World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1122

After entering Sacred City, Long Huishan comes all the way, is very noticeable, initially she left, that shop that she is at has caught fire . Moreover the matter that Long Song seizes power was also known by the entire Sacred City person, Long Song also personally goes into action to chase down Long Huishan, but has not come back. But now Long Huishan actually came back, moreover is walking swaggering on the avenue, the body that Immortal King imposing manner, shakes the person of street unable to say including the words, that terrifying restraining by force, has made many people know that Long Huishan obtained Ice Dragon to keep Dragon Cave inside inheritance! Long Huishan became Immortal King, is female Immortal King! This news vibrates entire Sacred City immediately, vibrates here Sacred Dan World! Generally Long Family Immortal King was called as Dragon King, but has never had female Dragon King, therefore Long Huishan at this time is Long Family first female Dragon King, is first female Patriarch! Shen Xiang has also become famous, although he plans very low-key, but Long Huishan wants him to enter a city with her actually, moreover guarantees his exposed status, will not make others move him. Naturally, what Shen Xiang uses is another appearance, but some people recognize him are but draws out the Ice Dragon Sword person, many people guessed immediately that Long Huishan can obtain the inheritance of Ice Dragon, has the possibility with drawing out Ice Dragon Sword is related, otherwise for many years, Dragon Cave inside inheritance already did not exist. The Long Family entrance, many people just heard this matter, is terrified-looking, when Long Huishan arrives at that entrance front, saw many people to run flustered. Sees these facial features, the Long Huishan brow micro pressed, the jade palm wields, sees only an ice arrow to fly to shoot, all pricks in the throats of these people, these people with the person of Long Song revolting, Long Huishan will not make them live. After entering Long Family, already ten old man trembling places welcomed in inside, because Long Huishan may be extraordinary now, was not only female Dragon King, but also obtained the inheritance of Ice Dragon Master Ancestor, that Long Song and several powerful elders have not come back, thinks that was killed! Long Huishan sits in the hall on the Patriarch dragon chair of head, lost several persons head, was Long Song and that several elders! I know that initially you did not help my father, was coerced, you have your difficulties, I can forgive you! But is willing with the Long Song together person, I have killed, I now am Long Family Patriarch, I will not be will ruin Long Family, but must continue to promote Long Family, after this, must the exhausted fellow elders!”

But, if some people are disloyal to Long Family, or wants to study Long Song such, then I thought that will execute summarily!” The Long Huishan words frighten several old man whole bodies to sweat, initially they were because had the family in Long Song . Moreover the strength was also inferior to Long Song, even if lent a hand to assist, will be killed, they also felt regarding this matter very guilty, now Long Huishan puts them, touching them, they had decided that later pledged to fight to the death to follow this female Dragon King! In the Shen Xiang heart is sighing with emotion secretly, these old man once were Long Huishan Senior, but after Long Huishan had the strength, Long Huishan, when the ancestor treated equally, this world was the strength is supreme! Long Huishan now was Long Family Patriarch, but she actually did not handle the Long Family trivial matters, gives these elders, only then some serious matters needed her to make the decision-making, when or had the powerful person provocative Long Family, she will go into action. Shen Xiang now in Long Family, but honored guest, moreover many privileges, even if these old man must be respectful to him, naturally, this also causes in some people hearts to envy, but actually does not dare to speak. Because Long Huishan like before is not a delicate female, no one dares to provoke. Tomorrow evening other three respected families, as well as the people of some big influences can congratulate me become new Patriarch, do you participate?” Long Huishan asked. Shen Xiang lives with Long Huishan in the same house now, Long Family is a giant mountain village, inside garden are innumerable, the region that but only Long Huishan is at alerts sternly, only then the small number of people can pass and out freely. Does not go, so as to avoid being recognized!” Shen Xiang said. Now he with own appearance, but this is also the Long Huishan request, what because Long Huishan wants to have a look at him to grow, but after looking, Long Huishan does not want to make him change the appearance again, said that he looks like very pleasing to the eyes.

Doesn't go really? Now the evening will definitely have many beautiful women, don't you want to take a look?” Long Huishan said with a smile tenderly, on the face full was the color of ambiguous. Does not have the elder sister again beautifully your beautiful, so long as can see you, I thought that sufficed!” Shen Xiang said with a smile smart-alecky. Mouth is really sweet, you are busy your! herbs that you want, I will make the person help you select quickly well!” Long Huishan eats smiles, left this dwelling. Shen Xiang enters in a secret room, asked: dragon brat, you good? Several days, hadn't you restored?” Now is good, but has eaten, digests the present.” Long Xueyi has hit a yawn, just awoke likely such. Shen Xiang currently finally has the opportunity to turn on the valuable box, altogether three valuable boxes, he uses Primal Chaos Spirit Eye unable to see inside has anything, has to choose one casually. Because after turning on a valuable box, will be consumed in Ice Dragon Sword inside strength, needs to supplement that can open once more, Long Xueyi has said that the words that must supplement, need very long a period of time to be good. Has consumed Ice Dragon Sword strength, can summon Ice Dragon? The fellow had said this can summon his clone to come out sword.” After Shen Xiang was worried to open the valuable box, this discarded the sword. Naturally, outside the body of Ice Dragon the incarnation on the seal in this sword, you need the time, so long as lifted the sword to summon that's alright!” Long Xueyi said: Prepares, waits for me to lend you strength!”

Each time after and Long Xueyi's strength fuses, Shen Xiang will feel is painful, but this did not have the means solution, Shen Xiang also only to endure. Ice Dragon blesses, surely maybe any pit father's thing!” In the Shen Xiang heart is meditating, actually he worried very much Ice Dragon has opened these three valuable boxes, then put the thing to go in immediately, if were really this, he immediately outside the incarnation the body of Ice Dragon will certainly summon, then gave scolding his. He has put out a valuable box, then inserts in Ice Dragon Sword that hole, to Long Xueyi shouted: Starts!” Long Xueyi pours into strength the Shen Xiang's body, feels strength that Long Xueyi releases to attack in his body, his revolving Ice Dragon Sword, sees only the Ice Dragon Sword scabbard glittering to leave golden light vigorously immediately, letting him on the clear visible scabbard these tiny spirit pattern.