World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1116
Long Huishan looks at the ice crystal powder of tread, is somewhat astonished, but she has not known that cold strength at this time the fearfulness! Shen Xiang has a lingering fear said: We almost by frozen hard in inside, possibly innumerable years later some people discover us, breaks the ice discovers us.” Declining of this passage, if they were iced live, the pit bottom will roll downward, if get lost, do not count on that some people can make them. How do we pass?” Long Huishan felt that keeps off in the terror of front that [say / way] transparent wall. Ha Ha......” in cavern suddenly reverberates together very wicked laughter. Long Huishan fierce pinches tightly Shen Xiang's, in dim, can still see that her complexion is very ugly. Is Long Song!” Long Huishan said with clenched jaws. Is your bastard uncle?” Shen Xiang has not thought that this fellow will pursue here, moreover comes such quickly, according to the Long Xueyi's judgment, this called the Long Song fellow, was expert of Immortal King rank. If no this strength, perhaps he is unable to usurp the throne. Is he, what to do we?” Although Long Huishan wishes one could to kill Long Song, but the strength is now insufficient, if were massacred here, later again did not have the opportunity to dump tray. You have to plant to tread! This Dragon Cave I have come, you now that strength, to pass through this Profound Ice wall not to be impossible!” The Long Song big laughter transmits, Shen Xiang and Long Huishan saw a big person's shadow. In the Shen Xiang heart sneers, is drawing Long Huishan, stimulates to movement Law of Space strength, then shuttle space, across that [say / way] so-called Profound Ice wall! Walks, he cannot come temporarily!” Shen Xiang dashes about wildly immediately forward, Long Huishan responded to short astonished in that followed behind Shen Xiang.

Shen Xiang controls Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade float in own front, is equal to is exploring the way, in order to avoid meets the thing like that Profound Ice wall. „Did you pass through space a moment ago? This strength is Immortal King easily does not achieve, especially in this space very firm higher world, how you to achieve?” The Long Huishan innermost feelings have filled curiously, why before she very much had doubts Shen Xiang to make that many important matters to come, now she understood, because the Shen Xiang's ability cannot judge with the common sense. „My small secret, later again told you!” Shen Xiang does not want to make others know that he grasped Law of Space strength. They ran more than half double-hour, had not discovered that Long Song pursues. This fellow walked, he has not crossed that Profound Ice wall!” Long Xueyi said that she uses patrolling technique to look at the following situation. For all that but Shen Xiang has not actually relaxed vigilantly, looks in the front explorer rapid flight Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade. Has the situation!” Shen Xiang hastily trades Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, sees only in the front ground, there are well ice pieces of several human form sizes . Moreover the color is different, the shape varies, this made Shen Xiang think of these Profound Ice. He guessed that in this on frozen is coming to explore the Dragon Cave person! Best not to pass, although my blade has not investigated any situation, but here meets suddenly to present these ice pieces, perhaps is not simple!” Shen Xiang both eyes brave the golden ray, uses Primal Chaos Spirit Eye, looks at the dim cave, has a look trap that all around does have to hide. Must say that matter of this exploration, Shen Xiang has many experiences, therefore in this aspect Long Huishan compared with him, she planned to guide, but has not thought that changed from guest to host by Shen Xiang, leading her to go forward.

In these ice pieces has the person? If there is our Long Family ancestor, perhaps they will help my!” Long Huishan at present one bright, said. Was difficult saying that but had, perhaps died! These ice have strong frozen ability, if small pack ice places in your room, crosses a period of time to freeze your room.” Shen Xiang knew about these Profound Ice. Shen Xiang has not seen to have anything, but he actually does not dare to continue to proceed, before has seen fierce of that Profound Ice wall, itself understands Profound Ice, making him have to carefully treat, especially front the present is suspending several very big Profound Ice, moreover these Profound Ice and ground links, does not tumble from above. „The Ice Dragon first ancestor has constructed here, leaves behind his inheritance, but why must set up that many traps on the road, for many years has caused Long Family many heroes dead!” Long Huishan somewhat complained this Ice Dragon Master Ancestor. These traps are not he make, this type of thing is called Profound Ice, is strange, has a place to be called Profound Cold Ancient Domain in Emperor Heaven, digs Profound Ice that from that is this, moreover does not know that is any reason creates, initially that Profound Cold Ancient Domain was a Emperor Heaven unusual bad risk place, Great Emperor of Ten Heavens does not dare to penetrate, afterward by the strength of this Profound Ice frozen.” Shen Xiang does not think that this strength is Ice Dragon can control, he thought that was Ice Dragon makes this Profound Ice perhaps, has had the spirit wisdom, therefore under supposing these traps. I thought that the trap should under these Profound Ice, I move out of the way these Profound Ice!” Shen Xiang uses the technique of Form Displacement Shadow immediately, separated to move these Profound Ice spatially, altogether 67, linked together. After moving, Shen Xiang cuts broken Profound Ice with Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, these Profound Ice are very firm, he and Long Huishan used very big vigor completely to pulverize. In these Profound Ice nobody, but Shen Xiang actually discovered that the aura of some people, in other words frozen turned into Profound Ice in inside person, only if some Heaven and Earth Treasure or the strange flowers different grass can restrain Profound Ice frozen, but can also absorb strength using Profound Ice. Really!” After Shen Xiang move these Profound Ice, red Primal Chaos Spirit Eye can clear seeing have powerful formations in the below of that place, evidently is the nature formation, moreover strength is an ice cold strength. Elder Sister Long, beats that place, has dark of one wash bowl size there, but front strength can actually cover big long journey, we walked several words before again forward, perhaps was frozen!” Shen Xiang pointed was having the Profound Ice ground a moment ago.

Long Huishan is urgent, a pair of jade palm dances in the air, makes to be divided into wild Qi Energy, a front big long journey complete plow, but the ground is also the ice crystal scatters, these places were assimilated by Profound Ice! Shen Xiang observes that dark with Primal Chaos Spirit Eye, under the crazy fierce attack of Long Huishan, that dark seriously was destroyed, is vanishing gradually. Should be all right, I had a look first in the past! Elder Sister Long you stay here!” Shen Xiang one step has stepped the past, then also big long journey, carefully observed with Primal Chaos Spirit Eye, confirmed does not have danger(ous), made Long Huishan come. Long Huishan cannot help but sighed, if no Shen Xiang's words, she does not know that can come here, Shen Xiang is quite same in her charm amulet, protection that sympathizes she. Was safe!” Shen Xiang smiled, but after at this moment, ground suddenly shivered. This passage unexpectedly is moving, making them at a very quick speed to sliding.