World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1120
Sees Shen Xiang to sneak off now, these follow the person who Long Song comes, thinks that the Shen Xiang's strength is not much, but is a luck good fellow, can draw out Ice Dragon Sword, then enters Dragon Cave with Long Huishan brazen-faced and shameless, it is estimated that is also Long Huishan protects him to live all the way now. But they see Long Huishan not to use Ice Dragon Sword, knows that Ice Dragon Sword also in Shen Xiang's, they think that Long Huishan possibly cannot draw out Ice Dragon Sword, therefore pursued toward Shen Xiang immediately. This group of idiots pursued really! If the father wants to run away, you eight legs cannot overtake me!” In the Shen Xiang heart is laughing in one's heart. Long Huishan has battled with Long Song and the others, Long Song is Immortal King, but that several old man are existences of close Immortal King, even if so, Long Huishan also slightly were in the upper hand. They are Long Family expert, the use is the ice cold strength, now battles, raises the intermittent terror the cold wind, is similar to the ice skates is ordinary, sweeps across the Dragon Cave surrounding area thousand li(500 km)! In them has two is the Long Song son, you carefully, although does not have Long An that strength, but is very hard to deal with.” Long Huishan has to be worried about Shen Xiang, although she knows that the Shen Xiang's method are many, but Shen Xiang more than ten is being surrounded now personally, these people is a Long Family young generation of skilled person. You deal with that several fellows relieved, does not need to be worried my!” Shen Xiang saw to surround in his person, several are the Immortal ranks, other crossed the Nirvana eight tribulations. After Shen Xiang has put out Ice Dragon Sword, wild cold wind unexpectedly that this howls has avoided him, he has not thought that Ice Dragon Sword unexpectedly has this strength. „Do you want to besiege together?” Shen Xiang shouted: Has to plant comes, if in this case, you snatch my Ice Dragon Sword not to have any use!” Wait / Etc.!” A black clothed man drinks these to think that the fight person, could see his power and influence is very big, can deter these people.

Ice Dragon Sword is Sacred Level dragon tool, intelligence definitely has! If you can directly and honestly defeats me, Ice Dragon Sword naturally can submit you, but if to bully few, if I died, then Ice Dragon Sword will also go along with me!” Shen Xiang said with a sneer: You chase down my this peon, not for Ice Dragon Sword? Does not fear to tell you, Miss Dragon can enter Dragon Cave, depends upon this Ice Dragon Sword, moreover in Dragon Cave also many treasures!” So long as can obtain Ice Dragon Sword, can pass and out Dragon Cave at will!” If before, nobody believes the Shen Xiang's bullshit, but Long Huishan obtains the inheritance of Ice Dragon first ancestor in Dragon Cave now, forcing Long Song and several elders, letting the person have to believe that because before them, thinks that by the Long Huishan strength, is hard to enter the Dragon Cave deep place, because they are not good! After Long Huishan has one to draw out the Ice Dragon Sword peon to go, succeeded! Shen Xiang said that in now Dragon Cave also has the treasure, this is the most attractive thing, the treasure that the Ice Dragon first ancestor leaves behind, is unpriced! I and you hit, Ice Dragon Sword is the thing that the Ice Dragon first ancestor leaves behind, I with strength certificate, only then I match to have him!” That black clothed man said with ease, a palm of the hand can extinguish Shen Xiang very probably. The cold wind was weaker, Long Huishan and Long Song they hit are hitting, went to the distant place, surrounded the Shen Xiang's people to disperse, lets that male and competition of Shen Xiang directly and honestly. Long Yi, a bit faster solves him, then we enter Dragon Cave, so as to avoid when the time comes must with that several old fellow differences.” Nearby urged with the man. Long Yi is ready to fight, contemptuously looks at Shen Xiang: He has Ice Dragon Sword, I can also overthrow him with ease, looks at his aura, crossed the Nirvana six tribulations, can fierce?” This Long Yi is also very cloudy, just started a very casual appearance, but following instance, actually fierce like tiger, holds a big sword to rush ahead.

This is Immortal, Shen Xiang, even though is fierce, has very big disparity on strength, this disparity is hard to make up, but he draws out Ice Dragon Sword, meets the approaching enemy. dāng dāng dāng! Shen Xiang has struck several Ice Dragon Sword with the Long Yi big sword junction with that the both arms were shaken tingling pain by opposite party that powerful strength, making him feel the skeleton on own arm to split probably was the same, but Long Yi was very relaxed, but on his big sword was covering incorruptible some. Worthily is Ice Dragon Sword, in fight, unexpectedly can let in the body that very intense cold air invasion copes with, was only a pity that your strength is too weak, if you have my such strength, that several I already was iced a moment ago, Ice Dragon Sword was my!” Long Yi laughs wildly one, the double hand-held sword, the instantaneous flash to Shen Xiang above, chops to chop vigorously, that speed and strength arrived at his peak. In nearby person in exclaiming in surprise Ice Dragon Sword fierce simultaneously, in secret panic-stricken in the Long Yi strength, especially this sword chops, in this several Immortal think one cannot receive. Ha Ha......” Long Yi laughs, because thinks that this sword can certainly Shen Xiang shaking the wound, then can assassinate Shen Xiang. When the people hope Shen Xiang killed that moment arrives, the Long Yi laughing wildly sound stops suddenly, on the face also full is shocking! The Shen Xiang corners of the mouth go up slightly, suddenly wields a sword to puncture, how that sword must make people unable quickly to see clearly him to use the sword, previous quarter Shen Xiang is also grasping sword silly standing there, but following instance, then actually pricked in the sword the throat of Long Yi, but the Long Yi big sword also chops, although chops on the Shen Xiang's shoulder, but has not actually chopped in the meat! People one startled, the body cannot help but trembles, this was really too strange, Long Yi peak struck, unexpectedly has not made people of Nirvana six tribulations see the blood, instead was also pierced the throat!

The cold strength that Ice Dragon Sword releases, rushes the whole body from the throat of Long Yi, the blood and skeleton instantaneously frozen! Overreaches oneself!” The Shen Xiang arm shakes, heat is steaming, is bringing fierce flame strength, hits in the Long Yi dantian, Universe Fire enters the body of Long Yi, but these ice cold strength also strangely by these flame absorptions, become more violent, several instantaneously Long Yi firing ashes. In Ice Dragon Sword also remainingly has Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison, had drilled into a point to the body of Long Yi in a moment ago, when Long Yi initiates strength of whole body, making Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison spread rapidly, causing following strength suddenly to be anaesthetized, was pierced the throat by Shen Xiang! Too weird, if personally does not see, the nearby person does not believe Long Yi unexpectedly was such massacred, the skeleton not saves, moreover he is the Long Song son! You...... Leave alone Ice Dragon Sword, kills this weird fellow.” Other Long Song son shouted, is holding the long sword, with one group of people toward the Shen Xiang rush in the past.