World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1109

Shen Xiang looks that this looks at steadily Ice Dragon Sword, this makes Long Huishan behind two men be worried that he can suddenly get rid to rob, is guarding secretly. This is not very simple Ice Dragon Sword, felt that inside has familiar strength.” Scabbard has the issue! The scabbard is different from the scabbard of Holy Dragon sword, you have a look carefully, the material quality of this scabbard is the same with that three valuable boxes, and is the scabbard a key?” Long Xueyi hurriedly said. He three valuable boxes that makes from Primal Chaos Mountain is unable to open, now a little can the feature, where make him not excited? This Ice Dragon Sword is others, moreover he felt that this sells in the weapon magic treasure shop, very fierce fellows, he thought that he is unable to rob Ice Dragon Sword this. Franks, Dragon Cave that we must go, is ice cold place, so long as can draw a sword Ba Kai a point person, will go not to freeze to death to there! Furthermore, this is my grandfathers can only pull out reluctantly completely the sword.” Long Huishan also thinks some Shen Xiang not to know the immensity of Heaven and Earth. If you can pull out, gives to you also to might as well!” The Long Huishan following these words, making all People shout, pulls out really to deliver! In Shen Xiang heart one happy, must put out a hand, at this time Long Huishan also said: This is my grandfather gives to me the sword, he is unable to use this sword, if your excellency if can pull out, explained that you are predestined friends the sword with this...... If just, you cannot pull out, you must give me a thing.” Long Huishan smart-alecky smiling, is waiting for Shen Xiang to put out something, although she believes firmly that Shen Xiang is unable to draw a sword to pull out, but she provides against contingencies, this sword is her, but if such easily were made by others, she very much will also love dearly. A Long Family that big family, can put out to make this Long Huishan be have a liking for the eye thing not to be easy! „Do you have the confidence to pull out the sword this? If gets so far as successfully, can perhaps open that three valuable boxes!” Long Xueyi asked: If you think, uses Jade Dragon Flower, in within the body of this girl definitely has the bloodlines of Ice Dragon, should understand to the Dragon Clan matter that she knows precious of Jade Dragon Flower.” Jade Dragon Flower is Sacred Level dragon medicine, can refine Saint pill's herbs, is also very precious in this Sacred Dan World.

Shen Xiang plans to try, Jade Dragon Flower he has several, duplicates with Soul Creation Fluid, loses one not to have anything, he uses for several months to make. Good!” Shen Xiang took Jade Dragon Flower, places on the tabletop, sees this such as the jade common flowers, felt that strange Dragon Qi, Long Huishan has been shocked, pair of beautiful eyes stared looks at this Jade Dragon Flower. Behind that two golden armor guys have recognized this thing in her! Jade Dragon Flower!” Long Huishan startled shouted. Right, but compares the sword with your this is not anything, but this is I most precious thing!” Shen Xiang said: If you agreed that then I started!” Long Huishan has hesitated half sound, probably with room carries on sound transmission in the person, afterward she nodded: You start!” In the people heart somewhat looked down upon Shen Xiang, but sees Shen Xiang to put out that Jade Dragon Flower to come, knows that this person of background is not small, at this time Long Huishan was worried that Shen Xiang pulls out the sword, when the time comes this must give others Ice Dragon Sword. Shen Xiang works on the scabbard, really has same strength the induction to this scabbards and that three valuable boxes, meanwhile the ice cold strength raids, drills into his body, his hastily revolution Fire God Art smelting. Grips the sword hilt, Shen Xiang felt immediately this Ice Dragon Sword that very strong counter- resisting force, probably is one is pressed firmly between the fingers dragon such of tail, he even can hear this to roar Ice Dragon Sword, afterward is an intense cold strength raids, froze his entire arm, congealed thick incorruptible! Has not pulled out the sword, this Ice Dragon Sword so tenacious revolt, obviously this intelligence of sword high!

Long Huishan sees this, relaxed slightly, she thinks that Shen Xiang will certainly give up, because her first time grasps this sword time is also so, when she will use long time to grasp this sword is revolted, if will be the stranger moves, will have this situation. Shen Xiang releases within the body strength of Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, blows this formidable cold strength immediately, on the arm incorruptible was also shaken by him. This surprises many people, his unexpectedly resists this Ice Dragon Sword revolt strength, can not be frozen by oneself, even if were that Mr. Wang, did not have the means to achieve. Many people the True Qi aura that can release from Shen Xiang see him are only the Nirvana about six tribulation strengths, but can actually anti- this sword interior that terrifying cold strength. Long Huishan knits the brows slightly, if Shen Xiang can pull out completely, this sword no longer is their Long Family. Shen Xiang also with great difficulty blows this sword, but he can affirm, if he if pulls out slightly, this will be more formidable the cold strength that the sword will release, when the time comes he is unable to suppress. Was right, Enlightenment Stone!” Shen Xiang suddenly has remembered this mysterious Enlightenment Stone, before he how these Profound Ice, depends upon this Enlightenment Stone to be able these Profound Ice to melt. Enlightenment Stone integrated his body, he makes Enlightenment Stone emit from the palm quietly, moves the sword hilt, afterward mind centralized in Enlightenment Stone. Really, this came from the material of sword that mysterious Profound Cold Ancient Domain!” Why Shen Xiang does not know, after he Enlightenment Stone takes, this sword suddenly does not revolt against him. Takes advantage of the present, Shen Xiang slowly has pulled out the sword, sees only an intense white light with swallowing the mouth place braves, the sword blade cold glow sparkle, under the illumination of sunlight, appears particularly dazzling!

What inconceivable is, before this sword unexpectedly did not have, that threatening ice cold strength! Ice Dragon Sword totally came out of the sheath, but Shen Xiang cared about the scabbard, because he thought that this scabbard might open that three valuable boxes. Shen Xiang to Long Huishan lightly smiled: This was my!” He receives Jade Dragon Flower, turns around to leave, but Long Huishan hastily drinks him: This Young Master, this sword named Ice Dragon Sword, your unexpectedly can so relaxed lets its sheath, that explained that you and it are predestined friends! I complied to present as a gift to you, will not renege on a promise!” Many thanks!” Shen Xiang puts in Ice Dragon Sword Hidden Jade Ring, making Long Xueyi attempt to hit the Kaibao box, he remembers that on that three valuable boxes had a hole, enough inserted the scabbard. You adopted the inspection, you can go with me together Dragon Cave, you before were not because this talent came?” Long Huishan beautiful eyes sparkles, is sends out the invitation to Shen Xiang likely.