World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1134
The Leng Youlan nod said: Went, is Master and Sister Xinyue transcend, but does not know why presented a very big space opening, then they took off.” Jing Jing (quietly), although has not achieved transcend Realm, but her decree must with her paternal aunt, therefore also passed. Yao Shumei and Mu Jialan this to mother and daughter thought that Emperor Heaven Peach Blossom Sacred Realm does not have what to be good to yearn, plans the Heaven World's Peach Blossom Sacred Realm development, passed.” Then Yan Zilan their four sisters? Also passed?” Shen Xiang has not thought that these female unexpectedly went to Heaven World together. At this time White Tiger said: Is I suggested that Bai Xing goes to Heaven World's, regarding these girls, goes to the Heaven World soldier together is not the misdemeanor, can make them have enough strength self-preservation.” Yanyao goes to Heaven World to be also good, in any case this Sacred Dan World now such danger(ous)!” Du Hai sighed. Old Du, you must along with us, as soon as urges to go faster Emperor Heaven?” Li Baojun invited again. „, I planned to keep Sacred Dan World, here was used to it, later may have a look.” Du Hai beckoned with the hand. In Shen Xiang heart inexplicable worrying account, but he cannot be anxious now, he must consolidate the Emperor Heaven foundation! Walks, goes to Saint Altar! Saint Devil and Saint Demon World Demon and Devil must ruin Saint Altar, we must a bit faster move, should better a bit faster call other people.” In, Du Hai told that the person informs Huang Jintian they, believes that shortly after can go to Saint Altar. Some White Tiger, him should be have enough strength to open Saint Altar, returns to Emperor Heaven. Ten days later, Saint Altar above full is Emperor Heaven various group of expert, they received Huang Jintian their notice, therefore has caught up immediately, they in the Sacred Dan World short time, fishes many things, but these Demon and Devil Big Shot are actually not that good complexions, because they have not obtained the large amounts of resources. We were played by these ancient influence!” Mo Clan Patriarch scolded.

These fellows died completely, they have occupied the most multi-resources in Emperor Heaven, so long as after going back, you have the strength to destroy completely lair of these fellows, so long as not the calamities and common people, the resources take as you like!” The speech is Lan Family Patriarch. Person should almost arrive, only then can we open the altar?” old man asked. This gives us!” Shen Xiang said. Who does not know that the Subduing Dragon Sect's Great Elder strength is very strong? Moreover White Tiger had also said can open Saint Altar, returns to Emperor Heaven! Came the time person to be many, but returns has actually been short of the larger part, making the person have endless emotion. When the people waited for White Tiger opens Saint Altar, distant place suddenly presents a big piece was dashing about wildly Demon and Devil, these Demon and Devil appearance are fierce, crazy roaring hiss is rushing ahead, moreover several Demon and Devil that leads are very powerful. Is that fellow injures my!” Lu Qinlian is pointing at a mourning clothes man of lead. Is Saint Devil, has not thought that your unexpectedly can live!” White Tiger took a deep breath. Saint Devil! Before White Tiger had said Saint Devil situated in existence between god and immortal, but here some expert also some parts know that existence of Saint Devil, heard White Tiger saying that in people heart with amazement. That mourning clothes man sees White Tiger to send the merit to open Saint Altar, hits to be together black light in the distant place, is terrorist. White Tiger loudly shouted, in the mouth also spouted together black light, directly the attack of that mourning clothes man melting.

Who are you?” That mourning clothes man is very surprised, is Saint Devil he, his attack unexpectedly was melted easily. Saint Altar glittering had light glow at this time, White Tiger has not replied him, drinks one stuffily, opens Saint Altar completely, left Sacred Dan World! The people long relaxed, but actually more shocking White Tiger strength, unexpectedly can with that Saint Devil confrontation, the people dread this Subduing Dragon Sect's Great Elder at this time! After eye a while ago white light glittering, people arrived at outside Heavenly Thunder City that Saint Altar! However, at this time this Saint Altar unexpectedly surrounds by troop Evil Demon and devil! Is some are small, we return to Bewitching Sound Paradise first, they cannot block our.” The beautiful woman of Lu Qinlian to two maturity said that then leaps the upper air. At this time the people also in abundance return to their influence, because Demon and Devil has attacked, they must sharply go back to have a look at the situation! Master, you must help Xianxian they, they just took over control of Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire and Icewind Valley.” Shen Xiang was saying to Huang Jintian. Brother, I but now Icewind Valley's Dean, you do not need to be worried my.” Leng Youlan light of face murdering. husband, I will favor her, you do not need to be worried about us, you must look after itself good actually, now the situation is so complex. Demon and Devil attacks Human Territory, they definitely very much want to snatch your Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, in order to avoid you cause very big destruction to them.” Xue Xianxian also very kindly said. Xianxian, you have grown up.” Shen Xiang caresses Xue Xianxian's maturity not to lose the handsome face lightly, smiled. Xue Xianxian, Leng Youlan and Wu Qianqian, these three females they depart with Huang Jintian, return to Chenwu Mainland.

Now many Demon and Devil rushed to Saint Altar, but Shen Xiang, Li Baojun and White Tiger also on this. Has not thought that the change is so rapid!” White Tiger looks Demon and Devil that rushes ahead vast, cannot help but sighed: Evil Demon are most, is easiest to stir up, has not thought that entire Heavenly Thunder City fell to the enemy!” That crowd of rebel influences were annihilated in Sacred Dan World did not say, but also got so far as Sacred Dan World to go Big Shot of Emperor Heaven all influences, causing here not to have expert, made monster Devil Territory have an opportunity, now happiest should be Demon and Devil World Big Shot!” Li Baojun in the plan of Sacred Dan World, although was broken, but he in the Sacred Dan World harvest is many, especially can obtain the direction of Du Hai. But Wu Qianqian with Hua Xiangyue is also same, is under the instruction of Du Hai, this can ask them little to leave many tortuous paths. In these Evil Demon, there are much takes the stump residual limbs of some humanity to eat the food, at the same time clashes. Shen Xiang angrily said: This group of fellows!” The angry Shen Xiang double fist grasps, suddenly presented a translucent white light cover, covers this Saint Altar all around Demon and Devil, his body is fluctuating very strong space power! Li Baojun and White Tiger only know after Shen Xiang fusion space profound bead, can carry on the space to shuttle back and forth, does not know that the striking power is what kind, they also think that space profound bead does not have the striking power, but looking back now, the striking power is not weak! Space, separation!” Shen Xiang is drinking lowly, the body erupts very wild space strength, sees is only only covered covered Demon and Devil that he released a moment ago, these fierce bodies, among suddenly turned into several. Demon and Devil that these rush ahead, in completely was cut instantaneously with space strength by Shen Xiang. Li Baojun and in White Tiger heart secret surprised, uses the strength attack of space, unexpectedly is so fierce.