World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1132
Long Yu Fire Dragon sword by knocked out, but Shen Xiang actually pursues to the end and hit hard , the ghosts and demons appear in the Long Yu body side, is brandishes the hammer to pound fiercely! The Long Yu arm severe pain, the motion was affected, this time he cannot dodge, the shoulder was pounded by Shen Xiang! Shen Xiang thought that now this uses this to fight divine hammer, be much bloodier than Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, this hammer gets down, a shoulder of Long Yu probably stiffly peels. This Long Yu in the Shen Xiang eye, is one delivers the treasure, at this time he saw similarly, the five fingers gathered, was similar to a pointed cone is ordinary, pricked the atrium of Long Yu directly, then revolution Engulfing Devil Art, in flash opposite party golden Fire Spirit attracting, condense in dantian! Yu'er......” the angry sound deafening sound, entire plaza is vibrating together. This is the Long Tengyu sound, Sacred Dragon Mountain big, first expert! Long Huishan also leapt at this time, flew to shoot the shadow that to plunder toward that together, the body white light sparkle, presented one set of aggressive ice armor. Shen Xiang obtains golden Fire Spirit, is no longer ambiguous, brandishes the hammer to pound toward the forehead of Long Yu fiercely, but also releases wild flame. strength that divine hammer erupts is covering Long Yu with flame, that brushes, Long Yu broken was fired the ash instantaneously! Afterward, Shen Xiang deft Sword Qi Fire Dragon sword and scabbard, but airborne Long Huishan actually and keeps must short the middle age is confronting, that middle-aged whole face is angry, golden Chinese-style gown braves the strength of true Holy Dragon. „Don't you concede? This is the competition of directly and honestly!” Long Huishan coldly said, but in heart actually pleasantly surprised, she has not thought that Shen Xiang three a few tricks have tidied up that Long Yu, moreover Shen Xiang has not used including True Qi, but she does not know Shen Xiang fleshly body fearful. Only then fearfulness of Hua Xiangyue quite clear Shen Xiang that strong fleshly body, even if Shen Xiang does not use True Qi, in the same rank, can only sweep away all obstacles with fleshly body, let alone he also uses that god common hammer. Is waiting to me!” Long Tengyu was angry, not only died an outstanding son, but also was so despised by a girl.

Yo, solemn Sacred Dragon Mountain first expert, unexpectedly cannot lose, the real regret and you compare, are degrading the status!” Long Huishan taunted. The regret and do Sacred Dragon Mountain compare? Must regret that is also the Sacred Dragon Mountain regret is right, others lost the Fire Dragon sword, died Long Yu, now also lost face! The Long Tengyu anger results in the whole body to tremble, making the people disperse fast! suddenly, several hot shade suddenly dodge toward Long Tengyu, sees only five to wear old man of artillery to appear, they and Long Tengyu stand in the upper air abreast in row, the strength is very evidently strong! Snort!” That five wear old man of artillery simultaneously coldly snorted, sees only a red strength qi wave to surge toward Long Huishan. Long Huishan hastily moves sideways to avoid, but was slower, ice armor was melted most! Six Immortal King, do you want to bully a female to be inadequate with joint forces?” Du Hai suddenly appears in the upper air, said with a sneer: Fire God Palace's, can you extinguish Long Family?” Who are you? Do not mind others'business, otherwise links you to kill together!” Fire God Palace's old man said. We, no matter that many, must recapture Ice Dragon Sword and Fire Dragon sword today, only if Long Family can hand over, otherwise Long Family must perish!” Fire God Palace another old man looks at Shen Xiang of tread. Long Huishan was worried that Shen Xiang will be attacked, hastily arrives at side Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang received Ice Dragon Sword from Long Huishan, to upper air in these person of yelled: I give you an opportunity, if not walk, I summoned Ice Dragon, when the time comes you must die completely!” Shen Xiang does not want to waste this move on these fellows, because summoned outside the body of Ice Dragon the incarnation to have an opportunity.

At this time several people appeared side Long Tengyu, that is Sacred Dragon Mountain expert! little rascal, do not bluster, hands over Ice Dragon Sword and Fire Dragon sword, we do not go into one's past.” old man said. Nonsense, Ice Dragon Sword is Long Family delivers me, the Fire Dragon sword is I wins that fellow to win, but also what doesn't go into one's past? This is my directly and honestly obtains, but your fellows cannot lose!” Shen Xiang is gripping tightly Ice Dragon Sword , to continue saying: I have given you opportunity, since you do not listen, then delivers you to start off!” Shen Xiang is grasping Ice Dragon Sword, seeps Divine Power, he induces to the body that outside in Ice Dragon Sword Ice Dragon keeps quickly the incarnation. Long Han Senior, is I! Several fellows must extinguish Long Family, robs Ice Dragon Sword, we cannot hit!” Shen Xiang hastily gives that wisp of Divine Soul sound transmission. My this comes out!” Long Han said. Shen Xiang lifts up high Ice Dragon Sword immediately, sees only white light glow suddenly to spray from Ice Dragon Sword, entire plaza was covered by the snow and ice immediately, afterward huge Ice Dragon concentrates slowly appears, meanwhile presented space restriction, seals up entire plaza! Ice Dragon appeared! The Long Huishan opening mouth, she also thinks that before Shen Xiang frightens the opposite party, but has not thought to be able Ice Dragon shouting really! All people have been shocked, especially Patriarch of other three respected families, as well as Fire God Palace Sacred Dragon Mountain expert, they are some Immortal King, but this Ice Dragon strength actually by far surpasses in them! The dragon that in the upper air reappears, probably uses a giant ice carving, the huge body also braves white ice-cold Qi mist, very shocks! After Ice Dragon appears, immediately changes the turn into a human shape, this is one wears the middle-aged person of white clothing. Is that group of fellows, all extinguished them!” Shen Xiang shouted, his sound lets Fire God Palace and Sacred Dragon Mountain person ashen-faced.

Bullies my Ice Dragon [lineage/vein]? Even if were Holy Dragon Dragon Emperor came, I same extinguished him!” Ice Dragon angrily said, both hands wield, see only white snow and ice are similar to the tide are common, toward that crowd of person impacts in the past. Although is only outside the body of Ice Dragon incarnation, but the strength is strong, Fire God Palace and Sacred Dragon Mountain person was also a moment ago insufferably arrogant, but in a terrified way is running at this moment actually away, but they cannot escape from that space barrier, moreover quick by that snow and ice rough seas covering! Strikes, these people turned into the ice sculpture, crashes from the upper air, pounds after the ground, turns into a piece of ice sludge! In the Shen Xiang heart somewhat regretted that these Fire God Palace's expert, should have good Fire Spirit, but actually completely ruins now. After Ice Dragon extinguished these people, immediately vanished! Restores peaceful Sacred City, everyone was frightened the complexion blanch, Ice Dragon gets rid, that ice-cold aura, as if came from Hell, making them think that the entire city will be destroyed completely! We walk!” Shen Xiang sighed slightly, he is a pity these Fire Spirit. Surprised Long Huishan did not have greets with her Ice Dragon first ancestor with enough time, Ice Dragon vanished! She brings Shen Xiang to return to Long Family fast, but at this time the entire Sacred City people to Long Family frightened, unexpectedly can please come out that Ice Dragon first ancestor, extinguished Sacred Dragon Mountain and Fire God Palace Immortal King all of a sudden!