World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1106

Even if so many Immortal Crystal, Shen Xiang is impossible to follow these people, let alone said that he does not have now, therefore he has not paid attention. At this time he saw the people who other participated in inspection to put out storage pouch, was placed nearby oneself, at this time had old man to receive. So long as confirmed that in storage pouch has hundred thousand Immortal Crystal, that old man will put out quality good pill furnace as well as three Earth Level High-Grade Dan herbs. Shen Xiang is the first time participates in the inspection, does not know that this unspoken rule, but other people already prepared for probably, but that old man sees him to be aloof, therefore also reminded his one, but he has not put out hundred thousand Immortal Crystal. The people knit the brows look at Shen Xiang, but many people also know that this fellow does not certainly understand the custom, therefore has not prepared, in the people eyes, Shen Xiang this inspection will definitely be defeated, but also has wasted the registration expense. Finally, Shen Xiang obtained three quality very disappointing herbs as well as inferior pill furnace, this makes in the Shen Xiang heart not be feeling well very much, the impression to this Sacred City sells at a discount greatly, he wants to know that who very much this Saint Dan Hall is governs, unexpectedly is so dark, if here is Emperor Heaven, he was already reckless, moves the overburning here. This Sacred City inside expert are many, several with the fellow of Taiyuan Dean considerable strength, therefore he plans to be lower-key. These herbs qualities are not good, but can alchemy, even if abandons herbs, can make him build up Life Returning Pill. The inspection needs to refine three furnace Earth Level High-Grade Dan continuously, needs three furnaces to succeed, is defeated one time not to be good, therefore cannot be careless, herbs and pill furnace quality, in many people's eyes relationship success or failure, although this matter makes the person not be feeling well very much, but obediently turns in hundred thousand Immortal Crystal. Shen Xiang sees that several monitoring an exam old men's complexion, to build up Life Returning Pill that in the heart worries to come, but was worried after he refines, can these old men create difficulties, this kind of person he has said much, after all hundred thousand Immortal Crystal regarding here, was a big number, only if that fame very big alchemy master, will not have a liking for this Immortal Crystal. Although pill furnace is very inferior, but looked like in Shen Xiang was sufficient, refined Life Returning Pill herbs to be very bad, was that type is long not well, moreover these old men intentionally prepared to be used to create obstacles for the person evidently.

auxiliary herbs is brings, Shen Xiang's auxiliary herbs heaven defying, can offset the insufficiency on main herbs. Wants in six double-hour, builds up three furnace pill, you through gold medal Alchemist's assessment, pill who refined you have been able to take away!” An old man said that then looked at the people, has swept the Shen Xiang's time, reveals the cut-throat color intentionally. Now starting from, cheating words, we will throw him.” The registration fee wants ten thousand Immortal Crystal, but Earth Level High-Grade Dan supports is only 600-700 Immortal Crystal, three furnace tops many are three grains, this Saint Dan Hall gained in a big way, this had not said hundred thousand Immortal Crystal that unspoken rule in addition received. Shen Xiang discovered that here regular decision maker, all for their benefit, simultaneously prevent the average person and they compete for the benefit, to put it bluntly in exploitation average person, but earns many are the people in topmost level, is small some alchemy masters. In Sacred City, does not allow some people to trade pills secretly, if were discovered that will be regarded as contrary, will be blacklisted, when the reason cheats with inferior pills to prevent to trade secretly some people and so on...... In brief said splendid. „The world crow is common, does not know Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, is this?” In the Shen Xiang heart is musing. The people lived the flame, in pill furnace braves weak fire Qi, alchemy master who participates inspection, the level is very good, this controlling fire skill, is very difficult to seek in Emperor Heaven. Shen Xiang suddenly has an idea, is turns a big ticket outstanding alchemy master to go back, the words that his Subduing Dragon Sect must expand, need certain outstanding alchemy master, light depends on him and Li Baojun is strenuous.

For not quite noticeable, Shen Xiang only planned that a furnace refines grain of Life Returning Pill, moreover slows down the time, extremely makes a great show of one's talents, will bring in many terrible business. Shen Xiang grasped 5th level Refining Simulation Technique initially, what currently he uses is only 4th level, this will make him more relaxed, refines a furnace pill to get down, the consumption is not big. Two double-hour refine furnace Life Returning Pill, for him with playing to be the same, the old man who these inspector generals inspect sees Shen Xiang to succeed to refine a furnace, in the heart secretly is not feeling well, they hope Shen Xiang very much, when the refinement next furnace is defeated. The second furnace, Shen Xiang still very steady concentrates grain of quality very good Life Returning Pill, this makes other alchemy masters hold in high esteem to Shen Xiang, they think Shen Xiang is the rash fellow who does not understand the custom, thinks that such person alchemy is also not much, but sees the Shen Xiang two furnaces both to build up Life Returning Pill now one after another, in the heart is admired by the heart. That inferior pill furnace and some inferior herbs in these alchemy Master Yanli very difficult refined into pill, Shen Xiang to achieve, means that his level must surpass here most alchemy masters. Person who participates in the inspection, majority remember in must, only then a few were defeated, most people can succeed, now passed five double-hour, other people were exposed, because their herbs and pill furnace are good, quick has completed the inspection, receives a gold medal. Naturally, if Shen Xiang does not slow the tempo intentionally, completes the inspection most quickly certainly is he. Shen Xiang must drag to just before the end of intentionally opens pill furnace again, especially he sees these old man face impatient appearances, in the heart to smile now secretly. If because of Shen Xiang, these old men before carrying on three double-hour can walk, but they actually must wait for Shen Xiang to wait till now finally, they are also some alchemy masters, could see that the Shen Xiang's level is not low, if there is good herbs and pill furnace, certainly compared with other alchemy Master Kuai, they not need to be so long now. Naturally, they think that Shen Xiang will be defeated quickly.

Half double-hour of Shen Xiang before conclusion turned on the pill furnace cover, took out grain of Life Returning Pill. I completed!” Shen Xiang said that at this time he saw in that several old man look to flash through wipes the cunning light. Time arrived, you will come next time again!” old man said with a sneer. „Doesn't this have half double-hour?” In the Shen Xiang heart a anger, said. Another old man shouted to clear the way: I said the time, was the time arrived, hurried get lost, otherwise do not blame us not being impolite!” Goes, matter that you cheat we when has not seen, do not think that we do not know you are cheating, we give the inferior opportunity you, making you come next time again!” Next time will come again? Delivers hundred thousand Immortal Crystal? In the Shen Xiang heart sneers, the fist pinches the giggle explosive, he did not plan to make the important matter, but he thought that at present these old fellow owe to insert, cannot forgive!