World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1131

Shen Xiang puts out Ice Dragon Sword, throws to Long Huishan conveniently, said: Now you felt relieved!” unexpectedly does not plan to use Ice Dragon Sword! Just received Ice Dragon Sword Long Huishan also to stare staring, she drew out Ice Dragon Sword, confirmed that this was real Ice Dragon Sword, that cold air everyone can feel! In the Long Yu heart was cursing Shen Xiang secretly, how he very laborious practice restrained the Ice Dragon Sword method and skill this month, but Shen Xiang suddenly said that did not use Ice Dragon Sword, making his a lot of battle plan abort. Really is arrogant, this is the life and death struggle, you do not use Ice Dragon Sword, dies quickly!” Long Yu looked at that Ice Dragon Sword: I not only need obtain Ice Dragon Sword, I must chop completely squashed to be broken you. Naturally, if when the time comes you kneel down to beg for mercy to me, I may circle your life!” Shen Xiang has not paid attention to him, got on the martial arts contest stage, Long Huishan gave him sound transmission, Sacred Dragon Mountain had managed a household a moment ago greatly in the, moreover Patriarch of other three respected families were watching in the hidden place. Long Yu, you kept on proclaiming a moment ago must kill me, when the time comes do not blame me being cruel and merciless!” In the Shen Xiang heart makes a determined effort secretly, the Long Yu father in the, he does not keep the hand. Long Yu has also gotten on the martial arts contest stage, then under when some old man cloths barrier, prevents inside fight affects outside. Rule you should know, then starts now!” Long Huishan said. Long Yu has drawn out the Fire Dragon sword slowly, sees only the red flame to brave unceasingly from the scabbard, but sword blade was covered by the strong flame. After the Fire Dragon sword totally comes out of the sheath, immediately spout a heat wave, wells up toward the four directions, astounding. sword blade is burning the golden red roaring flame, the turnover like the dragon, the fire intensity is threatening, although is inferior to Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, but Shen Xiang acclaimed in the heart, moreover this truly can suppress Ice Dragon Sword the sword, can resist the Ice Dragon Sword ice cold strength! After seeing the true feature of Fire Dragon sword, acclaims in the person who on plaza observes, because this looked like be fiercer than Ice Dragon Sword, pressed Ice Dragon Sword to plan in the imposing manner.

The people believe that if not that Divine Weapon appearance in Legend, was very difficult to compare weapon of Fire Dragon sword. This ratio fights to use weapon, Shen Xiang's cultivation base be lower than Long Yu, but Long Yu is the Sacred Dragon Mountain person, has the Holy Dragon bloodlines, Shen Xiang , to win unarmed is not definitely easy. Shen Xiang does not have the plan empty-handed and Long Yu hits, he has practiced one month of iron hammer, for today. Therefore, he under several thousand eyes, has put out that black iron hammer! Sees this black hammer, the people eyeball almost to fall, thinks one misread! Hammer...... Hammer! This brat has the problem, can he compares with the hammers and others Fire Dragon swords?” He should not be earnest!” Looks at his appearance, looks like earnest!” Li Baojun and Du Hai were also startled, Shen Xiang uses a hammer to go to battle, stems from their anticipation! Sister Xiangyue, Shen Xiang is he up to mischief?” Masquerades from now on Wu Qianqian and Hua Xiangyue hides in the crowd. „Do I know? This young bastard has not told me him to go to battle with the hammer, but looks at his earnest appearance, should not be jokes!” Hua Xiangyue said.

Long Huishan must stamp the feet anxiously: Dead brat, has Ice Dragon Sword you not to use, you use a broken hammer, what are you making? This is will kill, Ice Dragon Sword not your broken hammer?” Shen Xiang wants to tell her very much, Ice Dragon Sword truly cannot compare this hammer, if his strength suffices, perhaps several hammers can destroy Ice Dragon Sword. Elder sister, you look at that's alright! My this hammer is divine hammer, you should worry that can be knocked rottenly by me the Fire Dragon sword.” Shen Xiang sound transmission responded, he also had the worry in this aspect. Long Yu sees Shen Xiang and he hits with a broken hammer, thinks in despising him, although in the heart is somewhat angry, but actually laughs: The words that you do not court death, will not die! You think that what thing you are? Can the casual thing win me? It is not the luck good to draw out Ice Dragon Sword, you think really you are Immortal King are inadequate?” Kills you with the Fire Dragon sword, insulted this sword!” The Long Yu angry ice-cold voice falls, the whole person braves the golden red flame, is similar to is burning angry dragon, leapt the dance toward Shen Xiang in the past, simultaneously wielded a sword to divide fiercely, used the sword was instantaneously astonishing, the strength of thick Holy Dragon turned into the golden flame to erupt from the Fire Dragon sword, stimulated flake gold red flame, covered the entire martial arts contest stage instantaneously. This sword is quick, is very strong, is similar to golden Fire Lightning chops together to the Shen Xiang's top of the head! Very Shen Xiang loudly shouted, makes an effort holds up that black divine hammer, wields to the Fire Dragon sword that chops to chop, his speed is not slow, must know that he practiced to brandish this divine hammer to make many painstaking efforts, does not know that built up many times, so long as his thinking hammer must hit to where, the hammer in hand can follow his intention to wield instantaneously! Bang!” Flickering that the Fire Dragon sword cuts checks, divine hammer suddenly has pounded, that violent dashing, unexpectedly stimulates together the shocking explosion sound, was knocked to burst out spark the Fire Dragon sword by divine hammer, is similar to the fireworks is generally bright! This is Shen Xiang first time fights with divine hammer, and has not instilled into any strength, but wields the hammer with physical strength vigorously, when wonderful heavy incomparable divine hammer was wielded strength that produces , is very formidable!

The Fire Dragon sword is hit almost by strength that hammer erupts departs the hand of Long Yu, the people can see, if not Long Yu suddenly both hands grips, then must let go of the Fire Dragon sword. Quite fierce, I felt that I can smash this Fire Dragon sword!” Shen Xiang suddenly has this impulsive, he feels this strength of hammer, wants to destroy crazily, maliciously knocks rottenly till. In plaza is peaceful is similar to the cemetery, is so fierce broken hammer unexpectedly, the hammer results in Fire Dragon sword spark to explode dodges, is similar to the hammering is the same! Now nobody ridiculed again Shen Xiang uses this to fight the broken hammer, this hammer had been divided a sword by the Fire Dragon sword maliciously, spark has not jumped, knows that this hammer is very extraordinary. „The Fire Dragon sword is also mediocre!” A Shen Xiang face disdains, this time was one's turn him to attack, direct shuttle space, very strange appearance in Long Yu of that whole face startled anger behind. Shen Xiang brandishes divine hammer, toward Long Yu crazy fierce pounds, Long Yu has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly appears in him instantaneously behind, he fends immediately, but pounding of Shen Xiang's hammer or heavily on the arm of his grasping sword. That hammer, person of observing will not forget for a lifetime, the after arm of Long Yu was pounded, was ripped open by that wild strength stiffly, turns into meat dregs crash-bang the splash, the half arm like this did not have!