World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1130
Shen Xiang wants to look for Lu Qinlian to chat alone, wants and she exchanges some good things with God Intoxicating Flower, previous time he has traded grain of Sacred Lotus Seed with Devil Decaying Death Qi. But after Lu Qinlian leaves Long Family, has not come back, her just before leaving time has told Hua Xiangyue them, said that must do at a little private affair. After Shen Xiang can only , again and Lu Qinlian said that this matter, now he must do as soon as possible familiar uses that Divine Craftsman's Hammer, concise are simultaneously many some Soul Creation Fluid, expedites God Intoxicating Flower and Earth Level High-Grade herbs. Every night, Shen Xiang can with Hua Xiangyue together double cultivation, Shen Xiang and Hua Xiangyue's strength differs now not be too far, therefore the double cultivation effect is better, they also cross these days very happily. One month quick must pass by, again one day, is the day that Shen Xiang and Sacred Dragon Mountain gambling fights, grasps the person fight of Fire Dragon sword with Sacred Dragon Mountain that. In the courtyard, Du Hai and Li Baojun here, sit with the people on the round table, listening to Long Huishan to narrate the matter of Shen Xiang that match. This person of name called Long Yu, was Sacred Dragon Mountain manages a household greatly the Long Tengyu son, had determined that he when the time comes will go to battle with the Fire Dragon sword, use the strength of Holy Dragon was fire attribute . Moreover the flame was fierce, it is said that he can release the golden flame, you were the alchemy masters, should understand golden flame fierce!” Hua Xiangyue, Wu Qianqian, Du Hai, Li Baojun as well as Shen Xiang, their five are the alchemy masters, after hearing golden flame, the complexion slightly changes, golden flame is fiercer than white flame in! „Does the fellow have Fire Spirit?” Hua Xiangyue asked. Before did not have, he obtained in these years! I suspected that this is because has contacted with Fire God Palace, does not know that they have used any thing and that Fire God Palace have exchanged golden Fire Spirit.” Long Huishan has also investigated the Fire God Palace's matter these days, but is very difficult to find out some detailed things, but actually knows Fire God Palace before was very early contacts with Sacred Dragon Mountain.

Golden Fire Spirit! The Shen Xiang heart splash is jumping, this is returns advanced compared with white Fire Spirit, has not thought that unexpectedly had been bumped into by him, he thought that he not only can win that the Fire Dragon sword, perhaps can also obtain that golden Fire Spirit. Fire God Palace Fire God Palace, you are father's poly soul trough!” In the Shen Xiang heart laughs in one's heart, the Fire God Palace's person bumps into him, inside and outside will be dug up by him cleanly. Long Huishan looks at Du Hai and Li Baojun, said: Two, tomorrow's competition, but also asked you to pay attention much, I worried that can have some accidents. Sacred Dragon Mountain to avoid us plays to cheat, therefore when the time comes publicly will compete with, the people of other three respected families will watch at the scene.” Li Baojun said: Dean, should you when the time comes not plan to use Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade? These fellows see this blade, certainly wants it possessing of!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Does not use absolutely, I can directly and honestly defeats that fellow, the fellow has not matched to make me use Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade!” Did not say Divine Craftsman's Hammer, Shen Xiang depends on God Slaughtering Hand these half White Tiger Divine Weapon, can cope with that Fire Dragon sword. What the Shen Xiang comparison cares, how must be able to screen out that golden Fire Spirit under the eyegrounds of that many expert, but this must be able to plan to tomorrow. Words said that I have not seen the competition of your directly and honestly probably, hopes that tomorrow can see.” Du Hai said with a smile. The people have smiled, they truly little see Shen Xiang to use strongest strength, they truly very much anticipated. Next morning, Hua Xiangyue wakes up long time ago, but that beautiful luster of the skin was being entangled to hug by Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang every day rests this month very soundly, is hugging the beautiful woman, stays in Long Family, he has the Long Huishan protection, does not need the time to be vigilant.

Hua Xiangyue pushes to awake Shen Xiang, then takes care Shen Xiang to wear the clothes gently. little rascal, clear(ly) knows that today must compete with, but also tosses about is so late.” Hua Xiangyue charmingly angry [say / way]. My this to not relax?” Shen Xiang hee happily said with a smile, has pinched Hua Xiangyue's big Jade Rabbit. Sees Shen Xiang and Hua Xiangyue flirts with one another to walk from the room, Long Huishan despises very looks at Shen Xiang, now other she and people that is worried about Shen Xiang, but this young bastard arrived at this moment, but also the ramble is merry. The place of competition in Sacred City big plaza, the martial arts contest stage already built, this is not only the life and death struggle, but also is the contests of two Long Family, a side that loses, may probably lose own life and a Sacred Level dragon tool dragon sword very much, the price is serious. Sacred Dragon Mountain needs such one to compete with set up the prestige to oneself, because the present Long Family being in power person is Long Huishan, is female Dragon King, is bigger than beforehand Long Family Patriarch stronger, therefore shook off the control of Sacred Dragon Mountain, if before, Long Family somewhat must to several points of face countenance Sacred Dragon Mountain, but Sacred Dragon Mountain can also therefore get the huge interests from Long Family. Long Family needs to compete with similarly like this, so long as has won, can stepping on under maliciously Sacred Dragon Mountain, probably know the beforehand Sacred Dragon Mountain second in command punching by Long Huishan. Under the stage, Shen Xiang and Long Huishan arrive, but the opposite party sent several old head harness that Long Yu to come, resembled them not to pay attention to Long Family, does not need to manage a household to act greatly. „Are you Yun Fei?” Long Yu high and low are massive Shen Xiang, no matter but thought so that he did not think the present fellow is very strong, he thought that an own fist can hit to lie the opposite party. Shen Xiang also visits him, this Long Yu looks like somewhat thin, possibly is related with his golden clothes robe, standard wealthy family juniors faces, on the handsome fair face, full are the facial expressions of being insufferably arrogant.

Naturally, Shen Xiang most pays attention is not his semblance, but is in his hand that golden red scabbard inside Fire Dragon sword, although that a sword not sheath, but he can actually feel this in the Fire Dragon sword is roaring the fire intensity! One, is Fire Spirit of this Long Yu within the body, is the Shen Xiang comparison cared that he uses Primal Chaos Spirit Eye to look, at present Long Yu, within the body has one group is burning fiercely golden flame, that is very fierce golden Fire Spirit! This is side the female Dragon King scarlet person! Such young, does not know that he has any ability, unexpectedly can draw out that Ice Dragon Sword.” Female Dragon King had said many times, have been predestined friends with Ice Dragon Sword, will therefore give him Ice Dragon Sword! Therefore female Dragon King can become female Dragon King, obtains the inheritance of their Ice Dragon Master Ancestor!” Long Yu sees Shen Xiang not to put out Ice Dragon Sword, then asked: Your Ice Dragon Sword? You did not plan that and I hits with Ice Dragon Sword?” Shen Xiang said: Had not stipulated that said that must and you hits with Ice Dragon Sword.” Long Yu coldly said: Do not hide in storage equipment, if you died, what to do storage equipment can't open?”