World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1128
Hua Xiangyue from Purple Moon World, Shen Xiang thought that she should have to Purple Moon Sacred Realm understood, because he goes back the first matter, Purple Moon Sacred Realm extinguishing! Purple Moon Sacred Realm actually in Purple Moon World, I, although has Purple Moon Fire Spirit, but I and Purple Moon Sacred Realm do not have no relationship, you toss about Purple Moon Sacred Realm although tosses about, does not need to be worried my.” Shen Xiang here also grain of Purple Moon Dean Heaven Dan, when double cultivation, he seized the opportunity to cross point that Purple Moon Dean the strength of Fire Spirit to give Hua Xiangyue last night, making her Fire Spirit is fiercer. Hua Xiangyue, Dongfang Xinyue and Liu Meng'er these three females also quickly crossed the Nirvana Ninth Tribulation time, after returning to Emperor Heaven, once they crossed, can transcend Heaven World. But crossed in this Sacred Dan World is also same, when the time comes Heaven World will present strength, so long as does not revolt, can be inhaled Heaven World by that strength. Hua Xiangyue is the alchemy master, her strength promotion must they to be quicker than Liu Meng'er, therefore she will bring Wu Qianqian to come out to play now, but Hua Xiangyue and Dongfang Xinyue they are diving to cultivate, especially Liu Meng'er, but must train Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan. Why this is Liu Meng'er does not let Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan with Shen Xiang together, how long time because she does not have, she can only be inherited her mantle by the two apprentices as far as possible. Therefore, Liu Meng'er also little with Shen Xiang together, but, has is the opportunity, this was also Shen Xiang before and Liu Meng'er agrees. First refines Life Returning Pill, these are Life Returning Pill herbs, only then more than 30, are taking some temporarily.” Shen Xiang has put out storage pouch. Hua Xiangyue impolite receiving, gives Wu Qianqian very much: Walks, now starts to build up!” Their two just walked, Long Huishan this female Dragon King came back. They agreed that but they must use weapon to come with you firmly to compete with! The time decides one month later, what competes with you were one crossed the Holy Dragon [lineage/vein] of Nirvana seven tribulations, it is said the bloodlines were pure, young, the strength was very strong! Do you have confidence to win really?”

The Long Huishan very clear Holy Dragon sword can restrain Ice Dragon Sword, if Shen Xiang when the time comes uses Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, definitely will be looked, because when the time comes will have many expert to observe, Sacred Dragon Mountain first expert will also come. Seven tribulations?” In the Shen Xiang heart is laughing in one's heart, this clarifies looks down on him, even if real Holy Dragon comes, will be hit to kneel by him, although he cannot use Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade. „Don't you believe? If I have won, you must do a matter for me!” On the Shen Xiang face that badly bad smiling face made Long Huishan spit one secretly tenderly. What matter?” Long Huishan guessed that this definitely is not the good deed. Helps my Fire God Palace matter here, the previous that evening banquet, I felt that has the Fire God Palace person!” Shen Xiang whispered: This Fire God Palace is not the good thing!” The Long Huishan congealing eyebrow said: „Isn't Fire God Palace the good thing? As far as I know, this Fire God Palace is mystical, where does not know to hide, but before our four respected families, once was this Fire God Palace's attached influence, now Fire God Palace fades out gradually, moreover did not have what occurring together with our four respected families, I inquired the possibility of were not many!” Fire God Palace has really appeared here!” Shen Xiang regards as the treasure this Fire God Palace's person, because Fire God Palace's most people have Fire Spirit! Um, I will inquire that as far as possible, one month you must compete with Sacred Dragon Mountain that little rascal, I inquired while convenient that little rascal matter, making you have an understanding to the enemy.” Long Huishan just came back, walked immediately, but her busy is the Shen Xiang's matters, otherwise she meets the stay here practice. Shen Xiang runs back the secret room, transports merit condense Soul Creation Fluid, while grasps that Divine Craftsman's Hammer to practice strength, his Immortal Devil Body great accomplishment strength, is very difficult to wield this Divine Craftsman's Hammer, can only use Universe True Qi to be good.

This iron hammer is the hammering, is only here non- aspect!” If strikes with this Divine Craftsman's Hammer here, perhaps this house will be shaken ta. He takes one month, wields this hammer familiar, at least looks like he very much does not use energy, can wield freely, in utilization extremely quick speed that's alright. ...... Old Du, do you stay in this Sacred Dan World do will think very bored? To go to Emperor Heaven to stroll? Although there resources are inferior to here, but actually compares here broadly, moreover your this strength arrives there, was almost invincible.” Li Baojun said that he knows Subduing Dragon Sect really needs this alchemy big energy, can dig to Emperor Heaven goes, he can omit a lot. „The Old Li younger brother, you are help Shen Xiang that brat win over me is right! Hehe.” Du Hai looked. They are strolling in some large-scale pills shops, experiences the level of here alchemy master, sometimes the alchemy masters of their this rank, can see many matters from pill fragrant. Old Du, are you resigned to halt in Dan Immortal this stage?” Li Baojun said. Immortal Dan has 9th level, I am can only refine three Immortal Dan three Dan Immortal now, on step I naturally think, but actually does not know when must arrive! Emperor Heaven did not have adolescence to get up now, the resources were extremely thin.” Du Hai shakes the head to say. Words are so right, but you should know Shen Xiang this freak! He can certainly get so far as high level herbs, he can always put out some high level herbs to come very much, don't you think strange? What is more strange, these high level herbs are in his eyes same as the cabbage!” Li Baojun said. Du Hai nodded, he also suspected that Shen Xiang has an ability, can plant herbs fast!

I will consider.” Du Hai dull was truly greasy in this Sacred Dan World, moreover his Du Family at present also only remaining he and Du Yanyao. They walk in a hotel, suddenly hears a person saying: You should know that the Sacred Dragon Mountain second in command was broken a matter of arm by female Dragon King! Sacred Dragon Mountain probably iron core must obtain Ice Dragon Sword, now they unite Fire God Palace unexpectedly, bets to fight with the Fire Dragon sword, meets female Dragon King favorite!” Um, heard, a hearsay said that any Seven Saint Dragons sword, did not say assembles seven, the collection two can be very fierce together, Ice Dragon Sword and Fire Dragon sword is two!” Although is two Nirvana Realm person great war, but very much has the quality of being worth looking, one is female Dragon King favorite, one is to come from Sacred Dragon Mountain, the Holy Dragon bloodlines very pure juniors, it is said is the Sacred Dragon Mountain greatly son.” This manages a household greatly is really fierce, the fierce son has probably!” That is, because his pretty woman are also many, Ha Ha......” This flock of draft animals, chatted to chat to chat the body of woman.