World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1125
What elder do you calculate? My Ice Dragon [lineage/vein] and your Holy Dragon [lineage/vein] at all are not the same [lineage/vein], why do you teach me? On your this strength, you have not matched!” The Long Huishan ice-cold sound covers the entire hall with intermittent cold air, she holds the fist of Long De, fierce twists, kā chā, Long De was turned into the ice sludge by frozen arm unexpectedly, falls in the ground, an arm such did not have! This Long De in great surprise, the complexion changes, hastily is far away from Long Huishan. Goes back to tell your elder brother, my Long Family no longer will sell the resources by very low price from now on the future to you, you, if dares to provoke again my Ice Dragon [lineage/vein], I will extinguish your Sacred Dragon Mountain!” Long Huishan has referred to that stairway, said: Does not have to kill heart while me, you go!” In the Long De heart is very angry, but actually does not dare to say anything again, helping up that by Ice Dragon Sword frostbite Long Zhiyong, hastily to be left the Holy Dragon building. Long Huishan calls people to trade immediately the signboard of Holy Dragon building, changes into the Ice Dragon building, she has had no consideration for face with Sacred Dragon Mountain thoroughly, if no tonight this matter, she to let Long Family stabilized, will also continue with the Sacred Dragon Mountain cooperation, but Sacred Dragon Mountain bullied her head to come, she cannot endure. Shen Xiang draws out Ice Dragon Sword, after letting the people looked at several, Long Huishan also announces the evening banquet to end, then returns to Long Family. After going back, Long Huishan and Shen Xiang chatted a while, has rested, but Shen Xiang is goes into the secret room. Long Huishan this female Dragon King and on the Sacred Dragon Mountain bar, Shen Xiang has also had to guard against Sacred Dragon Mountain to attempt to pervert at this time in secret, therefore he puts down other matters, first refined to be many some Intoxicating Spirit Powder to say again. In his hand the present had Five Elements Profound Dan and Profound Elemental Temper Body Dan these two Earth Level High-Grade Dan herbs, is Long Huishan gives him, he planned the following day refinement are more, as soon as possible promotion strength, but now looks like, he helps Long Huishan take that Sacred Dragon Mountain to be good. Regarding the current circumstance, Shen Xiang can also be able to see, in four respected families, Long Family, although was dying a while ago Patriarch, in occurred fights, strength definitely large scale feeble, but after Long Huishan obtains the inheritance of Ice Dragon, the strength rises suddenly, has been able top-quality to manage a household with Sacred Dragon Mountain side by side, one, now the Long Family strength is in four respected families is so strongest! Shen Xiang can affirm that Sacred Dragon Mountain definitely will collude with other three respected families, copes with Long Family specially!

Next noon, Shen Xiang goes out of the secret room, but Long Huishan also just comes back, she and Shen Xiang lives in a house, for protects Shen Xiang, because Sacred Dragon Mountain wants to obtain Ice Dragon Sword. What has latest news? You wrinkled that Long De last night, they should like this not consider as finished!” Shen Xiang gives this female Dragon King but actually Long Xueyi they in the scented tea of Hidden Jade Ring manufacture. „The Sacred Dragon Mountain person is not stupid, they do not have what big sound, they know that at present with the words that I battle against, even if can win, they will also damage severely Yuan Qi!” Long Huishan is tasting the Shen Xiang's scented tea, mood was joyful immediately, today she and these elders meets, was discussing many matters, makes her big. Small sound has actually, they want to obtain Ice Dragon Sword very much, therefore sends out a person to ask you to compete with, wants to win Ice Dragon Sword in this way!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: If won had the advantage, I went!” Long Huishan shakes the head saying: Advantage has, but do not go, their Sacred Dragon Mountain person is quite truly formidable, words that you go, I worried that you can the exposed true status, your Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, is much more precious than Ice Dragon Sword.” „Are they used to bet to fight with me?” Shen Xiang casually asks that he and also planned competes with. „A sword, the named Fire Dragon sword, handed down in the past each Dragon Ancestor sword, does not know Fire Dragon sword where they made!” Long Huishan said. In Shen Xiang's Hidden Jade Ring has a Holy Dragon sword, currently also has Ice Dragon Sword, if he wins the fellow who that Sacred Dragon Mountain sends, he had three such sword! dragon brat, altogether how many strip Ancient Dragon?” Shen Xiang hastily asked.

I think that Ancient Dragon are many, but there is a that type of sword has Fire Dragon, Thunder Dragon, White Dragon, Ice Dragon, Holy Dragon and Azure Dragon! As well as a Heavenly Dragon sword, um! Has seven, named Seven Saint Dragons sword.” Long Xueyi said. Poisonous Dragon each? Isn't he Ancient Dragon?” Poisonous Dragon truly is a Poisonous Dragon [lineage/vein] first ancestor, the dragon is the world breeds, besides [gold/metal] wooden water fire clay Five Elements Ancient Dragon, other attribute different dragons, so long as is first, can call Ancient Dragon.” Can the Fire Dragon sword at present, Shen Xiang not be excited? He may collect the Seven Saint Dragons sword very much. Shen Xiang hastily holds Long Huishan that pair of white hands, said: I must go, helping me comply with that side Sacred Dragon Mountain, naturally, cannot surpass me to be too many in the cultivation base aspect, moreover decides one month later!” „Don't you fear the exposed status? I guessed that the Sacred Dragon Mountain person directly and you competes with the Fire Dragon sword, can restrain the Ice Dragon Sword cold air, you do not use Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, is difficult the stratagem which ensures success!” The Long Huishan very clear Shen Xiang's strength, does not use other methods, she thought that Shen Xiang is difficult to win. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Elder Sister Long, you underestimate my strength, right?” Long Huishan tender sound track: This is the competition of directly and honestly, I know when other situations, Immortal Monarch may be killed by you, but is now different! Do not go, Ice Dragon Sword was won nothing, but you, if had an accident?” Shen Xiang suddenly said solemnly: Elder Sister Long, you know why on the same day Dragon Emperor will come?” Was massacred because of Holy Dragon Crown Prince!”

The Shen Xiang nod said: Right, Holy Dragon Crown Prince truly was killed, but you know him where kill? The truth told you, in my hand had a Holy Dragon sword! You obtained the memory inheritance of Ice Dragon, should know the matter of Seven Saint Dragons sword!” Long Huishan is growing up immediately that beautiful small mouth, Holy Dragon sword unexpectedly in Shen Xiang! Holy Dragon is Crown Prince you do?” Long Huishan to Shen Xiang sound transmission, but shook the head afterward, Holy Dragon Crown Prince should be Taiyuan Dean kills, because beforehand Dragon Emperor has suspected Shen Xiang, but actually some people identified finally are Taiyuan Dean. She believes that nobody deceived Dragon Emperor. The Holy Dragon inheritance is difficult, Holy Dragon that especially bloodlines have, therefore Holy Dragon Crown Prince unusual treasure, but also obtains the Holy Dragon sword. Holy Dragon Crown Prince is not only Shen Xiang does, but also had been eaten by him, although the flavor is not very good, but can actually he promote many strength. I am Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean, does not have a skill, you think that I can be so fierce in Emperor Heaven? To be honest, that Drunken God Incense is also I obtains in Primal Chaos Mountain.” Shen Xiang has not told Long Huishan directly, Holy Dragon Crown Prince is the homicide falls.