World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1123

Shen Xiang's strength fast is draining, when he hears kā chā, he and Long Xueyi's strength also completely exhausts, but the Ice Dragon Sword scabbard immediately becomes gloomy, he sits down exhausted in the ground, bites including in air/Qi Divine Pill in mouth. Finally opened!” After Shen Xiang eats up is mad Divine Pill, after strength restored some, draws out Ice Dragon Sword, sees only the Ice Dragon Sword cold air to vanish, seems is similar to an ordinary iron sword, really drained many strength. Then hits the time of Kaibao box, Shen Xiang, Long Xueyi, Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao were very excited, experience thousand Xin, they opened finally a valuable box! Shen Xiang deep breath several tones, then slowly hit the Kaibao box, only saw in the valuable box to lie down a gray iron hammer! Shen Xiang was shocked immediately! Take risks to enter Primal Chaos Mountain, almost cuts to kill Holy Dragon Crown Prince in, but also played cloudy with Taiyuan Dean, was almost killed by Dragon Emperor, after these many danger(ous) matters, got so far as this valuable box, inside unexpectedly was a hammer! Your younger sister! This iron hammer is not that type of overwhelming power aggressive big iron hammer, casually looks for that iron hammer that the blacksmith's shop can look, when Shen Xiang takes up the iron hammer, stares! This iron hammer is very heavy is very heavy, is much heavier than Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, this makes him immediately excited, although he has not known that this iron hammer is any thing, but currently speaking, definitely is not ordinary thing, at least does not have the pit father! „It is not the ordinary iron hammer, the words when I fully restore, could take!” Shen Xiang the whole body is painful at this time, this borrows the Long Xueyi strength reason, a moment ago to hit the Kaibao box consumed strength, but strength a little, but actually raised the motionless this iron hammer. But this valuable box is also very surprising, because he holds this valuable box to be relaxed, when grasps valuable box inside iron hammer directly, actually radically raises the motionless iron hammer, now he understands why Ice Dragon initially had said these valuable boxes were very difficult to open. „It is not the thing of cheating, this is the good thing, but does not know that is what iron hammer? In brief very fierce that's it!” Long Xueyi has nosed carefully, is not disappointed.

Shen Xiang lacerates the finger, drop of blood on this black iron hammer, but does not have any effect, can see this is not magic treasure, is a hammer. After a double-hour, Shen Xiang restored, him has been able to mention this iron hammer at this time reluctantly, to wield, he must use Dragon Force! This hammer was too fierce!” The Shen Xiang complexion slightly changed: Inside has terrifying fire attribute strength, suddenly is very hot!” This makes him have to return in that valuable box immediately. Can make me use fire attribute True Qi to be more relaxed?” Shen Xiang has tried, this time he only uses fire attribute Vermilion Bird True Qi, but is not relaxed, but cannot feel this hammer inside quantity of heat. I thought that may be that thing!” Su Meiyao said that her sound is having an unbelievable expression. What thing?” Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi hastily asked. Divine Craftsman's Hammer! Once forged the Four Beast's Divine Weapons thing!” Bai Youyou said: Our Master had mentioned a secret with us, has about this hammer!” Su Meiyao then said: This Divine Craftsman's Hammer does not know that makes with any material quality, wonderful heavy incomparable, moreover is fire attribute, is firm, it is said in the past was that Divine Craftsman weapon!” Shen Xiang swallows the saliva, the hammer that Divine Craftsman uses, unexpectedly in his hands, moreover is a common thing!

Four Beast's Divine Weapons is this hammer hits, Shen Xiang some are unbelievable! You have the Vermilion Bird Soul Bow blueprint, currently also has this hammer, you later have the opportunity to make Vermilion Bird Soul Bow, collects Four Beast's Divine Weapons!” Bai Youyou said. Once more Shen Xiang makes an effort takes this hammer, his suddenly has with this hammer knocks the impulsion of others head, does he want to know a hammer past might very much big? Although Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade is fierce, can change various appearances, but is whatever, is that the high-sounding talk, but this hammer is different, is the home travels absolutely, kills and torches, play the pig to eat the tiger excellent sharp weapon! With the Dragon Force words, should be able to wield, but will be slower!” Shen Xiang starts to lift with this hammer now, exercises strength of arm, he must be able to adapt to this in the short time the fierce iron hammer, this will be he from now on the sharp weapon of cloudy person. Shen Xiang stayed entire the day in the secret room, and has eaten up pill of various stronging and healthy body, in short in one day, he has been able not to use Dragon Force, can wield this reluctantly the iron hammer, before he can only take. little brat, the convenient words come out, the elder sister has the matter to look for you!” Long Huishan knocks on a door outside, Shen Xiang remembers that now should be other three respected families some influences has given the Long Huishan congratulation the evening banquet. Shen Xiang remembers itself to forget that took herbs, his hastily went out of the secret room. What matter?” Shen Xiang asked that Long Huishan saw his whole body is the perspiration, knew him in practice. Some fellows must see Ice Dragon Sword, especially that Sacred Dragon Mountain fellow, was blaming me to give the bystander Ice Dragon Sword probably.” On the Long Huishan face is bringing anger: That Sacred Dragon Mountain fellow is very repugnant, before my father they were killed, this group of fellows were concerned with that in watches the fun at the same time, but after I kill Long Song them, they blamed me to be cruel and merciless, killed one another anything.”

Long Huishan comes to narrate her suffering from injustice to Shen Xiang obviously, because she, only then in front of Shen Xiang's, has the tender feelings of beforehand that female. What thing is Sacred Dragon Mountain?” Shen Xiang hears Holy Dragon these two characters, has an inexplicable repugnancy, Long Xueyi is also same as him. Is Holy Dragon [lineage/vein] Long Family, they are the same with us, is humanity, but within the body has the Holy Dragon bloodlines, thinks that is higher than us, moreover their strengths are very strong, is only they are not exuberant like our Ice Dragon [lineage/vein] person, otherwise they will also construct a big influence, but evidently they want to annex us now!” Long Huishan somewhat angry said: Has angered me, tonight slaughters!” In the past the Primal Chaos Mountain hidden treasure matter, Holy Dragon [lineage/vein] definitely had the share, will therefore leave leeway the bloodlines here! Isn't has a look at Ice Dragon Sword? Let them take a look at that's it, if dares to snatch, cuts their hands.” Shen Xiang said: I all of a sudden, I wash the body.” Wants the elder sister to help you wash?” Long Huishan said with a smile charmingly. Wants!” Shen Xiang is thick the facial skin to nod. A bit faster washes, that group of fellows wait to look at Ice Dragon Sword! Waits to have the time next time, I help you wash again, look at your this appearance, is really little rascal!” Long Huishan blushing charmingly angry [say / way]. If next, the elder sister you must wash with me!” Shen Xiang very earnestly said. Do not be loquacious, goes quickly!” Long Huishan turns head to leave.