World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1117
This sudden situation, lets Shen Xiang and Long Huishan is startled, how at this time they regardless of retreat, are unable to leave same place, they were being decided in same place by some formidable strength, whatever this meeting walking the road leads them to the unknown danger(ous) deep place. The moment passes by, Shen Xiang and Long Huishan suddenly was covered by a glare, at this time they discovered that this is not that dim passage, but in four walls is in white ice crystal passage, the white light is intermittent, but also has one to let the Long Huishan familiar ice Dragon Qi breath! This makes Long Huishan suddenly think one were safe, but passage that under foot that can walk also gradually slow, but in front of them presented a leaf of giant ice door! We arrived!” Long Huishan took a deep breath, is very excited, she has not thought before she will arrive at the entrance of this Ice Dragon first ancestor, in this manner. Shen Xiang arrives in front of the entrance, puts out Ice Dragon Sword to insert in a hole, revolving Ice Dragon Sword, the movement is very skilled, knows evidently before him, does not have little does. Shen Xiang believes firmly now that constructs the fellow to earth core in Netherworld Abyss is this Ice Dragon, because here structure and that place are similar, therefore he found this hole, knows that opens with Ice Dragon Sword. Front door opening slowly, inside is a giant ice palace, ices the ground in palace to carve a dragon of making threatening gestures, on the giant icicle is coiling around lifelike big dragons, here all are the white ice piece stack, is very beautiful. Also has one to carve the Ice Dragon chair on of main hall, has the box that on that dragon chair seems like the ice makes, seeing this box, the Shen Xiang pupil to shrink, the shape of that three valuable boxes because this box obtains with him is the same. „The inheritance of your Ice Dragon first ancestor should in this valuable box!” Criticizes that Ice Dragon Shen Xiang to the present, the one breath is taking away 26 valuable boxes, if only takes away 20, his present good and bad can also obtain 78. This Ice Dragon was too greedy, has the opportunity words, Shen Xiang will certainly make Long Xueyi scold him. Shen Xiang and Long Huishan walked together, he uses Ice Dragon Sword to insert in the hole of that Bai Bing Bao box, opened very much with ease, not like three valuable boxes that he obtains, must very formidable strength be able to open, moreover opens one time, will also consume puts in order Ice Dragon Sword strength, must separate can open for a long time once more, extremely pit father. What is this?” Long Huishan handful of a white bead of muskmelon size.

Sea Suppressing Blood Pearl, you dropped blood to use.” Shen Xiang said that making Long Huishan visit her with a strange look. Long Huishan cannot help but suspected at this time that Shen Xiang is the messenger who her Ice Dragon first ancestor sends, escorts her to come to here all the way, moreover knew about here that opens the front door, opens that valuable box, the Shen Xiang's movement that adeptly, probably already knew, but now also tells this bead is anything. The matter that their Ice Dragon [lineage/vein] do not know, Shen Xiang this bystander unexpectedly from Emperor Heaven understood. Elder Sister Long, do not thank me, after you become Long Family Patriarch, can make me have a stopping over place to rub eats to rub drinks that's alright.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile. Long Huishan has kissed the Shen Xiang's cheek: If I can become Long Family Patriarch, Long Family is your family, you can come at any time, said again, I am your older sister, definitely will be good to you!” Then I help your Protector, you fuse this thing!” Shen Xiang is far away from this Dragon Yi. Long Huishan sits cross-legged on this dragon chair, lacerates the finger, drops the blood on that Sea Suppressing Blood Pearl. This Sea Suppressing blood column white light dodges, releases the circular light cover that a white light forms, wraps Long Huishan in inside. Elder Sister Long...... Elder Sister Long...... I am also surnamed Long, has not seen you such gently has shouted me, humph, humph!” The Long Xueyi study the Shen Xiang's tune, was teasing Shen Xiang. dragon brat, do not forget initially are you installed tenderly, turns into a trivial little girl, you in my eyes, forever are that little girl.” Shen Xiang recalled that matter of past and Long Xueyi meet, in the heart is happy. Snort, I am Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor am reincarnated, you wait! When the time comes I must make you shout that I for Great Emperor, Ha Ha......” Long Xueyi am laughing wildly.

„Is that also what kind of? Hadn't been ridden by me?” In Shen Xiang heart very haughty, although spiritual bond, but how this said that also had relationship, after all at that time both sides, when the Divine Soul wadding entangles, is satisfied. What to be letting one's thoughts wander? Do not think with my spiritual bond, quite in obtaining me! Smelly brat, leaves too haughty, Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor is not good to conquer!” Long Xueyi heard the Shen Xiang's aspiration, immediately gives Shen Xiang sound transmission in secret, this matter she will be worried about very much knows by Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou. dragon brat, you had not said can obtain my Jade Dragon Bloodline? Only can through that matter, only if you can find living Jade Dragon massacres.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile. Snort, even if such, is I rides you.” The Long Xueyi rebuttal said. Has the difference? Has the type to ride me now, Sir I will immediately certainly wipe out to castrate the child to ride to you, Ha Ha......” Has the matter to be all right to sexually harass this future Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor, is a big happy event in Shen Xiang life. little rascal, when the time comes I certainly ride you unable to stand.” Long Xueyi has not gotten angry, was only charmingly angry one. If because of here, Shen Xiang certainly will not make this semblance delightful, stature fiery white Female Dragon comes out, then occupies selects her convenient, Shen Xiang that long time has not broken a meatless fast , can only have the dozen of Long Xueyi's ideas at present. Long Huishan does not know when must be able to complete, Shen Xiang has not done other matters, although here is currently speaking safe, but he worried that can have the accident to occur. Well? How to have the bystander to come here? Only then has to ice Dragon Bloodline or has Ice Dragon Sword to come.” Has female male voice to appear near the Shen Xiang's ear together.

This frightens Shen Xiang fiercely stands, very looks at the four directions vigilantly, but anything had not actually discovered that he believes firmly he has not misunderstood, moreover that sound resounds in his Divine sea. How your humanity cultivates Divine Dao unexpectedly to be so fierce, tut tut, Sea Suppressing Bead!!” That sound also said. Who are you?” Shen Xiang inquired in Divine sea. I? I called Long Han, you? Strange little brat!” Long Han said. I called Shen Xiang, were you Ice Dragon?” Shen Xiang asked with amazement. Right, I am Ice Dragon, Ice Dragon is I, do you know? You gang up with my Long Family doll?” Long Han including saying with a smile. Shen Xiang truly very much wants to gang up with several, who made this Ice Dragon damage many human females, but he does not dare saying that can in with Ice Dragon to words, making him very excited, he does not want to anger this Long Han.