World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1107

Doesn't walk? Good, we are regarded as you cheat, so long as we shouted one, you will be lost!”

Looks at anything to look, goes! Does not know the good and bad fellow!” Sees in Shen Xiang both eyes full is the ominous light, these old men felt danger(ous). Comes......” old man just wants to mention person, but only said a character, on his throat used a sword, azure carves the long sword of dragon, Shen Xiang changes the sword that becomes with Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, punctures on this old man directly the defense of protective armor, pierces his throat! Did not need to call, I delivered you to start off am quicker!” Angry Shen Xiang, said low and deep that the rapid palm hits in that old man abdomen, in 30 grains of Heaven Dan the vigorous True Qi fierce impact of condense, turns into the strength of universe. Shocking Heaven Palm! So abundant True Qi displays Shocking Heaven Palm, not only shakes the completely squashed putty that old man body, three old man that but also comes toward his merit that shake! These old man crossed seven tribulation eight tribulations, Shen Xiang did not use Dragon Force, did not use Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, can strike to kill them with ease. Makes you rampant!” Shen Xiang displays water vine, ties down that three opened old man, is stepping Earth Shrinking Step, flashes through in these three old man sides instantaneously, meanwhile makes three to strike Shocking Heaven Palm, a palm makes these old man be killed violently!

Shocking Heaven Palm shakes entire Saint Dan Hall to shake, Shen Xiang perceived that is having many people to clash, picks these old man storage equipment, then urges the strength of round of Law of Space, the shuttle space, leaves this Saint Dan Hall from the wall directly. The matter lane of inspection gold medal alchemy master has pounded, but Shen Xiang has not lost anything, instead greatly has also gained a ticket, that several that in these old man storage equipment, can open, altogether have 200 ten thousand Immortal Crystal! For him when very big number, these Immortal Crystal were the unspoken rules a moment ago receives, these fellows inspect each time can gain one greatly, no wonder they will do. Shen Xiang changed the appearance to go, therefore he did not need to be worried one will be discovered that he only wants very low-key attained a gold medal alchemy master, then mixed in a pills shop to get so far as high level herbs, was used to duplicate massively, when inspection, these old men went too far, making him fly into a rage, killed completely. This matter has caused very huge stir in Sacred City, making the Sacred City high-level violent anger, the high quota post a reward the clue, because Sacred City has not presented some people to dare for a long time such person of provocative Sacred City rule. That several old men of dying monitored an exam specially, was the known gold medal alchemy master, in refining Earth Level High-Grade Dan this aspect good, for many years, has participated in the gold medal alchemist assessment people to know that these old men will charge some fee intentionally, but Sacred City is also opened eyes to close one's eyes, some people suspected, Immortal Crystal that these old men receive, can divide gives the Sacred City influence! Sacred City is by many strong presence maintenances, now had such matter, making the people secretly guess that the status of that person, the courage is so big, gold medal alchemy master who dares to kill that four influences. Four old men who Shen Xiang kills, is sends by here four respected families, he also in afterward knows that here the strongest influence is that four respected families, separately is Long Family, Xia Family, Han Family and Xie Family. dragon brat, here Long Family does not know that what relationship has with the dragon, if runs into the Long Family person, you can see that their within the body does have the bloodlines of dragon?” Shen Xiang asked. Naturally can feel, who do not forget me is, I am very ancient Ancient Dragon am reincarnated, will be future Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor......”

Shen Xiang neglects the words that behind her these boasted directly. These days does not accept gold medal Alchemist's assessment, because must investigate that matter, if restores again, little said that also wants more than half a year. First has a look to steal, these four respected families were too strong, all monopolizes, has not allowed others to buy and sell in private!” Shen Xiang to these four respected family favorable impressions does not have, moreover in the inspection, he has understood these influences one side the darkness, therefore he can only offer this bad plan now. Shen Xiang is very curious here Long Family and dragon has relationship, therefore his first looks is Long Family. In Sacred City, Long Family has wrested away very big region, the pills shop here is almost Long Family, all kinds of shops are the Long Family person manage, the bystander is unable to enter this region, moreover here thing also dies expensively. Holy Dragon building! This is a restaurant, Shen Xiang sees Holy Dragon this name to think funny, because some time ago he had killed small Holy Dragon, now he sees Holy Dragon these two characters, like doing destroys. Shen Xiang knows that this restaurant is very expensive, but he just snatched 200 ten thousand Immortal Crystal, well is not wasteful, to be unfair to how many dead old fellow very much? His present appearance is the youth who an appearance can also pass, but puts on somewhat poor, here Xiaoer (waiter) does not want to entertain him, but sees in his hand is holding Immortal Crystal to live the splendor shiningly, immediately greets with a smile, hastily inquired that Shen Xiang must eat anything. First comes one to roast Manchurian crane, a millennium immortal liquor pot that hundred flowers immortal nectar ferments, then on then the side dishes of several Immortal Beast meat, temporarily this first.” Shen Xiang has eaten Holy Dragon, but that is refined into pill eats, he has not tasted that Holy Dragon meat flavor, this makes him somewhat regrettable, but Long Xueyi said that although Imperial Dragon Clan inside Holy Dragon are not many, but are also many, later must eat to roast dragon meat, has is the opportunity.

A Shen Xiang dish is some expensive dishes, even if general Immortal also collects several people, reluctantly can eat, but now his these many, nouveau riche an appearance of just like. Let in some people hearts despise secretly, but actually envies, after is no one can have these many Immortal Crystal to spend freely. The dish came, Shen Xiang share two halves, half put in Hidden Jade Ring, making Long Xueyi this small greedy dragon eat the meat, she was to eat these strange flowers different grass and some pill every day, Shen Xiang looks is greasy. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou are also tasting these dishes, in the past they had eaten, but very long has not eaten this type of thing, now tastes also well. After Shen Xiang eats to the full, just tied the account, sees a guy to walk, he wears the armor that the golden scale makes, making him appear more valiant, in his hand is taking a golden paper, making that storekeeper paste in the conspicuous place. On this big fellow has light Dragon Qi, this Long Family is really related with the dragon!” Long Xueyi said. This guy obviously is the Long Family person, moreover after he walks, eating meal the people of here appear very tense. After that golden paper pastes, Shen Xiang examines the above content immediately, just started him also to think that is posts a reward to make anything, but is actually not, but advertises for the bulletin. Person who sends this bulletin, unexpectedly is the Long Family Patriarch beloved daughter.