang waits till afternoon in this palace, now he knows participates in the inspection time, is a troop person in place alchemy. Shen Xiang with that group of people, has walked into a peaceful hall, then the people press the seat to complete separately. Asked everybody to wait a bit, some people you will say herbs and pill furnace that needed took!” old man said. Shen Xiang registration time said that refines Life Returning Pill, he has not thought that this Saint Dan Hall will also provide herbs, this surprises him somewhat actually. At this time, old man to him sound transmission, this is monitoring an exam old man: brat, you put storage pouch on the ground, installs hundred thousand Immortal Crystal, we will give you good pill furnace, as well as quality good spirit herb!” In Shen Xiang heart one startled, has not thought that the inspection time unexpectedly also has this unspoken rule!