World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1114

Long Huishan hastily gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: Do not take Ice Dragon Sword, he can trig you instantaneously!” Long An has hit a Long Huishan palm, his red evil looking Dragon Force makes Long Huishan very painful, Shen Xiang knit the brows, has put out Ice Dragon Sword! Sees Shen Xiang puts out Ice Dragon Sword desperately, Long Huishan to close the eye! Really, with such that Long Huishan said that Shen Xiang was trigged instantaneously, the whole body cannot move, but that Long An flushed, after holding Ice Dragon Sword in Shen Xiang hand, a palm strikes to fly Shen Xiang, all these instantaneously are occurring! Shen Xiang had been hit a palm maliciously, in Long Huishan and Long An eye, he should die, but Shen Xiang not only has not died, instead also flickers to check arrives at side Long Huishan, he holds Long Huishan, treads Earth Shrinking Step to shunt Long An a palm that attacks from the distant place. Long An sees Shen Xiang to be so sly, in heart a anger, draws out Ice Dragon Sword, immediately the cold wind rises from all directions, in the meantime, Long An is laughing crazily: Ha Ha...... Ice Dragon Sword was my, in Long Family only then I can pull out, Ha Ha......” But his laughter stopped quickly, his complexion suddenly becomes pale, Ice Dragon Sword was also abandoned by him! In that instantaneous, in the Ice Dragon Sword cold strength that Long An draws a sword emerges his body crazily, but Shen Xiang poured into massive drunk god poisonous Qi in it going Ice Dragon Sword, poisonous Qi that Long An within the body emerged at this time can be imagined! Shen Xiang puts down whole face stunned Long Huishan, puts out to turn into Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade of azure long sword, is with smile on the face to walk: You can pull out Ice Dragon Sword before dying, you should be able dead die content!” Long An weak in the ground, effort that he goes all out, but can make the body shiver, his handsome face customer is fierce and angry, his look of hatred, as if must bite such Shen Xiang meat. Young bastard, you have made anything to me!” Long An to the present has not known that is Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison. Ha Ha...... Do you want to know? I did not tell you, after making you die, was more uncomfortable!” During Shen Xiang laughs, wields several hundred swords instantaneously.

Divine Weapon destroys the hardest defenses, in this Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison Long An was the same with the bean curd at this time, was chopped the completely squashed dregs all of a sudden, finally was burnt down the ashes. Shen Xiang receives Divine Weapon, has patted the red evil aura of participation, walks toward Long Huishan with smile on the face, face human and animals are harmless, but comes, Long Huishan actually witnessed he killed many expert! This Long An strength surpasses in her, but 2-3 was actually extinguished by him, although his strength is very weak, but the method is actually heaven defying, at this time she somewhat fears to Shen Xiang, her original manuscript thinks one are one soon becomes the Long Family Patriarch person, calculates a side power and influence character in this Sacred Dan World, but at present this man actually appears fiercer, this was her second time is rescued! Moreover was been weaker than many people to rescue her by a strength! Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: What background are this goods? How he shouted your younger sister, this fellow can have you such pretty younger sister, made the person envy really!” In here Sacred Dan World, so long as talked about Long An, nobody did not fear! But Shen Xiang unexpectedly does not know that Long Huishan suspected Shen Xiang came from that side Sacred Dan World, but she knew about that side Sacred Dan World very much that in that side except for having quite fierce Primal Chaos Mountain, other cannot amount to something, that place unexpectedly will present at present this type expert. Long An, is my uncle's eldest son, 300 years ago , because killed has counted the hundred thousand person, by my father seal, is not known evil art where he obtained, attracted others' flesh and blood specially, expanded itself with this, after homicide fixed number hundred thousand person, arrived at the Immortal King early stage strength!” Long Huishan eats up one grain is similar to pill of ruby, this made her complexion better. Has not thought that my uncle unexpectedly will put this fellow, initially my father was also with great difficulty trigs him, but now......” Long Huishan recalled that Shen Xiang that quick sword, had a lingering fear a moment ago, but fortunately, Shen Xiang is very good to her, does not have what evil intention, otherwise early ran away a moment ago, such risk will not save her. Really is ashamed, my strength compared with your many, so is obviously useless, had been helped these many by you, but shortly after we know.” Long Huishan Youyou sighed.

Hehe, the strength compared with me, had been killed by me also many, do not care!” Some Shen Xiang haughty said with a smile. Where do you come? You absolutely are not here person!” The Long Huishan injury was better, moves toward that iceberg with Shen Xiang the big cave. Shen Xiang asked: „Do I come from Emperor Heaven? Have you heard Emperor Heaven?” On the Long Huishan face restored ruddily, the mood said joyfully: Has heard, but had disrupted in the past, now is combining slowly, heard that Emperor Heaven is huge, has the opportunity I to have a look.” Shen Xiang cracks into a chuckle: Dragon miss, if you can be in the Long Family Patriarch position, when the time comes I must make you help me make some precious spirit herb.” Long Huishan surprisedly said: Has not thought that you are the alchemy master, is really rare, very rare has alchemy master to run around! Right, the words that you do not mind, shouted me for Elder Sister Long......” My brother younger brothers died, I certainly become Long Family Patriarch, kills bastard who these persecute my family member!” The Long Huishan grief and indignation is strength, a face is stubborn! Elder Sister Long, you can certainly succeed!” Shen Xiang encourages her, then asked: „Does Elder Sister Long, your matter to that side that Sacred Dan World have the understanding? A while ago that side had big matter.” Long Huishan frowned, on pretty face flashes through wipes the startled color: Holy Dragon Crown Prince was called the Shen Xiang's person to kill by one, Dragon Emperor is angry, opens passage to come with unsurpassed strength, but knew finally killed Holy Dragon Crown Prince person Taiyuan Dean, after Dragon Emperor kills Taiyuan Dean, went back.”

Long Huishan looks at Shen Xiang strangely, has about that Shen Xiang's matter, she has heard much, moreover inquired especially in detail. You not surnamed Yun is right?” Shen Xiang scratches the head to say with a smile: Is I am not surnamed Yun, can't shout you for the elder sister?” Long Huishan tenderly snorted and said: You have deceived me for a long time!” In her mind flashes through that Shen Xiang takes frequently the azure long sword, she suspected that is Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, but that actually not like blade. Elder Sister Long, you are clear, if here expert knows that I come here, you think that I will feel better? I brave life danger(ous) to tell you now my status.” Long Huishan said with a smile tenderly: Knows that you later clouds Young Master! Right, you had Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, how also to have a liking for my Ice Dragon Sword?” Shen Xiang reveals expression that the whole face worries about intentionally: Elder Sister Long, your this wants to act like a spoiled brat, then can come back to me?”