World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1115
Ice Dragon Sword turns on the key of that three valuable boxes, even if Long Huishan must come back, he will not return absolutely. Naturally is not, Ice Dragon Sword actually not suitable fight, but can be scary very much, my grandfather used this to frighten many expert the sword in the past, I had said before, you can pull out, gives to you! Do not think stingy me.” Long Huishan as the Patriarch daughter, body definitely has many good things, moreover her strength is very strong, from now on perhaps Long Family Patriarch, will be Immortal King, will do well relationship with her, to afterward this Sacred Dan World definitely obtain conveniently. After entering Dragon Cave, cold wind suddenly, as if penetrates the Shen Xiang's body to be the same, making his body feel that the ice is cold, even was Divine sea as if must be frozen generally, this Dragon Cave far exceeded his imagination fiercely. Actually Long Huishan nothing, various good and bad Shen Xiang's physique and protection methods were also very heaven defying, but the whole body trembled at this time unavoidably, making him have to Universe Fire of revolution within the body come the protection against the cold. „After our Long Family [lineage/vein] are Ice Dragon, heard that Ice Dragon first ancestors and several human females on good, had our [lineage/vein], but inherited was too long, causing the bloodlines to be now thin, even if were purest [lineage/vein], to the present also only then minority some can ice Dragon Bloodline of awakening within the body, I be, therefore I had formidable strength very much young!” Long Huishan was narrating this Long Family history on and on. My father knows that in the past that bastard will possibly usurp the throne, buys elder support in some clans with various methods, my father is overwhelmed by sheer numbers, because afterward my brother and younger brothers were grasped to coerce, therefore diverts attention in great war, finally was killed, but my brother younger brother cannot escape by luck!” When Long Huishan mentioned these matters, exceptionally calm, this was most fearful, mood that she has been able to control, but did not represent her not to be angry, if she must erupt this anger, that was she strongest time. You have hidden the strength, but your uncle knows that you have Ice Dragon Sword, therefore plans to keep you, uses your value while convenient again, juniors who you marry some influence, wins over relationship!” Shen Xiang guessed.

Was similar, but afterward he knows that I must go to Dragon Cave, was worried that I will obtain Dragon Cave inside inheritance, in addition I have given you Ice Dragon Sword, will therefore get rid to me, but before , the elder is protecting me in secret, this elder many years are unable to break through, the oil lamp was completely dry, this is also most fearful, therefore I can come here!” That protected her elder also dead, if now she wants to recapture the Patriarch position, must have the strong strength, frightened entire Long Family, cut to kill the elder who these and her uncle colluded with, but her hope was Dragon Cave inside Ice Dragon inheritance! This Dragon Cave was the Ice Dragon first ancestor in the past the shelter, afterward did he have to pass away we not to know that in brief my grandfather has said that had the Ice Dragon first ancestor to leave our things in this inside, only then had his bloodlines to obtain, but for many years, Long Family has entered Dragon Cave expert to be countless, majority are the severe wound turns over, is unable to arrive at the deep place!” Long Huishan carefully looks at all around all the way, on the one hand must protect Shen Xiang. Should be Sea Suppressing Blood Pearl that Ice Dragon keeps, inside has the inheritance memory and Ice Dragon purest bloodlines, Dragon Pearl also fuses in inside, if this girl can obtain, the strength definitely will rise suddenly, perhaps you can also from her there learn that Ice Dragon has done any dirty matter.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang also has Sea Suppressing Bead, in his Divine sea, his Divine Soul was being wrapped by that Sea Suppressing Bead, therefore some of his regarding this doubts: „Does Sea Suppressing Bead remain? Did Ice Dragon die? Divine Soul not in Sea Suppressing Bead?” Who had said Sea Suppressing Bead can only have one? Holy Dragon Crown Prince Dragon Pearl also has two, the fierce antique dragon, Sea Suppressing Bead and Dragon Pearl are many, some Dragon Pearl are also very big, for example that Poisonous Dragon. This Ice Dragon should unable to find other female Dragon to come to be passed from generation to generation in the past, has to look for the human female, but these human females are very definitely strong, otherwise cannot bear him!” Hears the Long Xueyi's words, Shen Xiang immediately indignant tunnel: This tortoise Ice Dragon, unexpectedly damages that many females, is really not the thing!”

Dragon Cave is the thorough ground, moreover this place very ice-cold, Shen Xiang thought that this type cold is not Ice Dragon creates, but is the nature formation. The Dragon Cave entrance is very big, but gradually changed was afterward small, but was very spacious, can one time through dozens individuals, passage be circles, just started around passage is the ice, after , four walls were the rocks, but was smooth, some traces. This doesn't Dragon Cave have no danger(ous)? This ice cold strength is actually very strong, if the average person comes, froze to death in the entrance.” The Shen Xiang body has Universe Fire to flow anytime, in order to avoid frozen stiff. Shen Xiang discovered that imprisons Ancient Fire Beast that Netherworld Abyss, there is this terrifying cold strength, moreover here be much fiercer than Netherworld Abyss. Long Xueyi said: Big lion was really sealed up by this Ice Dragon, does not know is really any reason, what can determine, this Ice Dragon is the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens friend, after Great Emperor of Ten Heavens died, Ice Dragon helps Great Emperor of Ten Heavens handle many matters, for example lays aside Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, but also has established passage to earth core, that passage definitely has other intention!” Shen Xiang curled the lip, said: He also took away 26 valuable boxes. Right, here ice cold strength does not have the aura of dragon, how you know that the Netherworld Abyss cold strength and here does look like very much?” Long Xueyi coldly snorted: „Are you are suspecting my feeling? I can tell you, here cold strength has something inside characteristics! Is that Profound Ice, I thought that this Ice Dragon definitely knows how to withdraw Profound Ice inside strength, therefore he constructs this Dragon Cave should very danger(ous)!” Profound Ice is very terrifying, Shen Xiang previous time turns into the powder Profound Ice to smelt together these, and lost control! If not White Tiger suddenly appears, once at that time erupted, perhaps a person in city must meet with a disaster.

In dim passage, Shen Xiang suddenly felt that a danger(ous) aura, his hastily holds on the white hands of Long Huishan, will make an effort to entrain her in the future! How?” Long Huishan also had a scare by Shen Xiang, immediately puts out a long blade, fills looks at all around vigilantly. Shen Xiang has put out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, then held forward, translucent white light screen suddenly appears in their front, but Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade ties full lavender incorruptible immediately. Really is this type of thing!” Shen Xiang to a knife palm, sees only on Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade incorruptible is turning into the powder immediately, is just the same as these Ancient Profound Ice.