World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1108
Not is only Shen Xiang, many people were attracted by this bulletin above content, looked, returns discuss spiritedly. This Long Huishan isn't unexpectedly the Long Family Patriarch daughter? unexpectedly must come to go to Dragon Cave in the outside hiring with her together!” „, Are the Long Family master how many, having a need for flowered these many Immortal Crystal inviting the bystander?” „Does this have what intention? Is the special hiring brings death? This Dragon Cave who is dangerous not to know? Has not to have, even if powerful Immortal King, does not dare to penetrate.” Five hundred thousand Immortal Crystal one month, moreover on the road also has pills to provide, this very much has truly enticed to many people, the strength must above the Nirvana five tribulations, but must be good through the personal test of this Long Huishan. Shen Xiang from the discussion sound of people had known that what place this Dragon Cave is, that is Danger Zone, had a dragon to live, but in actually very danger(ous). a dragon! This makes Shen Xiang think that dragon that Primal Chaos Mountain Mountain Spirit said that is this dragon takes 27 valuable boxes, only leaves behind three, he guessed that in Dragon Cave has occupied the dragon, is this pit father dragon, in the past also had the possibility pit Ancient Fire Beast. Shen Xiang rushes to Long Family to sell the magic treasure place immediately specially, because inspects here carries on, he naturally does not dare to go to that place, if goes with this Miss Long Family, will be safer. This Long Huishan is the Long Family Patriarch only daughter, definitely will protect very well, Shen Xiang guessed that the Long Huishan hiring goes together, possibly some reasons, their Long Family person is unable to enter that Dragon Cave. The Shen Xiang original manuscript thinks one are the first person, but has not thought that here had a troop person to line up, moreover is male. Fellow who these are not concerned about face, to see a Miss Long Family? Difficult to understand them not to fear that inspection is defeated is despised?” Shen Xiang wants to fly a front thin person racket very much, Nirvana Realm, joins in the fun, really occupies the latrine pit not to defecate.

suddenly, in this shop spreads together angrily, but actually very sound of pleasant to hear: Had not crossed the people of Nirvana five tribulations do not come, does not listen to the warning, I make him taste the Nirvana Fifth Tribulation might!” These words played very huge role, many mixes the fellow to leave immediately, but in front of Shen Xiang also only then three people, he saw that Long Huishan at this time, the figure is very good, is high enough, the leg suffices to be long, although the chest is not very big, but actually just right, but on her face is hoodwinking white gauze, can only see the willow eyebrows of her forehead and bay bay, as well as that attractive and nimble and resourceful eye. So long as pulls out the sword this, even if the inspection passes, I will arrange the person to entertain immediately your!” Long Huishan puts on simple white skirt, looks like does not look like a young lady. She raised hand a [gold/metal] sword, the golden scabbard sends out light golden splendor, looks like this is not very simple the sword, the Holy Dragon sword that unexpectedly and he obtains looks like very much, this all day is being held appreciatively by Long Xueyi the sword now, but Long Xueyi lacks shuts out the Holy Dragon sword to be too weak, can only be the toy. On this woman has the strength of Ice Dragon, this Long Family person estimated that has the bloodlines of Ice Dragon...... My unexpectedly cannot remember in Imperial Dragon Clan to have fierce Ice Dragon!” Long Xueyi said: She is the Immortal strength, has been careful, by her be not seen anything comes.” Shen Xiang looks at the front that person, the strength was not weak, crossed Nirvana eight to plunder, he took up that the sword time, hand unexpectedly shivered, Shen Xiang has been able to see on the arm of that person to overflow intermittent cold air clearly, this has the so terrifying ice cold strength sword unexpectedly! That person hastily puts down the sword, then took a deep breath, shook the head, then turned around. Shen Xiang suspected that Dragon Cave should be an ice hole, otherwise this Miss Dragon will not test the person cold resistant ability! Mr. Wang? You also to Dragon Cave interested?” Long Huishan was saying to following old man, this Mr. Wang should a little fame, otherwise Long Huishan such will not call him. Already wants to go to one, but could not find the good team!” This white hair old man smiled, then works on that [gold/metal] sheath long sword on tabletop.

This old fellow is Immortal, moreover evidently is the alchemy master!” Long Xueyi said: This should be Ice Dragon Sword is unmistakable the sword, I the understanding Ice Dragon am not many, only knows many years ago Ice Dragon [lineage/vein] disagree with other dragons!” The anticipation of that Long Huishan to this Mr. Wang is very high, really after this old man takes up this ice cold strength very strong long sword, not like former that person, but he has also used the time of half tea, stands firm this arm that shivers, drives out the cold air in within the body! He pulls out slowly the sword, but sees sword blade that cold light sparkles, cold air wells up immediately, all around ties immediately completely incorruptible, Shen Xiang determined that this sword should be Sacred Level dragon tool, is the same with the Holy Dragon sword! Mr. Wang, you passed, in requests personally, next!” Long Huishan is very happy, very said temperately that she truly does not have a young lady's rack, this makes in nearby some man hearts of surrounding acclaim, because this Miss Long Family usually hears, little makes an appearance! In front of Shen Xiang also person, but this was a moment ago frozen stiff, after he drives out cold strength, hastily leaves! This fellow is also Immortal, although just became Immortal, but also too the dish, how did unexpectedly in vain frighten off?” Long Xueyi coldly snorted. On Shen Xiang also full is incorruptible, but his body a matter does not have, arranges after his behind person experiences to that the sword, completely has dispersed, this did not have the sword has not come totally out of the sheath, almost freezes to death Immortal, their these crossed the Nirvana Realm person, where dares to touch. „Are you Nirvana seven tribulations? You saw this moment ago sword was fierce, you should give way before difficulties!” Long Huishan looks at Shen Xiang with a pair of beautiful pupil, the gentle look is having the good intentions. I just crossed the Nirvana six tribulations!” Shen Xiang indifferently said: I thought that I can make this come out of the sheath the sword!” Long Huishan behind two golden armor guys, are good, hearing Shen Xiang to say these words, on their faces has revealed the color of taunt.

Our seven young ladies cannot pull out completely, can you? You think that who you are?” The guy has cannot help but ridiculed one. Right, this is very fierce the sword, but I actually do not fear am robbed, robs this person of sword, definitely could not go out of Sacred City to freeze to death!” The Long Huishan nod said. Shen Xiang wants to take up sword this really then ran, he wants to have a look unable to go out of Sacred City, moreover this sword is Sacred Level dragon tool. I, if can pull out?” Shen Xiang wants to obtain this sword very much: How do you give to me?” People immediately cursed. Pulls out is your, cannot pull out to leave, a matter does not have! Do you empty glove White Wolf?” „, Old Wang this Immortal was almost frozen the belch fart, you think that you are Immortal King!” Shen Xiang has not cared about these words, but looks to put the [gold/metal] sheath long sword on tabletop, wants to look with Divine Power insightfully.