World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1119

Long Huishan smiles to the Shen Xiang show face, the look becomes gentle nimble and resourceful, Ice Dragon armor also turned into one set of snow white long skirt, making her look like rises above worldly affairs elegantly simple. Scares to death me!” Shen Xiang he he smiled, has wiped the perspiration of forehead, whom changed to stare by strength strong expert, where with ease to will not go. Elder sister will not eat you, what do you fear?” Long Huishan smiles like the bell tenderly, her is happy. If no Shen Xiang here, she definitely is hard to restrain that threatening imposing manner now, certainly will immediately clash to seek for Long Song to revenge, certainly the elder who will go to Long Family slaughter completely these and Long Song colludes with. Shen Xiang suddenly thinks that Long Huishan obtains the inheritance of Ice Dragon, but Ice Dragon little has mentioned in the memory inheritance of Imperial Dragon Clan, does not have cultivation technique that Ice Dragon uses, if Long Huishan can pass on points these cultivation technique to him, he later will be also many fierce cultivation technique. Inheritance of Ice Dragon Elder Sister Long, you obtain, what fierce cultivation technique has?” Shen Xiang is thick the facial skin to ask, after all inquired that others' cultivation technique is not the polite matter. However Shen Xiang does not plan to take something for free, Long Xueyi had said the dragon majority are cultivate Spirit, therefore he can trade with Nine Turn Dragon God Technique, let alone Long Xueyi itself also wants to study Ice Dragon cultivation technique, although she is White Dragon, but she understood that uses other attribute cultivation technique. Has, do you want to study? I can teach to you!” Complying of Long Huishan straightforward, she has not regarded as Shen Xiang is a bystander, she also thought that Shen Xiang is the messenger who Ice Dragon sends, otherwise she can obtain the inheritance of Ice Dragon not to be smooth. Is called Icewind Divine Art......” This I had, has not thought that unexpectedly is Ice Dragon!” Shen Xiang exclaims, Liu Meng'er has passed to him this, but he has not studied, but lets the Bai Youyou study. Your unexpectedly understood that Icewind Divine Art...... another is called Frozen World theoretically frozen to live in anything, is formidable, our Long Family present cultivation technique according to this reorganization, but was too weak!”

Long Huishan thinks that said: Only then these two can teach to you, other needs to ice Dragon Bloodline to use...... Moreover needs Divine sea of ice, this was the cultivate Spirit thing, the elder sister I now is also a cultivate Spirit person.” Before Shen Xiang, guessed correctly that Long Huishan obtains the inheritance of Ice Dragon, certainly can become a cultivate Spirit person, he has not thought that this unexpectedly can inherit. Then Elder Sister Long does have cultivate Spirit cultivation technique?” Shen Xiang asked that if not, he passed to Long Huishan Nine Turn Dragon God Technique. Has, is called Nine Turn Dragon God Technique, but you need Divine Soul to be good, if humanity wants to practice Divine Soul to come to be difficult, if I do not obtain the inheritance of Ice Dragon first ancestor, does not know that must arrive at anything to be lord knows when good!” This Ice Dragon cultivates divine art method unexpectedly is also Nine Turn Dragon God Technique! This is Spirit Slaughtering Technique reorganizes, but Spirit Slaughtering Technique is extremely abstruse, Shen Xiang can grasp at present little, even if were past White Tiger and Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, is unable to excavate Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique inside essence to be at completely. You relax, I pass to you Frozen World this cultivation technique directly!” Long Huishan was saying, jade finger on the Shen Xiang's forehead, does not wait for the Shen Xiang preparation, directly passes on Frozen World cultivation technique. At this time, the Long Huishan surprised discovery, Shen Xiang unexpectedly had Divine sea, although compared with her small, but has actually congealed Sea Suppressing Bead, wrapped Divine Soul! After being discovered that making Shen Xiang somewhat awkward, cannot help but shameless red. Frozen World is very fierce, but Shen Xiang did not have the time to study now, moreover Long Huishan sharply is also going back to revenge.

actually you are also cultivate Spirit!” Sees Shen Xiang to blush, Long Huishan ridicules saying: „The secret that on you hides are really many, relax, the elder sister will not blame your.” Shen Xiang has hit, said: I planned passes to you Nine Turn Dragon God Technique, who knows that you had.” You have helped my these many, I give you Frozen World this cultivation technique at all am not anything, toward do not go at heart, said again, we who with whom!” Long Huishan smiles, then sister such, has pinched the Shen Xiang's face likely. Shen Xiang said with a smile: We a bit faster exit now, I know that the elder sister you could not wait to ask these bastards to revenge.” Long Huishan is very anxious, her hastily is drawing Shen Xiang, arrives on the wall of main hall, the jade palm pastes in the wall, releases very strong ice cold here, saw only dodges door suddenly to open, here unexpectedly had a secret door! Enters the secret door, is very long passage, but after Long Huishan obtains the inheritance of Ice Dragon, the strength and speed have the leaping promotion, is drawing Shen Xiang in passage crazy, Shen Xiang thought that this was gentle good Long Huishan, now turned into mother fierce dragon, the whole body was passing thick murderous aura. This secret door is Long Huishan from that Ice Dragon inheritance knew that moreover she also knows that some Ice Dragon secrets, these are equal to inheriting the memory are the same, she Shen Xiang was going out of Dragon Cave on pulling quickly, arrives above on Dragon Cave that summit! Those who let them not think, Long Song unexpectedly has the person to defend outside! Sees Long Huishan suddenly to appear on the Dragon Cave above summit, Long Song as well as several old man have revealed the panic-stricken color. Can live coming out from Dragon Cave, only then a possibility, that obtained the inheritance of Ice Dragon, although this is Legend, but Long Family has believed in firmly, so long as approaches Dragon Cave, their these have to ice the Dragon Bloodline person, majority can feel the summon from Dragon Cave deep place.

Long Huishan appeared, moreover at this time from her aura, the strength has very big promotion, she looks angrily under this group of people, in the heart is welling up anger, her father and brothers heartlessly is killed by this group of people. Long Song is a grandiose middle age of whole face beard, wears golden armor, grasps two formidable black great axes, although in his heart somewhat dreaded that obtains Ice Dragon inheritance Long Huishan, but he must Long Huishan except that otherwise Long Family Patriarch this position he has no way to hold on to your hat. Kills!” Long Song drinks low and deep, turns into together glossily, flickers to check arrives at Long Huishan to be stronger, that pair of broken mountain Jufu is also smuggling simultaneously greatly strengthened strength, crazy fierce dividing chops, the entire sheet ice was shaken immediately crushes, every large or small ice pieces were shaken jump to get up. After Long Huishan Shen Xiang flings the distant place, the body white light dodges, that wrap aggressive ice armor appears, then waves vigorously, on firm ice armor with arm sweeps fiercely, strikes that the attack to the great axe, that strength that releases, almost shakes the Long Song great axe to let go to fly, then also tied to the great axe on completely incorruptible! You walk, here I can deal with!” Long Huishan to Shen Xiang sound transmission, that several powerful old man, attacked at this time toward Long Huishan, the sword is uneven, from four sides converging attack. Some people who surrounds below knows unable to meddle, is far away from the battlefield, but they actually note Shen Xiang to sneak off.