World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1121
Shen Xiang sees this crowd of person merit to come together, immediately treads Earth Shrinking Step to run off, in this group of people have several is the Immortal rank, moreover his Ice Dragon Sword did not have Intoxicating Spirit Powder immediately, with the Devil Decaying Death Qi words, will be discovered very much easily, even if these people are poisoned, but suddenly will not die, instead can also run away, when the time comes will harm Long Huishan. Following person pursues, while is attacking, raises the true strength air wave, avoidance that Shen Xiang dodges, was is almost hit each time. This group of fellows......” Shen Xiang feel very annoyed, he releases several illusory images immediately, seems like exactly the same as his true body, making these illusory images separate to run . Moreover the speed is quick. These chased down the Shen Xiang's person to be scared, Shen Xiang ran is running unexpectedly to turn into six, this made them not know that which should pursue! Pursues separatedly!” This group of people were not many, only then ten, separate after now, only then 2-3 people of one group, Shen Xiang settles on a squad not to have the person of Immortal strength, the direct shuttle space to behind of these people, puts out Ice Dragon Sword, punctures fiercely! That brushes, is dozens swords punctures, this sudden attack, making that three people not expect, the body was punctured the hornet's nest all of a sudden! Afterward Shen Xiang follows a model, looks for these have separated the person attack specially, short several instances, when these people just responded, strikes to kill the goal! The present is the remaining three Immortal strengths, they discovered that they by Shen Xiang after the illusory image has played, angry, sits in Daoist meditation Shen Xiang to run over! But Shen Xiang emits ten illusory images, that three Immortal cannot induce the aura, does not know that which real, does not know that which should pursue, but looks like each likely real. Pursues is not, does not pursue is not, when these three people are shocked, these illusory images already distant place, but Shen Xiang also nearby them, but turned into a stone.

Do not separate, this fellow was too strange! His strength definitely is inferior to us, otherwise he already attacked me!” The Long Song son said that the strength not strong person, in had been killed by Shen Xiang a moment ago, but Shen Xiang to their fight, has not had scruples their strengths obviously. Shen Xiang truly very much wants to massacre these three people, his strength is insufficient, if attacks, cannot achieve absolutely strikes to kill, but might also be counter-attacked by these three people, only if he will use Primal Chaos Fire Token, but will waste Primal Chaos Fire Token to be unworthy on these three fellows together. I have the means!” Long Xueyi suddenly said. „It is not good, I do not want to borrow your strength, borrows each time, I am very uncomfortable!” Shen Xiang said. Does not borrow my strength, is I goes into action personally, I want their anchorage, wins the little time to you, you can cut them!” Long Xueyi said. Like this?” Shen Xiang somewhat was worried that Long Xueyi is precious White Dragon, she has hidden is not daring to come out, was worried that will be discovered. Did not fear, quick good!” Long Xueyi said: I although now does not have very strong strength, words that but must travel, you also compare me.” Good, you are careful!” Shen Xiang has been ready. After Long Xueyi has complied with one, immediately turns into a white light, points on that invisible Hidden Jade Ring to fly to shoot from him, turns into a white thick rope, ties down that three people! Her strength was very strong, at this time exhausts complete strength to tie up these three Immortal not to have the issue, can help Shen Xiang win the time! That three Immortal felt when suddenly has formidable strength closely to restrain them, lets he is unable to replace, the complexion changes suddenly!

Shen Xiang sees Long Xueyi to go well, immediately the shuttle space appears in side of these three people, at once calls Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, is cutting horizontally to that three people, although these three person protective armor of release strength to prevent, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade that but destroys the hardest defenses chops chopped the past time, is similar to cuts the bean curd to be the same, looked at all of a sudden these three people of heads! Shouted...... Died of exhaustion me!” Long Xueyi hastily runs back in Hidden Jade Ring, but Shen Xiang is also sweating profusely, he can feel these three Immortal within the body condense a moment ago clearly three terror strength, if Long Xueyi cannot support, perhaps he had been struck to fly. Shen Xiang had finished up, but that side Long Huishan does not have, great war is very intense, the trim icefield was ruined, Shen Xiang does not dare to approach, was worried that will be implicated, so as to avoid implicates Long Huishan! He is very confident to Long Huishan, moreover he acts according to that aura that transmits from the distant place to induce obtains, the Long Huishan imposing manner must press Long Song they, as soon as plans, moreover Long Song they have been short of two people! Shen Xiang waited for patiently three double-hour, see only Long Huishan to graze gently from the distant place, ice armor has to be many breakage, splashes many blood, although her complexion is thin and pale, but actually full is the excited color, in her hand is also raising persons head, that is Long Song persons head! „Are you all right?” Shen Xiang and Long Huishan simultaneously start to talk asked. After asking, they have smiled, but Long Huishan smiled somewhat miserably, although she can cut to kill Long Song, although she was Immortal King, was powerful, but she actually cannot let her family member resurrect! Long Huishan receives that bloody persons head, said: I rested to restore, we return to Sacred City!” Um!”

Long Huishan and Shen Xiang arrive in secluded small valley, Long Huishan received that ice armor, although damaged, but can actually the repair, was quite fierce protective armor. Since obtaining the inheritance of Ice Dragon, Long Huishan whole person becomes must very greatly, like that was not only one looks like the gentle good female like before, now she becomes maturity, the whole person was steadier, the whole body was passing an imposing manner of gang of King, this was Immortal King unique! However she to Shen Xiang such, is merry, is very gentle, like to own younger brother such. Returns to Long Family, definitely also some people refuse to accept, moreover must eliminate few people.” The Long Huishan look becomes very ice-cold, initially her family member was killed, many people participate, she 11 bears in mind. This matter Shen Xiang has been unalarmed by strange sights, to compete for the highest authority, the brothers quarrel becomes enemies anything are very normal, although Immortal King, but if can become Long Family Patriarch, controls the huge family, can be obtained the massive practice resources by oneself, is the best way of expert fast promotion strength. Sacred City, in this still guards sternly, the person who because kills the Sacred Dan World supervisior had not found, that matter Shen Xiang does, but now he has Long Huishan to support, he thought that if he participates in the inspection, definitely some people will not create difficulties.