World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1118

Long Han he was a very fierce ancient times dragon, the one who stayed here was only his wisp of Divine sense, can see that he had not died, but where does not know now. Long Han can only see Shen Xiang Divine sea inside situation, does not know Long Xueyi this White Dragon on him, will otherwise be certainly more surprised. Where I can gang up with your Long Family female, but she gives me the face, making me shout that she for elder sister, she fuses your inheritance there.” Shen Xiang flexure the back of the head bucket was saying with a smile. You, although said that but I always think that you are very fierce, always felt that on you have the fierce thing, was only a pity that my main body here, cannot completely understand you.” Long Han said with a smile: Your person to my Long Family is helpful, I thank you!” Shen Xiang did not pull the daily family activity with this Long Han, something that the direct examination he wants to know: Senior, I want to ask you, in the Primal Chaos Mountain 26 valuable boxes are you take away? What thing does inside have?” Ah? do you know? Have you gone? Certainly is that Mountain Spirit tells you!” Long Han laughed: That place, only then descendant of these rebel influences can enter, should you not be descendant of these rebel influences?” Naturally is not, I mix! Had many matters there, finally we arrive there, because only then four valuable boxes, therefore had the dispute, but I get so far as three valuable boxes finally, but cannot open.” Shen Xiang sighed. The person who goes to be many, your unexpectedly can also get so far as three, the skill is not small! Can open with my Ice Dragon Sword scabbard, but needs a strength, in the past I also spent the big vigor to make this key, these valuable boxes are truly difficult to open.” Long Han said here, sighed: Truth told you, do not have the too high hope to valuable box inside thing, I used the big effort to make 26, but finally useless.” Do not attack me! What thing is?” In Shen Xiang heart one cool, that was he uses very big vigor to get so far as. Did not say, each valuable box inside thing was different, in brief in my eyes was not the good thing.” Long Han smiled: You open look, perhaps regarding you are the treasure.”

Shen Xiang relaxed, this Ice Dragon is formidable existence, does not enter his longan to be also normal. Senior, a matter, is the Ancient Fire Beast matter, I have seen him, he said that by a dragon to the pit, was stranded him, does not know that is Senior does?” Shen Xiang has considered, asked. Long Han suddenly has called out in alarm one: terrible, my unexpectedly this fellow forgetting!” The Shen Xiang corners of the mouth twitch, Ancient Fire Beast had not been put, unexpectedly had forgotten by this fellow, if told Ancient Fire Beast, it is estimated that big Fire Lion had gets angry. This fellow was very impulsive in the past, must look for some fierce fellow duel, but he had self-knowledge. Therefore first seeks for Earth Core Divine Fruit, wants to promote own strength with this thing, at that time I went with him.” Afterward also was really found by him, but I worried that he has eaten Earth Core Divine Fruit, will look for these fierce fellows, therefore I temporarily seal him, but behind I, because is busy at other matters, but also leaves Emperor Heaven, has forgotten this matter. If not you raises, I have not recalled to mind this matter!” Shen Xiang was speechless, he will not tell Ancient Fire Beast this matter absolutely personally, so as to avoid Ancient Fire Beast will burn the anger to him on, remembered Ancient Fire Beast to be stranded was so long, was for this reason, he cannot help but sympathized. Senior, where do you know Great Emperor of Ten Heavens tomb?” Shen Xiang bold inquiry this matter. Does not know that I had sought for his grave before, but had not found, this fellow is very cloudy! The words said that your this little brat what background, knows that many do link the matter that I soon forget?” Long Han is very curious.

This is White Tiger Senior tells me!” Shen Xiang did not fear that was known him and White Tiger relationship by Ice Dragon, moreover this can let little explain many things, if he must say that has not known how long must say. so that's how it is, has not thought that he is also living, if he also in Emperor Heaven, then he should be very natural! Which looks like me to go to this place, the including root onion is not, oh...... Fire Lion he will certainly thank my seal he, otherwise I turned to come here him in the past, he meets now scolds me to try several times every day.” Shen Xiang was shocked, this Ice Dragon in that place two onions not be considered as? Must know this Ice Dragon, but Great Emperor of Ten Heavens good friend, in the past years, although does not have the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens strength, but can being able to stand in line given name, unexpectedly reduce to this situation now! Shen Xiang guessed that should be a more higher world, regarding this he can only look, now his strength places Immortal World, but is the pad ballast, meets Immortal Monarch anything, he must clamp the tail running person. Were not many said that kept some strength to you! This in Ice Dragon Sword the seal some strength that I am keeping, if needs time, can summon this strength, naturally, can only use one time! What strength so long as is? Did not say, should suffice you to get through a difficult time!” Long Han heaved a deep sigh, in the sigh full was helpless, it seems like he passes now not pleasant, not like the former like that shook wind and cloud! Senior, I later will look your, although I have not seen you, but I can arrive at today, somewhat has your help.” Shen Xiang said. Has the words of desire to do better, comes! Here is the expert grave, but can also become by oneself a stronger place.” The Long Han sound vanishes in Shen Xiang's Divine sea gradually, Shen Xiang thoughts constantly welling up, he suspected that place that at this time Long Han is at now should be Primal Chaos World!

That side Long Huishan had the sound, wrapped that circular light cover on her becomes transparent, Shen Xiang can see by that light cover, Long Huishan unexpectedly presented one set of ice armor, as if the ice crystal casting, was beautiful, but actually did not lose aggressively, seemed very imposing. Long Han leaves his descendant not only to inherit, unexpectedly also has one set of very fierce ice armor. Outside the Long Huishan body is wrapping light covers vanished, can see her to put on one set of ice armor to sit on that dragon chair clearly, is similar to the empress is ordinary. She fuses the inheritance very rapidness of Ice Dragon, now can feel her clearly becomes very formidable! This is the Immortal King strength! Let Shen Xiang think that is similar to facing that Three Horned Dragon King is the same, an intermittent Dragon Qi leak, somewhat presses him to be uncomfortable! When Shen Xiang looks is lost in thought that Long Huishan opens the eye, in that pair of bright beautiful pupil passes the expert point that one cannot be concealing intermittently, she looks to the Shen Xiang's time, making Shen Xiang feel pressure very big!