World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1112
Long Huishan has many good pills, is in itself expert, she restored to the peak not long. Dragon miss, my strength is well below you, if your uncle sends , the strength should be you almost, I and your together, I worried that I cannot suffer them to strike fully, will implicate when the time comes perhaps you!” Shen Xiang does not flinch, but does not plan and Long Huishan together walks. The Long Huishan nod said: Said well, my uncle will send to kill my person, the strength not under me, if will be several people came, you can very danger(ous).” Shen Xiang said: I plan me in secret with you, if you and these people hit, I am also good to support in secret!” Long Huishan said with a smile immediately lightly: Good to support in secret, that such settled, your method is not truly good to come visibly.” Shen Xiang Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison she knew, but she had not asked that also did not mention. Reason that she very clear Shen Xiang meets exposed this type of thing , because saves her. Although Shen Xiang the strength is not strong, but is actually her savior, is person who she can only trust now. Before was poisoned, that was she weakest time, the casual person can abandon her, but Shen Xiang has not played a dirty trick to her. clouds Young Master, then I slowed down some speeds, making you be able to follow! You are careful.” You use 80% speeds, I can follow.” Shen Xiang is very confident to own speed. Shen Xiang and Long Huishan maintain the distances, moves aside in some neighbor concealment, follows close on behind her. But the Long Huishan choice in the forest, this can make Shen Xiang better to hide. Just started, Long Huishan on the induction the Shen Xiang's aura, thinks that Shen Xiang could not follow her, after she stopped, obtained Shen Xiang's sound transmission, this made her somewhat surprised, she thinks that does not understand the Shen Xiang's strength so was why weak, but the concealment ability actually be wiser than her. Shen Xiang beforehand has fused plant Heaven Dan, afterward also had plant spirit, this can make him integrate in the nature, making others not induce his existence, he thought after that plant Heaven Dan and plant spirit fuse, may be fiercer, but that also requires the time.

clouds Young Master, our Long Family tamed has one name named dragon dog Spirit Beast, this dragon dog strength was not strong, but the speed and final ability were very fierce, especially ultimately had the person of Long Family bloodlines!” Long Huishan following Shen Xiang in the mark that in her Sea of Consciousness leaves behind, carries on sound transmission, if not this, where she could not find Shen Xiang. Said that they were very easy to find you?” Shen Xiang was not worried that dragon dog will discover him, although some of his within the body many dragon blood, his concealment ability is also very strong, is not broken through easily. dragon dog feeds to grow into with dragon blood, therefore is keen to the dragon blood smell, my uncle definitely will ambush on the road I, so long as I go toward Dragon Cave, will certainly run into the ambush on the road.” Shen Xiang makes Long Xueyi display Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, is loafing in Long Huishan all around, in order to avoid some people ambush in secret, if can discover promptly that he makes first move and gets control with Demanding Life Devil Bow and Intoxicating Spirit Powder. Had the thing to come!” Long Xueyi shouted: Is several dogs, speed is quick!” Shen Xiang reminded Long Huishan immediately: dragon dog came toward you, the speed is quick, thinks these people also in the, be careful!” Long Huishan is very surprised, the dragon dog sense of smell is sharp, not only traces ability, the concealment ability is also very wise, but Shen Xiang can actually discover that her suddenly wants to know very much this clouds Young Master is any background. Has ten dragon dog!” Shen Xiang passing on Long Huishan. „...... Long Family for many years had trained ten, has not thought that their unexpectedly all sent out!” Long Huishan has prepared great war.

Long Xueyi said: I kill that several dogs, looks on these dogs to have dragon blood, I am not comfortable.” Shen Xiang patrols, is paying attention to around Long Huishan. His suddenly sees three person's shadow suddenly to fly to leap up, is came from very far place instantaneous jump evidently very much, obviously the strengths of these three people strong, afterward is that ten dragon dog throws, three old man person ten are similar to calf common big dog Long Huishan surround! When that three old man want to receive Profound Beast Bag dragon dog, Long Xueyi shouted: Dies to me!” Saw only ten dragon dog suddenly lowly howling, then poured in the ground died, Shen Xiang guessed that this was the Long Xueyi's spirit attack, coped with this Spirit Beast is not the difficult matter. Has killed her!” Three old man are angry immediately, but dragon dog the rare thing, for many years only had fostered ten, has consumed many resources, but actually suddenly was killed now, they think that this is Long Huishan kills. In the forest the fierce combat, the air wave is intermittent immediately, the earth shakes, Long Huishan was besieged by three strength powerful old man, although seems is suppressed, but she has not actually dropped the wind, once for a while can make these old men's bodies get 12 fists. No wonder Uncle Long Huishan such does not feel relieved her, the strength is so intrepid, really very much has the qualifications, when Long Family Patriarch, her strength should be the same with that Taiyuan Dean, only misses one step, was Immortal King! Although only misses one step, but the strength has very big disparity!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang is waiting and seeing at the same time, waited for that the best opportunity gets rid, he is plotting against this aspect, has very rich experience, eats his invisible losses person to be countless, moreover majority do not know how one are dies, was killed by whom. Why then Taiyuan Dean can kill that Three Horned Dragon King? Three Horned Dragon King should compared with human Immortal King also fierce, Taiyuan Dean strength also Immortal King rank.” Shen Xiang has thought unclear this matter.

Had a possibility, Taiyuan Dean has used Drunken God Incense! His very familiar that group of Primal Chaos people, he can get so far as Drunken God Incense not to be strange, although Three Horned Dragon King is Poisonous Dragon, but if facing massive Drunken God Incense, same must kneel.” Long Xueyi thought that this was explains only. Shen Xiang condense left implication massive Drunken God Incense crossbow arrows, these three besiege Long Huishan old man, the strength is worse than Long Huishan on, but if these Heavenspan Family and Sacred Realm Big Shot, definitely cannot block ten moves! Here Sacred Dan World is really same as Heaven World, experts as common as the clouds, in Long Family is hiding these many masters. Master is also what kind, has't can die by me cloudy?” Shen Xiang inspires slightly , to continue condense strength, he planned that one time shoots three arrows. Dragon miss, dodge!” Shen Xiang to Long Huishan sound transmission, but at this time was also the good opportunity that Long Huishan withdrew. Long Huishan shunt that instantaneous, Shen Xiang stimulates to movement Demanding Life Devil Bow, three arrows shot together, goes from out of the blue, although has not hit the Shen Xiang locking place, but three measured the Intoxicating Spirit Powder crossbow arrow to hit that three old man including raising.