World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1129

Li Baojun and Du Hai have looked at each other one, shook the head, female Dragon King favorite is Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang must obtain the Fire Dragon sword to be very normal, but Fire God Palace lets some Li Baojun worries. Old Du, do you know the Fire God Palace's matter?” Li Baojun asked in a low voice. Did not understand that it is said is very fierce in Heaven World!” Du Hai said. Reason that Fire God Palace fierce reason, because their many people have Fire Spirit, the top rank alchemy master also has!” The Li Baojun complexion is very serious: But, their Fire Spirit are the use very evil and cruel method makes!” Said?” Du Hai did not understand very much: What I compare the understanding is Suppressing Devil Temple, this does Fire God Palace have this grade of matter?” Li Baojun indignant angrily said: Fire God Palace has strength, can extract others' Fire Spirit! If not pledge allegiance to their Fire God Palace, fate was extracted Fire Spirit, especially was discovered when has good Fire Spirit! Therefore, for many years, Fire God Palace has plundered very many Fire Spirit in each place, grants specially to these to the whole body has the person of great contribution!” The Du Hai fist has gripped tightly, extracts others Fire Spirit this matter, person who truly very much makes their these have Fire Spirit feels danger(ous), especially a very strong presence is doing this matter. That brat cannot use that the blade, if only uses Ice Dragon Sword, definitely is hard to restrain Fire God Palace's, Fire God Palace definitely has fierce fire attribute cultivation technique, specifically is used to restrain Ice Dragon Sword!” Du Hai somewhat is worried about Shen Xiang. Li Baojun is also so, Shen Xiang cannot here the exposed status, will otherwise certainly bring in troublesome, will cause other three respected families, Sacred Dragon Mountain and Fire God Palace attacks Long Family!

But what they do not know, Fire God Palace's important cultivation technique Fire God Art, early Shen Xiang obtains, therefore faces the Fire God Palace's words, Shen Xiang will only smile happily, if the opposite party has Fire Spirit, that was equal to that gives him to deliver Fire Spirit to come! Currently he has Fire Spirit together, white Fire Spirit is he kills that Mr. Wang to obtain, after leaving Su Meiyao, but does not mean that he no longer collects Fire Spirit, this type of thing naturally the more better. Shen Xiang extracts the Fire Spirit method Fire God Palace these people be much wiser, but had been extracted the Fire Spirit person by him, died completely. After Li Baojun and Du Hai take into the gold medal alchemy master, all day stays in the Long Family pills shop alchemy secret room, refines low level pill, is helpful to them grasping alchemy technique, some excellent alchemy technique, through refining low level pill promote. In Long Family Shen Xiang, has not arrived at the evening, always and duplicate rain of Hua Xiangyue this outstandingly beautiful female slave on the bed turns clouds that tosses about starts double cultivation to the midnight. Long Huishan discovered after this matter, in the heart is criticizing, she has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly can with own Martial Nephew on good, she quite knew about the Shen Xiang's matter that she knows Shen Xiang has a very pretty wife, woman are also many, but public relationship also has Xue Xianxian. Usually Hua Xiangyue always shouted that Shen Xiang is Young Martial Uncle, but to the evening is Shen Xiang shouted that she for Little Fairy, Long Huishan hears cannot help but blushes. Qianqian this little girl is probably interesting to that little rascal, this little rascal unexpectedly has not started to Qianqian, this is not quite reasonable!” Long Huishan lies on the bed is thinking carelessly. Consecutively for several days, but she is some are not familiar with, because Shen Xiang and Hua Xiangyue are away from her not far away the room, although inside sound-insulated is very good, but she meets the recollections unavoidably in close succession.

Already knows that this brat is not the good thing, looks at the time always lewd of woman, Lu Qinlian this had Demon Empress also been filled the magic potion by him? She is Immortal King, how can this little rascal on good? This does little rascal have the skill really very much? The skill is not truly small , helping my many, without him, I perhaps already died now......” Why also does not know, this female Dragon King thinks that Shen Xiang and Hua Xiangyue this outstanding person stays in a room, is very at heart uncomfortable, but morning time, Shen Xiang and Hua Xiangyue their spirits are much better. Especially Hua Xiangyue this Little Flower, was moistened the beauty of tender dī dī, looks in her and Wu Qianqian heart envies. After Hua Xiangyue and Wu Qianqian enter secret room alchemy, Long Huishan hastily seizes Shen Xiang. little rascal, you have less than one month, wanted great war, you made that type matter that every night consumed Yang Yuan, you did not fear when the time comes was hit to lie? In color prefix a blade! When the time comes do not blame the elder sister not to remind you.” Long Huishan is the sincerity considers for Shen Xiang. Hehe......” Shen Xiang smiles very evilly: Elder sister, actually you such cared that my evening's matter, affected you, sorry really!” Do not be loquacious!” Long Huishan white his eyes: That Sacred Dragon Mountain and Fire God Palace have relationship, the person who when the time comes sends can suppress Ice Dragon Sword absolutely! You should retain the energy, but is not every night...... After waiting to win, you are how good.” Elder sister, I with that Little Flower actually in double cultivation, am only several days, my True Qi increased much!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Does not need to be worried my!” double cultivation?” Some Long Huishan suspicions look at Shen Xiang: I do not believe!”

Doesn't believe? Or I and you try, but your strength compared with my many, actually can only be you helps me increase, if your strength and I almost, we can promote the strength together, not only can one side merry, and can promote the strength, this is very crisp!” Shen Xiang said that somewhat regretted, although the present female is very attractive, but is actually very valiant female Dragon King, he words somewhat were a moment ago harebrained. Snort, unexpectedly hits the elder sister my idea, little rascal, owes to hit!” Long Huishan jade face one red, spat one tenderly, has knocked the Shen Xiang's head gently: Since there is a help...... Then I was not many say anything, I will continue to help you investigate the Fire God Palace's matter.” Elder sister is good to me, actually my two sworn sister, another day some opportunities will also introduce that they knew to you, has White Dragon Bloodline, is growing a very eye-catching white hair . Moreover the disposition and you look like very much, this little girl certainly will entangle when the time comes is leading her to kill.” Shen Xiang remembers Leng Youlan and Dongfang Jing these two sworn sister, suddenly thinks them very much. Long Huishan complexion suddenly becomes very dignified: What you said is Leng Youlan? I know that you have a white hair beautiful woman younger sister, has not thought that unexpectedly has White Dragon Bloodline, this is very rare, knows that the person of this matter are many? Cannot pass on absolutely! Otherwise she greatly troublesome!” Only then I and you know that she possibly knows, but she had not said that after her bloodlines awaken, should obtain the memory inheritance, she also knows the security, therefore has not told me! Initially was I helps her awaken White Dragon Bloodline.” Shen Xiang suddenly realized after Leng Youlan, will stare: Or I make her, making you visit her!” Long Huishan suddenly smiled: Visits you to be worried about this! She needs some informed and experienced, you protect her like this, she is hard adolescence! However has the opportunity I to direct her.”