World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1110
Shen Xiang is planned must go, but he obtained Ice Dragon Sword now, waits to open that three valuable boxes. But now Long Xueyi said: Cannot open, needs to consume very formidable strength, I have attempted, almost uses all my strength, I thought that both of us with joint forces are at least good! If opens, strength of scabbard will also drain, needs to be able condense to be good for a long time.” Is so troublesome!” In the Shen Xiang heart criticizes. I think that at that time should have 30 keys, now only then, therefore opens one also to need to wait for a period of time.” Long Xueyi said: „To promise this young woman and she goes to Dragon Cave, can eat without paying with her in any case drinks in vain.” This Young Master, whether to go to Dragon Cave to explore with me?” Long Huishan also asked one. Naturally does not have the issue, I before was only some worries...... Because I obtain your Long Family treasure sword.” Shen Xiang said with a smile awkwardly: I somewhat feared.” You do not need to be worried that I guaranteed some Long Family people will not ask for this sword, this is my grandfather gives to me the sword, whom I like giving to give anyone.” Long Huishan smiles, then to make a maidservant bring Shen Xiang to walk into the backyard of this shop. Shen Xiang has passed through the fine spring day back garden with that maidservant, arrives at a hut, at this time he cannot induce in this that expert, he guessed that expert should leave, returns to Long Family. That maidservant told Shen Xiang, making his stay here not wander about aimlessly everywhere, will otherwise have danger(ous) anything. Shen Xiang thought that this Long Huishan is not very simple, goes to Dragon Cave has any reason obviously, is not explores. Shen Xiang enters in the room, has arranged several barrier conveniently, then puts out Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, puts out Bai Ziqian to refine the attainment of Intoxicating Spirit Powder to his again.

The refinement process is very simple, God Intoxicating Flower with the suitable flame incinerator the white powder, was unable to let the poisonous Qi outflow of God Intoxicating Flower, must make poisonous Qi keep in the powder. On Shen Xiang does not have many Intoxicating Spirit Powder, only then ten God Intoxicating Flower, but sufficed him to refine many Intoxicating Spirit Powder! This Intoxicating Spirit Powder certainly be easier-to-use than Devil Decaying Death Qi, Devil Decaying Death Qi can in acute poison, but after kills by poison, will be looked very much easily, moreover when enters body inside, was realized very much easily, deals with these strength very strong people not quite safe. But this Intoxicating Spirit Powder can be quietly spreads in the human body, if not the fellow of Immortal King Dragon King this rank, generally can paralysis opposite party strength, waits for the opposite party to discover the time, strength had been anaesthetized, at that time will also be killed by him. Refines Intoxicating Spirit Powder to be very easy, Shen Xiang has the alchemy foundation of basic skills, in addition the Bai Ziqian's attainment, one time then has succeeded, then he also continued to refine, this type of thing are many some were not the misdemeanor. Shen Xiang stayed for three days in this small room, but in the night of third day, Long Huishan suddenly knocks on a door, wears black packing up, on the face is hoodwinking the mourning band. These three days, Long Huishan occasionally can look for him, understood that his something, Shen Xiang told her a fictitious name. clouds Young Master, tonight walks, on the road will not be peaceful, you must be ready!” Long Huishan said low and deep that in that beautiful eye brings to wipe dignifiedly. At the same night hurries along, this makes Shen Xiang think that is becoming a fugitive likely. Um, I knew, after the matter becomes, you fulfill the commitment, paid me Immortal Crystal that's alright.” Shen Xiang said very much at will.

Long Huishan does not believe that Shen Xiang needs Immortal Crystal, has Jade Dragon Flower this Sacred Level dragon medicine, how to lack Immortal Crystal? Perhaps if not for she Shen Xiang conceal here, many influences will send for tracking him in secret, finding the way to obtain Jade Dragon Flower in his hand. Long Huishan is leading Shen Xiang and that Mr. Wang walks together, this makes Shen Xiang very accidental, he thinks Long Huishan will be leading a big ticket person, enormous and powerful rushes to that Dragon Cave. This woman is not very simple!” Shen Xiang discovered that this looks like gentle attractive Long Huishan, unexpectedly a lot of strategies. Because they leave Sacred City are not walk, but passes secret Teleportation Formation, this Teleportation Formation also in this backyard. However this Teleportation Formation arranges very hastily, but arrives at outside the city, just left Sacred City in them, sky over Sacred City was illuminated by the flame well-illuminated, Shen Xiang had estimated place that fire, unexpectedly is the backyard of that shop. Two felt relieved, so long as you go to Dragon Cave with me, I ensure you can certainly enter to the Dragon Cave deep place safely, some inside treasure, when the time comes can take! My present situation is not quite good, therefore I cannot trust the Long Family person, I do not have the means now, the hiring and I pass through, two both do not lack the Immortal Crystal person, I believe that you can explore Dragon Cave with me.” Long Huishan said hastily: We walk quickly, as for other, but also please two understanding, I can not say!” Shen Xiang guessed correctly in immediately this Long Huishan family had the accident, otherwise she will not give him Ice Dragon Sword at will, perhaps this Ice Dragon Sword can draw on the disaster. Shen Xiang and that Old Wang have not asked anything much, but hurries along with Long Huishan at the same night, they through Teleportation Formation of several Long Huishan arrangement, have transmitted toward north all the way, quick has been far away from Sacred City. Dawn time, they arrived at a riverside, is resting here. Long Huishan is cleaning the silk screen in the riverside, she gives the feeling of person is a delicate good female, but all the way becoming a fugitive, lets Shen Xiang and Old Wang holds in high esteem to her, this Long Huishan obviously is in a short time, prepare these.

Walks, in three days, should be able to go to Dragon Cave!” Long Huishan just trod several steps, that Old Wang suddenly threw toward Shen Xiang, on that skinny palm gushes out very terrifying strength, stroking of heavily on the Shen Xiang's chest, hits Shen Xiang to fly upside down, the whole person has inlaid in that rocky mountain. Mr. Wang, you......” Although Long Huishan is surprised, but responded very rapidly, immediately moved aside, avoided that Old Wang to a Dao Qi vigor that she made. Has not done right by Miss Dragon.” Old Wang said with a sneer, looks like very kind he, unexpectedly becomes the whole face is cut-throat. Has not thought that your unexpectedly is uncle's person, actually you and uncle had a falling out are disguise!” Long Huishan gets angry slightly, continual avoidance. This Old Wang original manuscript is in Long Family Teacher, but has a falling out with the Long Family Patriarch big brother, left Long Family! Your father died, present Patriarch is your uncle, even if you obtain the inheritance of Ancient Dragon to be also useless in Dragon Cave, you must result in die, on the Lord can hold on to the present position! He manages Long Family, certainly can make Long Family more magnificent.” When Old Wang speech, again and again attacks to Long Huishan, each move is vicious. Shen Xiang crawls from that rocky mountain, looks at the Old Wang head, scolded: This old son of a bitch, unexpectedly plots against me, is waiting to me!”