World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1126

Good, I help you arrange!” Long Huishan pulls out the hand, gently was rubbed to feel by Shen Xiang a moment ago, she charmingly angry: little rascal, dares to occupy my convenient!” Patriarch, some people look for you, the strength is very strong!” Long Huishan places jade symbol suddenly on tabletop to broadcast the sound. Long Huishan white badly Shen Xiang with a smile, then asked: „Who is?” She said that she called Lu Qinlian, comes Zitian, wants to discuss some business with you.” Shen Xiang opened the mouth immediately, Demon Empress Lu Qinlian unexpectedly arrived here, but this was actually a good matter, depending on him and Lu Qinlian relationship, can make Lu Qinlian the friend with Long Huishan absolutely. Asks her, other people?” Shen Xiang gives Long Huishan sound transmission. Other people?” Long Huishan is taking the jade symbol, asked. Has, two old men and two very attractive females.” Shen Xiang thought that two old men and that two females should be he know: Makes people bring here them, I know that Lu Qinlian, her strength is very strong, uses the poisonous master, she is also Demon King!” Demon King? With toxin!” Long Huishan somewhat strangely looks at Shen Xiang, is very strong with poisonous Demon King, she very dreaded that but Shen Xiang unexpectedly knows this character. Long Huishan told immediately that making people bring here Lu Qinlian and the others. They arrived here quickly, Shen Xiang also knows that who that two old men were, was Du Hai this Dan Immortal also has his Subduing Dragon Sect's elder, Li Baojun!

But that two females are charming gorgeous Hua Xiangyue and elegantly simple refined Wu Qianqian! They are alchemy, here arrives is not strange. Naturally, they have not recognized Shen Xiang to come, but Hua Xiangyue actually somewhat suspected that she is Shen Xiang's female slave, has had relationship with Shen Xiang, very intimate contact, but she cannot determine. Comes, Hua Xiangyue looks at Shen Xiang, this made Lu Qinlian draw her gently, hinted her to leave is disrespectful, because they came time, has investigated this Long Huishan side favorite. Long Huishan naturally knows that Shen Xiang knows these people, the Shen Xiang's concealment ability is truly strong, if she does not recognize Shen Xiang to come, but at present this noble and charming beautiful female, comes to look at Shen Xiang, obviously is saw that a point anything comes, Long Huishan concluded from this that this charming incomparable beautiful woman, definitely and Shen Xiang's relationship is very good! After Long Huishan lets the servant draws back next, Shen Xiang immediately laughs. little rascal, is really you!” Hua Xiangyue goes forward one step, is clutching the Shen Xiang's ear, tenderly snorted and said: You were worrying, hid is dishonest here!” Lu Qinlian, Du Hai, Li Baojun and Wu Qianqian gawked, quick responded, this Long Huishan favorite, helped Long Huishan becomes female Dragon King brat, unexpectedly was Shen Xiang! Shen Xiang changes own appearance, shouted: little girl, I am your Young Martial Uncle, can not be impolite!” Hua Xiangyue has let loose Shen Xiang, tenderly snorted. Is the people of understanding, does not need politely, to sit to discuss.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: Elder Li, do not camouflage an old man, you are not I, what do you fear?” Li Baojun said with a smile: I was used to it, which looked like you all day becomes that attractive, was a womanizer everywhere.”

After Shen Xiang introduced the person, asked: Big Sister Lu, what matter do you look for female Dragon King to have?” Lu Qinlian and Du Hai strength is very strong, one with the toxin, one is Dan Immortal, this status here Sacred Dan World was also quite good. After Taiyuan Dean died, Du Hai did not have the personal enemy, he had complied with Shen Xiang before, helping Shen Xiang look for his friend, but after he went to Purple Orchid Valley, saw these females, but in them only then Wu Qianqian, Hua Xiangyue and Lu Qinlian must come, because they must seek for massive herbs, finally he had found Li Baojun. I thought that everybody is a woman, compared with is easy to get along well, especially the matter in cooperation!” Lu Qinlian smiled, a she pale-green women's clothing, appears she is quite beautiful, the delicate face also makes her look like amiable. You, since is this brat friend, that is also the friend of mine!” Long Huishan is extremely good to Shen Xiang, because does not have Shen Xiang's to help, does not have her today. We need to seek for some herbs......” Lu Qinlian to look at Du Hai saying: strength of this need to rely on huge influence, was easier to find.” The nod of Long Huishan straightforward said very much: Does not have the issue, you write bill to me, I told that the person looks, I will help with every effort your!” Lu Qinlian they truly admired Shen Xiang at this time, unexpectedly and this female Dragon King gang up, moreover relationship so was good. Long Huishan takes the bill that Lu Qinlian they are giving, arranges the person to manage, these herbs have some toxicants, there is Heaven Level herbs that alchemy uses, she also while convenient helps Shen Xiang arrange the matter of competition. Xianxian Youlan they and your together? Varies!” Shen Xiang somewhat loses. They may be busy! Under the guidance of Zilan beauty, they very attentive practice, Meng'er and Xinyue must become Immortal, perhaps they do not plan to return to Emperor Heaven, that will affect their future promotion, they will go to Heaven World, I must go with them!”

Hua Xiangyue said that also before Shen Xiang, expects that these are his relationship close woman, they can cross Nirvana Realm safely become Immortal, in his heart was happy. Heaven World is one becomes the expert platform, is the place that he must go to from now on! Xianxian and Youlan become Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire and Icewind Valley's Dean, but they anxiously must also go to Heaven World, therefore evidently Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire and Icewind Valley will give Extreme Martial Sect to handle!” Hua Xiangyue also said. Shen Xiang looked at Wu Qianqian, the Wu Qianqian's strength is not low, before she had the fortuitous encounter, obtained plants flowers, causing her strength to promote fast , to rush to the Heaven World's person evidently! Oh, I sooner or later must go! But when the time comes I go to not to feel better very much that's it.” Shen Xiang sighed. Relax, the Meng'er parents are very fierce, is also good in the Heaven World's strength, when the time comes Xianxian and Youlan also very much cross in Heaven World very well!” Hua Xiangyue happily said with a smile: „After brief, we will meet again on Heaven World.” Li Baojun said: These rebel influences gave up Emperor Heaven, but , after they can mount Emperor Heaven, certainly will raise reign of terror, if we continue to stay in Emperor Heaven, the strength is hard to be increased, although Emperor Heaven slowly is restoring, but that takes many years to be good!” The Lu Qinlian nod said: You must do after is leaves Emperor Heaven, consolidates your influence the foundation!” Shen Xiang thought one can also on some Emperor Heaven dull time, before his transcend Heaven World, he want some hidden dangers, except that! When they return to Emperor Heaven when the time comes, is they new generation of time!