World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1111

Shen Xiang hides is looking at the fight of Long Huishan and that Old Wang head at the same time, what making him not think, Long Huishan strength unexpectedly is very strong, making him feel that reaches that Purple Moon Dean level faintly, enables this Old Wang for a very long time to go well. strength unexpectedly of Long Huishan use is Dragon Force, moreover ices cold Dragon Force, time that the long sword wields, can always start intermittent cold wind, if were divided, definitely very much will not feel better, but that Old Wang can actually brave the flame with one pair the fist Long Huishan sword parry. This old son of a bitch is the alchemy master, best not to tell me you to have Fire Spirit......” in the Shen Xiang heart to mutter was saying: His mother, but also has really!” White Fire Spirit!” Shen Xiang has gawked, but this Fire Spirit different Fire Spirit, should surpass purple Fire Spirit. Sister Meiyao, this white Fire Spirit clarifies gives to you!” Shen Xiang has put out Demanding Life Devil Bow, waits for opportunity fight, he thought that now he and Long Huishan are in the same fronts, when the time comes will want the corpse of this Old Wang head she surely to give. Before Shen Xiang suspects is the same, Long Family had the accident, the Long Huishan Patriarch father died, according to the custom, the position should passes to the Patriarch children, but except for Long Huishan, Patriarch other sons was killed completely, only then Long Huishan also or was living. In order to obtain the uncle in Patriarch position, does not hesitate to probably cut to kill Long Huishan, but expert of Long Huishan by clan was being protected, before that expert obviously is , that Shen Xiang induces, should die now. This young girl is really deep conceal does not reveal, she is wrapping the words of Old Wang head, wants to know the person who kills her grand-uncle who is, does not need to guess that knows was her uncle that group of people! If I, later is competent, has all killed that's it that group of people, now and this Old Wang idle talk anything.” Shen Xiang can see Long Huishan within the body that very fearful Dragon Force. „It is not, she was poisoned probably, strength cannot use completely, she must suppress the toxin in within the body!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang suddenly remembers this Old Wang to their pills, but Old Wang said that can rapidly restore strength, but has not thought that unexpectedly is poisonous pill, but he remembers that he and Long Huishan has not eaten, but received.

He puts out that grain of poisonous pill immediately, carefully looked, discovered that toxin unexpectedly hides in the surface, so long as will move to be poisoned! This old thing, I will make him have a look at anything am the fiercest toxin, unexpectedly play this set before me!” Shen Xiang decided that uses this Old Wang to test Intoxicating Spirit Powder. Ha Ha...... You have discovered that you were poisoned, you must die today without doubt!” Old Wang said while loudly laughing. You when below toxin? This should be to seal|confer Yuandu!” The Long Huishan complexion is very ugly, if not poisoned, she already cut to kill this Old Wang. When you received pill who I give, you were poisoned! Relax, I deliver you to see that brat quickly, that brat died has been a pity, has not known why will be killed by me.” Although Old Wang knows that Shen Xiang is not simple, but he thinks that own that palm hits, even if Long Huishan can the severe wound, let alone toxicant little rascal. His Ice Dragon Sword and Jade Dragon Flower were my, Ha Ha......” Old Wang and Long Huishan was socializing, while laughed. Long Huishan suddenly has spat a blood, at this time, a Old Wang first palm hit in her abdomen, making the toxin of her within the body spread quickly. Snort, a woman, wants to rob the position of Long Family Patriarch with main on, overreaches oneself!” Old Wang has put out a broadsword, but he does not know one were being hidden Shen Xiang on crown aims with Demanding Life Devil Bow. old fellow, wants to kill my this Subduing Dragon Sect Dean, overreaches oneself!” In the Shen Xiang heart sneers, puts out Intoxicating Spirit Powder, lets these transparent powder condense in the crossbow arrow.

The crossbow arrow is by his formidable strength condense, after Intoxicating Spirit Powder puts in inside, so long as pricks in the body of enemy, Intoxicating Spirit Powder will disperse in inside, speed piecemeal of toxin spread. old son of a bitch, other haughty Oh! in Shen Xiang heart one ruthless, urges to send a crossbow arrow. Old Wang perceived immediately, the release of instinct a light cover, but on the crossbow arrow condense vigorous Dragon Force, was passing through his strength light cover directly, crossbow arrow accurate dug in the heart from his back. Old Wang fleshly body is powerful, crossbow arrow explodes in his within the body, but actually cannot destroy his heart, he roars immediately, but complexion actually suddenly becomes very ugly. Because he cannot make, the whole body is soft, he discovered quickly this type of toxin is not very simple, may is strange poison in that Legend. Is drunk...... Drunk god......” Shen Xiang has not made him speak, the direct shuttle space comes, to wield a azure long sword, cuts the head of this Old Wang head, afterward revolution Engulfing Devil Art, attracts white Fire Spirit of his within the body, condense in a grain of bead! All these have the rapidness, almost forms a coherent whole, Long Huishan sits down exhausted in the place, looks at such one astonished, she also thinks that Shen Xiang had been killed by a palm bang, but has not thought of now actually the bursting with energy appearance, that old man killing. You should have Detoxification Dan!” Shen Xiang takes down storage equipment of that Old Wang head, has turned out ten ten thousand Immortal Crystal from inside, with one bottle of that poisonous pill, did not have other things.

Long Huishan sees Shen Xiang not to make anything to her, then relaxed, puts out under a grain of Detoxification Dan clothing/taking, at this time she thought that the present person is mystical, can draw out that easily Ice Dragon Sword, moreover uses in that Legend Primordial Strange Poison Drunken God Incense, moreover that Shen Xiang took a moment ago the azure long sword, is bringing very strong Dragon Qi. Then is Shen Xiang turns with Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade the sword, is only for is unremarkable. Thank you!” Long Huishan takes down the black veil, has revealed a beautiful actually very thin and pale face, to the person a very shocking feeling, Shen Xiang first time sees her complete appearance. Is impolite, I thought that you have the opportunity to recapture the Long Family Patriarch position, if I wished you to succeed, then after me, here will also be very convenient is not?” Shen Xiang smiled. This is natural, I really need to help now, if you can wish me to succeed, the advantage must have!” On the Long Huishan thin and pale jade face reveals wipes the smile, she knows that Shen Xiang is a smart person, knew her present situation. If Long Huishan wants to succeed, obtains the inheritance of that anything Ancient Dragon from Dragon Cave, can help her obtain very formidable strength! I restored immediately to hurry along, this Old Wang failed, my uncle will definitely send for in Dragon Cave road high grade we!” Long Huishan sighed slightly, she thought that will be very all the way difficult.