World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1133

After returning to Long Family, Long Huishan had mind filled with doubts, hastily asks about the Shen Xiang matter. „Can Ice Dragon Sword summon the Ice Dragon first ancestor really? This what's the matter?” Long Huishan some cannot believe that if so, then has Ice Dragon Sword is not invincible existence? Hua Xiangyue and Du Hai they look at Shen Xiang, waits for Shen Xiang to reply that they personally saw Ice Dragon to come a moment ago, and also has destroyed completely one crowd of expert. Actually...... This can only use one time, should be the value a moment ago, killed that many Immortal King all of a sudden, I think that Sacred Dragon Mountain should not have no expert to assume personal command now, Elder Sister Long you a bit faster brought people to go Sacred Dragon Mountain extinguishing.” Only can use one time! In the people heart somewhat is unavoidably disappointed, if can the non- time limit use, then Shen Xiang will be certainly fierce. Others do not know that can only use one time, therefore this matter must keep secret! Now many people think that Ice Dragon Sword can summon Ice Dragon, therefore does not dare to hit the attention of Long Family again, Hehe.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Lu Qinlian came back in the time, but she is actually the whole body injures, sees her who is scarred, the people are very surprised. What's the matter? How do you injure such heavily?” Long Huishan hastily goes forward to support Lu Qinlian, Lu Qinlian can become Demon Empress, the strength is not weak, moreover understands with the toxin, can make so the appearance her, thinks that person is powerful. Shen Xiang hastily puts out with the therapy liquid that his blood disposes, the drop on Lu Qinlian these wounds. Sees in these wounds glittering the light purple gloss, he knits the brows saying: What toxin is this?” The Lu Qinlian complexion is very pale, she shook the head, Du Hai also put out grain of disintoxicating Immortal Dan at this time to her, after she eats up, the complexion has changed for the better. Her within the body accumulates poisonous Qi of big group, I help her compel!” Long Huishan stimulates to movement own True Qi, transports to Lu Qinlian within the body, frozen lives in poisonous Qi of her within the body, prevents the proliferation, afterward Lu Qinlian transports the merit again, the formation steam, will compel within the body.

Saint Devil and Saint Demon World fellow came, everybody is careful, do not have the conflict with them, they are very formidable!” Weak Lu Qinlian spoke finally. With the people help, Lu Qinlian has stood firm the injury with joint forces finally, but still is very serious. This Sacred Dan World very also unusual, after three realms great war starts, was called Saint Devil and Saint Demon World two higher world fused, moreover before also had the movement, because of Saint Devil and Saint Demon World the invasion , the Taiyuan mountain has not ruled that side Sacred Dan World. However now looks like, Saint Devil and Saint Demon World have discovered this other half Sacred Dan World, and has sent out expert, otherwise depending on the Lu Qinlian strength, will not receive that serious injury. We must a bit faster return to Emperor Heaven, otherwise after us, was hard, because Saint Devil and Saint Demon World that crowd of Demon and Devil must destroy Saint Altar! If were short of our these to come Sacred Dan World expert, Emperor Heaven may be seized by the Evil Demon demon very much.” Lu Qinlian builds up pill who Du Hai gives, while said: I exited before, to seek for here Saint Demon World, wants to have a look at the Saint Demon World civilization, but actually stems from my anticipation, because the entire Saint Demon World monster becomes extremely evil, can converge Evil Demon one kind, but also unites Saint Devil!” I was not careful that was discovered by them, finally with their great war, kills three Demon King and two fiendish people, but...... Actually excited very fierce Evil Demon, is that Evil Demon injures me, was rescued by a person luckily.” Li Baojun said: It seems like we must a bit faster return to Saint Altar to be good, if cannot go back Emperor Heaven, there will certainly have the terrible matter.” Although is away from ten years approximately also to have long time, but is actually beyond control now they, in any event, they must a bit faster go back, if that Saint Altar were destroyed, was hard. Hua Xiangyue sighed: I do not go back! Qianqian, I had taught you before the thing, you should remember that when the time comes cannot have, you inquired these elders, they will help your. You must remember, before transcend Heaven World, must find a good successor, making Danxiang Taoyuan continue to revolve!” „Don't you walk?” In the Shen Xiang heart loses immediately incomparably, he listened to Hua Xiangyue to say before, she prepared to go to Heaven World. „, I and Meng'er also had Xinyue to make, in Sacred Dan World transcend Heaven World, I can stay here a period of time!” Hua Xiangyue shook the head.

Sister Xiangyue!” Wu Qianqian is holding Hua Xiangyue, although , can also meet, but that actually requires very long time. I will take care of her! You a bit faster leave!” Long Huishan said that she knows Shen Xiang establishes own influence in Emperor Heaven, moreover only started, if not go back, these will follow his person is very disappointed. Hua Xiangyue sees a Shen Xiang face not to abandon, says with a smile: Your I was not a child, does not need to be worried about anything.” Good, I will go to Heaven World's as soon as possible!” Shen Xiang vision firm saying, puts out storage pouch afterward: This is Fire Phoenix Purple Gold, as well as my acquired some refiner materials, transmit for me to Sister Meng'er and Xinyue!” The Lu Qinlian injury changed for the better, Long Huishan escorts them directly across that piece of sea of fire, goes to other one side Sacred Dan World. Elder Sister Long, this you takes care of me Ice Dragon Sword temporarily! I cannot use in any case now!” Shen Xiang has given Lu Qinlian Ice Dragon Sword, but scabbard are remaining, because he also needs to turn on the valuable box. Your collection uneven Seven Saint Dragons swords look for me again, what miracle when the time comes we will have a look to have together!” Long Huishan smiled, then and Shen Xiang hugged. Takes care of the good Xiangyue girl, making her cross Ninth Tribulation smoothly!” Knows! You later have the opportunity to come again.” Afterward, Du Hai Li Baojun and the others, said goodbye to Long Huishan one after another, then went to Saint Dan City! Let Shen Xiang they be what is surprised, here Sacred Dan World is very unexpectedly chaotic, Saint Devil and Saint Demon World have projected on here, had the conflict with here big influence!

Shen Xiang they arrive at Purple Orchid Valley fast, what making him not think, White Tiger unexpectedly here! This...... Great Elder, how can you here?” Shen Xiang has swept one, saw dust refined Xue Xianxian, as well as white hair beautiful woman Leng Youlan, but does not have Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue! Bai Xing, Yun Zhu and Yan Zilan as well as Dongfang Jing not here! Yanyao?” Du Hai hastily asked that because he has not seen his granddaughter Du Yanyao. Xue Xianxian throws to the Shen Xiang's bosom, somewhat moved saying: Master they went to Heaven World!” Shen Xiang is hugging Xue Xianxian, asked in a soft voice: What's all this about?” Mu Jialan also Yao Shumei also no longer? Did they also go to Heaven World?” Wu Qianqian asked.