World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1124

Shen Xiang somewhat is worried about that Ice Dragon Sword, because was just used to turn on the valuable box by him, inside strength drains cleanly, at this time him is flushing the body, while grasps in the hand, transports strength to Ice Dragon Sword. Not long, Ice Dragon Sword had some ice cold air/Qi, at least did not look like like the former that dregs, if must restore to before, he must transport strength to be good with long time. Shen Xiang arrives at that Holy Dragon building with Long Huishan, Shen Xiang when the road knew, this Holy Dragon building initially named, because the person request of that Sacred Dragon Mountain on the scene names by this, therefore has this name. Now a Long Huishan female grasped big Long Family, making the Sacred Dragon Mountain person be jealous is also very normal, later also will perhaps have much troublesome. third layer of hotel, sits one crowd to wear the magnificent and expensive person, everybody has, they see Long Huishan to bring Shen Xiang, knows that tonight can look to see Ice Dragon Sword of sheath with own eyes. „Has Ice Dragon Sword given this person?” Wore golden magnificently dressed middle-aged coldly to sweep Shen Xiang one, a face was not dry, Ice Dragon Sword was he stared at for a long time thing. Does not give, delivers! This is no one can pull out Ice Dragon Sword, the talented person line of only then with Ice Dragon Sword being predestined friends, clouds that Young Master and Ice Dragon Sword are predestined friends, can draw out Ice Dragon Sword with ease, therefore I give to him, this on the same day I have also promised him! This so, I can depend upon saying that Young Master enters the Dragon Cave deep place, obtains the inheritance of Ice Dragon first ancestor!” Although the Long Huishan sound is very friendly, but everyone hears in her voice to have the extreme unhappiness, likely is a warning! Must know that [gold/metal] clothes middle age of a moment ago speaking but Sacred Dragon Mountain second expert, Long Huishan dares such to him, making him very not happy now, in his eyes, Long Huishan is little girl! This fellow called Long De, was Sacred Dragon Mountain second expert, you must be careful some him, looked at his look, he must plan under the dark hand probably to you!” Long Huishan gives Shen Xiang sound transmission. Shen Xiang has put out Ice Dragon Sword, he was called, to demonstrate Ice Dragon Sword, he does not want to stay is too long, in order to avoid the exposed status.

Long De arrives around Shen Xiang, stares at that Ice Dragon Sword saying: Pulls out to be predestined friends? If then I do pull out?” Shen Xiang said: Your strength is so formidable, naturally can pull out!” Long De turns around to wave to a [gold/metal] clothes youth, said: This is my nephew, Long Zhiyong, is my elder brother's son, he also just crossed Nirvana Ninth Tribulation, becomes Immortal, should be able to try!” Sacred Dragon Mountain first expert son! Although just became Human Immortal, but strength will not be definitely weak, looked at Sacred Dragon Mountain this stance, wants Ice Dragon Sword. Gives him, you and Ice Dragon have talked, outside the body of Ice Dragon the incarnation only recognizes you and Long Huishan, you wait to look at his lose face!” Long Xueyi said. Although Long Zhiyong is the son of Sacred Dragon Mountain master, but does not have that type of arrogant air/Qi, on a handsome face is having the light smile, profound both eyes are full of the brilliant ray, understood at a glance that he and these playboys are different. This person is good at hiding itself very much, shrewd will very be deep, in the future surely is a character!” This is Shen Xiang gives the appraisal of Long Zhiyong. I explained beforehand, if had problems do not blame me, because of drawing a sword, but the death person may be many.” Long Huishan said seriously. If the wisdom can pull out, can give him Ice Dragon Sword?” Long De is very probably confident. Naturally will give to him! Then!” Shen Xiang very optional has thrown Ice Dragon Sword.

That Long Zhiyong is excited immediately, because he hid many strengths, making others look like he is only just stepped into Immortal Realm Human Immortal, actually he is Immortal Monarch! He thinks that he definitely has the strength to draw out Ice Dragon Sword, moreover their Holy Dragon [lineage/vein] have to restrain Ice Dragon secret method. But they do not know that this had very big change Ice Dragon Sword, inside is hiding outside the body of Ice Dragon the incarnation, was activated by Ice Dragon! Long Zhiyong grabs the scabbard at this time, felt that the ice cold strength continually wells up, making him use the strength of resistance Holy Dragon immediately, afterward he is grasping the sword hilt, pulls out slowly, but just revealed sword blade, an intense ice cold strength changes explodes to well up, drills into his body fiercely! „......” Long Zhiyong is startled to shout one, has to use the true strength to go to the protection against the cold, otherwise his both arms will ruin by freezing! Long De is also surprised, hastily goes forward one step, a palm pats that Ice Dragon Sword, then the palm according to the arm of Long Zhiyong, transports the strength of his Holy Dragon, helping Long Zhiyong drive out the cold air. Shen Xiang picks Ice Dragon Sword, curls the lip saying: „It is not bashful, added a moment ago one are Human Immortal, but this aura is actually the Immortal Monarch rank, has not thought that the solemn Sacred Dragon Mountain person such is not concerned about face.” When Long Zhiyong used strength of the strongest Holy Dragon a moment ago, expert on the scene can look that in the heart secretly despised this Sacred Dragon Mountain person, but he does not dare to say anything. However, Long Huishan actually very angry! Her beautiful face at this time full is the cold frost, eyes projects the genuine cold air, making that Long Zhiyong cannot help but whole body tremble. You dare to deceive me!” Long Huishan is gripping tightly the fist, drinks one severely: Hurries to give me get lost!”

Long De was shouted and wrangled to shout them to get the hell out by such little girl, making him be angry immediately: Long Huishan, do not think that you were Immortal King, was insufferably arrogant, my good and bad was also your elder!” Long Huishan coldly said: Long Song is also my elder, but was his head different also sheared by me? Believes me to be also same to be able your to cut?” Sees this Long Huishan this Qi Shi, expert that surrounds has gawked staring, this little girl unexpectedly has such might, dares to say these words to Sacred Dragon Mountain second expert, making in their hearts exclaim in surprise. The Long Huishan very repugnant Sacred Dragon Mountain person, the Sacred Dragon Mountain person has wanted to annex Long Family, she suspected that Long Song can kill her father successfully, has this Sacred Dragon Mountain to be up to mischief in the back. Shen Xiang also listened to Long Huishan to mention a moment ago, Long Family can very low price sell something to give Sacred Dragon Mountain every year, this gives on Sacred Dragon Mountain in disguised form the tribute! Disrespects to the elder, today I must teach you well!” Long De has gotten angry, fights with the fists to Long Huishan, his unexpectedly plan and this new Long Family Patriarch become enemies! Today is to celebrate Long Family new Patriarch takes office, some people provoke are Long Huishan are also expected, she thought that this happen to sets up the prestige to her! The fist hits to Long Huishan time, the people only felt that cold air raids, saw only Long Huishan like the lightning, the flash held the fist of Long De, a thick ice frozen lived in the hand of Long De immediately, that matter thick ice also fast spread to the arm of Long De!