World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1135
After innumerable Demon and Devil were cut, Li Baojun also showed one's skill, sees only all around earth suddenly to emit the raging flame, burns down the ash these Demon and Devil broken corpses. When they are about to leave, this Saint Altar suddenly shivers! Some people must transmit from that side, should be that Saint Devil a moment ago!” White Tiger one startled, hastily stamps the feet, releases his powerful strength, broke Saint Altar of under foot. That side has Saint Devil, Old Du they should not have the matter! Elder Sister Long and Xiangyue they also in that side.” Shen Xiang worried. Does not need to be worried that Sacred Dan World also has the fierce human fellow, that side has Pill Saint to exist, this fellow is fearful!” White Tiger has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder. After White Tiger went to Sacred Dan World, took a stroll in Sacred Dan World, he should see these expert! We return to Subduing Dragon City!” Shen Xiang they can only fly, because Heavenly Thunder City Teleportation Formation has ruined. On the road, Shen Xiang asked: Senior, you and Dragon Emperor have fought, is his strength what kind of?” Initially Dragon Emperor appeared, must attack Liu Meng'er they, White Tiger appeared luckily promptly. Has not met in the past the standard of Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, but was also quick, from now on he will be very likely new Great Emperor of Ten Heavens!” White Tiger said: Although your potential is very big, but you cannot overtake him in a short time.” That Saint Devil, the strength and do Dragon Emperor compare to be also what kind of?” Shen Xiang also asked. Dragon Emperor be stronger than Saint Devil!” White Tiger said.

„After crossing Nirvana Ninth Tribulation, is Realm of immortal, is divided into Human Immortal, Immortal Monarch and Immortal King three stages! Before each stage is divided, late stage. But on the boundary of immortal also has many Realm, but words that oneself proclaim oneself emperor, was the strength arrived at the peak. If not proclaim oneself emperor, says Heavenly Venerate, quite famous is Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable, this fellow is a humanity that I compare to admire! Although there is very formidable strength, ambition that but he has not actually proclaimed oneself emperor.” White Tiger emotionally said: Does not know where Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable went, if he goes to the more higher world , was a pity!” More higher world? Before Shen Xiang, knows that Ice Dragon is very difficult to mix there, really so, to have more formidable strength, goes to the more higher world to, otherwise is hard adolescence, Liu Meng'er their several are also so. But Huang Jintian this peculiar genius exception, Shen Xiang, although is his apprentice, but actually does not know that Huang Jintian is any background. All the way, they see in Human Territory full are Demon and Devil, these Demon and Devil are cruel, they also kill, moreover says the ruthless words to Demon and Devil Big Shot, requesting them to withdraw fast, otherwise , the opportunity of negotiating will not have, will kill! The Subduing Dragon City front door shuts tightly, but outside full is Demon and Devil, many Demon and Devil attempt to fly, or crawls, but has not actually succeeded, was opened by the Subduing Dragon City large formation ball completely, as for nearby Evil Dragon Burial Ground, has ruined many Demon and Devil lives. After Shen Xiang they come back, let Yan Yanran and Lan Lan was more relaxed, now Shen Xiang and Li Baojun has taken over control, making Zhu Rong they rest. At this time White Tiger must depart, now Emperor Heaven expert not many, Shen Xiang and Li Baojun can deal with, White Tiger and Shen Xiang together, the harvest are also many, obtains Law of Darkness profound bead, he also very feels grateful Shen Xiang. Just before leaving before, White Tiger is leading the White Tiger Fighting Clan person, is all clear Subduing Dragon City outside Demon and Devil, this also made Shen Xiang they save many matters. Everybody rests first, these days everybody was laborious, now does not have what good worry, so long as these Demon and Devil dare to come, we extinguish them, coming many to extinguish many.” Shen Xiang is also very depressed at this time, if not that Saint Devil and Saint Demon World disrupts his plan, he still carries on his plan in Sacred Dan World now, he has gotten so far as Earth Level High-Grade Dan herbs in Sacred Dan World luckily.

Elder Li, here gave you, I had an important matter to do!” Shen Xiang has not forgotten with the agreement of Ancient Fire Beast. Now he crossed the Nirvana six tribulations, initially Ancient Fire Beast had said that so long as he crossed the Nirvana five tribulations, was OK. Just shortly after came back, Shen Xiang left, Subduing Dragon City Teleportation Formation established outside, at this time was destroyed completely, he can only go to other cities, this can fast going to Chenwu Mainland. He planned that after Ancient Fire Beast puts, goes to Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire to look for Xue Xianxian, they are husband and wife, but the together time is few, this makes him very guilty. Several troubles, he arrived at Chenwu Mainland finally, stands by Netherworld Abyss, he from Ice Dragon there had learned that this Ancient Fire Beast matter, is not a good-for-nothing, puts also to might as well, perhaps can also help him. Arrives at Netherworld Abyss below, Shen Xiang rushes fast is closing Ancient Fire Beast that cavern. Senior, hello!” Shen Xiang sees that huge Fire Lion to lie in the ground, closes one's eyes, his gently shouted. Ancient Fire Beast has opened the eye, looked at Shen Xiang, has hit a yawn: brat, what matter do you come to here to have? this Seat does not believe that your such good intention, accompanies me to chat!” I put you to exit, I crossed Nirvana six to plunder, should have enough strength!” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile. What?” Ancient Fire Beast fierce does, that huge body movement is extremely intense, causing the ground to tremble slightly. Shen Xiang sees Ancient Fire Beast that giant eye to torch, in the heart is somewhat panic-stricken.

little brat, hasn't this Seat said? You crossed the Nirvana five tribulations to come, you now? However, time probably in the past shortly after? Did you cross the Nirvana six tribulations?” Ancient Fire Beast wants to act crazy, but thinks the time, he is very excited, he estimated Shen Xiang needs many years to reach that level. I went to Sacred Dan World, I break through above, suddenly does not come back, therefore delayed.” Shen Xiang was considering that if wanted told Ancient Fire Beast the Ice Dragon time. Sacred Dan World? Was past alchemy that mountain corner? Now became an independent world?” Ancient Fire Beast said with amazement. Yes, but there present is very chaotic, but also presented Saint Devil, I almost did not come back!” Shen Xiang said. Snort, isn't Saint Devil? Let this Seat exit to extinguish him!” Ancient Fire Beast very excitedly rave. Shen Xiang knows that this Ancient Fire Beast is very strong, moreover is very impulsive, in the past also thought some duel fierce fellows, because of this by Ice Dragon here. How do I want to do to help you come out?” Shen Xiang asked. You go to earth core first, found that Earth Core Divine Tree root, has formation there, you found the way to destroy that's alright, the fellow in the past was like this this Seat sleepily here, didn't this bastard fellow know?” Some Ancient Fire Beast angrily said.