World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1113
These three old man are fiercer than beforehand Old Wang, can discover quickly one were plotted, immediately stimulates to movement strength in within the body to resist the Intoxicating Spirit Powder toxin. But after the crossbow arrow pricks their body interior, condense together Intoxicating Spirit Powder erupts, the speed of proliferation is quick, attacks all the limbs and bones instantaneously, in very short time lets their whole body anaesthesia. Long Huishan grasps the opportunity, in order to avoid there is an accident, is holding the light blade in hand, arrives at these three old man sides. Primordial Strange Poison, drunk god! Is who...... Is......” Long Huishan does not allow him rubbish, a blade destroys, three heads fall down, neat, likely is not a gentle and charming female. They have not brought any thing, it seems like they were also worried one cannot go back!” Long Huishan has selected these old man corpses with the blade, had not found storage equipment. allows me to come tidies up, you walk away!” Shen Xiang walked, he is worried about to burn the corpse time, although Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison scatters. After Long Huishan is far away, Shen Xiang sets on fire these three people of corpses burns down, he also planned pulls out these three people of Heaven Dan, but these Heaven Dan were ruined by drunk fresh strange poison. This woman should be Immortal Monarch late stage, or is the Immortal Monarch peak strength, even if your not cloudy that three old fellow, give her to select the time, can cut that three old turtle.” Long Xueyi said. Immortal Monarch?” Shen Xiang or the first time hear this name, Long Huishan have continued to hurry along, with beforehand is the same, Shen Xiang continues to separate with her. „After crossing Nirvana Ninth Tribulation, is Human Immortal, is Immortal of popular name, but the demon is called Devil Immortal, the monster is Demon Immortal! Upward is Celestial Immortal, Heavenly Devil and Heavenly Demon, the person of this stage are many, again upward was Monarch level.” Long Xueyi said. Sister Meiyao and Sister Youyou, what strength were you before?” Shen Xiang is very curious, because they need Sacred Level pill to restore the peak the strength.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou had not replied that Long Xueyi guessed actually: At least is Immortal King middle stage or late stage! Before , during and after Immortal Realm, divides, peak four small Realm, the normal situation, each small Realm strength differs very far. If you and I, cannot regard with the common sense Immortal King late stage strength? Can that approach Great Emperor of Ten Heavens that strength?” Shen Xiang surprisedly said. Difference is far.” Long Xueyi said. That Lu Qinlian? She is Demon Empress, should have the Immortal King strength!” Shen Xiang also asked. Should be small Immortal King, but she is not that attack type, excels with the toxin, therefore seems like not that fierce. But also is very fierce, with the toxin, you understands.” Is getting more and more near from Dragon Cave, Shen Xiang guessed, if Long Huishan she said Ice Dragon inheritance that should become Immortal King, has such person to be the backer, he later did not fear any unspoken rule. Front was a very big short iceberg, the cold wind assails, making nearby forest tie completely incorruptible, after going out of the forest, the cold wind that blew was stronger, has blown the time from the face, as if thought that was being sheared equally uncomfortably by the bit. Even if to here, Shen Xiang and Long Huishan maintained the distance. Facts showed that this is right, because Long Huishan just went out of the forest, when toward a giant cave will rush, suddenly presented a red garment man, this male appearance will be quite delicate, will be a little similar to Long Huishan, the whole body also has evil looking Dragon Qi, understood at a glance that will be Long Family! My good younger sister, you are really fierce! Three elders were cut to kill by you, moreover is so quick, looks at your appearance, at that time should be very relaxed! However now......” This red garment man evil looking smiling face, sound cynical, after Long Huishan sees him wear a look , the complexion is ugly.

You...... How here, weren't you already by my father seal?” Long Huishan hastily retreat several steps, but have emitted red air/Qi in her side actually suddenly, making her unable to move. Shen Xiang saw from her facial expression that this red garment man is fierce. He puts out Demanding Life Devil Bow, just wants to attack, sees only that red garment man to dodge suddenly, a palm pats on the lower abdomen of Long Huishan, Long Huishan shouted one miserably, fell on the ground. The red garment man seizes the Long Huishan long hair, said with a smile ferociously: Your blood is very certainly tasty, but I will make you live a period of time, you should better hand over Ice Dragon Sword, otherwise I will not make you die happily.” Demanding Life Devil Bow is useless, on this fellow has fierce Qi Aura, from the strength, he should be Immortal Monarch peak Realm!” Long Xueyi said. In Ice Dragon Sword no longer my hand!” Long Huishan said painfully, this red garment man is not only powerful, but also the method is strange, Shen Xiang could not see why his palm took down Long Huishan. Snort, that brat with your together, has not thought on the road died, Ice Dragon Sword definitely in your hands!” The red garment man with knee fierce collision to the Long Huishan abdomen, is bringing red Dragon Force, but the blood that Long Huishan spits, unexpectedly suction by this red garment man. Shen Xiang at present one bright, has thought of an ingenious plan, but actually very much take risks! He hides is discovered at the same time, but Long Huishan has not said him in the, moreover a Long Huishan face despairs, obviously does not hope that he comes out to rescue, because that will only harm him. Shen Xiang has put out all Intoxicating Spirit Powder and Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, fast the Intoxicating Spirit Powder refined into gaseous state, after completing, he massive being drunk lives poisonous Qi to absorb in his body, puts out Ice Dragon Sword again, afterward pours into Ice Dragon Sword! Long An, I die will not give you Ice Dragon Sword, you lost heart, you have killed me, anything cannot obtain!”

When I must have a look at you to be able but actually to support!” Long An to the Long Huishan abdomen is being a palm, moreover infiltrates some red evil looking Dragon Force, understood at a glance that is that type of thing makes Long Huishan very painful. Stop, Ice Dragon Sword here!” Shen Xiang suddenly fled. Long Huishan stared Shen Xiang one, to Shen Xiang sound transmission: Why can you come out? Cannot make Ice Dragon Sword fall into his hand, your I do not have any stratagem which ensures success facing him!” Shen Xiang has not responded to Long Huishan, he sees this Long An to attack him, immediately shouted: You, if dares to move me, I commit suicide, my storage equipment meeting accompanies me to vanish!” „Do you want to exchange this woman with Ice Dragon Sword?” Long An disdain looks at Shen Xiang, in his eyes, Shen Xiang is the small insect that momentarily can pinch. Right, you have put him, I give you Ice Dragon Sword!” Shen Xiang said. How I know that you do have Ice Dragon Sword?” Long An sneers: This woman a little strength, I do not want to make her have the opportunity to counter-attack me.”