World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1136
Shen Xiang sees Ancient Fire Beast to be so angry, therefore did not plan that forgets his matter to say Ice Dragon, so as to avoid this big Fire Lion goes crazy. You clear?” Ancient Fire Beast sees Shen Xiang to be in a daze, loud voice asked. Knew.” Shen Xiang recovers, should say. Do not think the matter extremely simply, present earth core like before, the Emperor Heaven earth core temperature was very not high, moreover before perhaps in earth core after the fierce collision, will occur, has not had danger(ous) situation!” Ancient Fire Beast seriously said: „, After you found Earth Core Divine Tree, but also needs to destroy that formation, that formation easily does not make, depending on your present strength, probably needs a period of time, but this Seat , etc. and! Destroys that formation needs the flame, before this Seat, gives you Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit, is for this reason.” Shen Xiang left this cavern, walks on the familiar road, this Netherworld Abyss he has come several times, here not big change. He found that gate to earth core quickly, inserts Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade to open, a scalding hot air wave spout, burns a Shen Xiang skin burning pain. This earth core was really getting more and more hot!” Shen Xiang is panic-stricken, this sliding door has the 1st Stage very long distance from earth core, heat that but accumulates so is fierce, that earth core can be imagined. Before he can enter Evil Dragon Burial Ground also to enter through earth core, but that time earth core so is not terrorist, he does not know can one support, after all this is can the growth Earth Core Divine Tree place, moreover here might also be the new emperor day center. Rebirth Emperor Heaven adolescence, the earth core temperature is changing high is slowly inevitable, Shen Xiang rejoiced one can earlier enters Evil Dragon Burial Ground to obtain Dragon Vein from earth core, if crosses a period of time again, perhaps also has Ice Dragon this fellow to resist earth core that terrifying high temperature. Enters passage to earth core, although is very hot, but Shen Xiang can also be able to withstand, he had also practiced his fleshly body in this passage before, therefore he also plans to have a look at his fleshly body to be able strong.

With is the same, the earth core temperature that Ancient Fire Beast said is getting more and more terrorist, Shen Xiang walked half long journey regulation, cannot withstand, felt that the body is burningly painful , to continue again, perhaps he must be seriously injured, at this time he has to use Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor to protect itself. Does not know that can support Earth Core Divine Tree there!” Shen Xiang felt that at this time the duty arduous, he not only need find Earth Core Divine Tree, but must find tree hole in Earth Core Divine Tree there, then destroys powerful formations in inside. In that Earth Core Divine Tree tree hole should not be hot, otherwise the earth core hot thick liquid already burnt down that formation, does not know any technique that Ice Dragon uses, unexpectedly can in that place cloth next such fierce large formation!” Shen Xiang quickens pace, he feels earth core each in the enhancement temperature! So terrifying earth core, lets the entire Emperor Heaven adolescence key, this is also equal to the Emperor Heaven energy source, massive Spirit Qi evaporate from here. After the difficult advance, Shen Xiang came to front of a flame glittering cave entrance finally, has formation in this cave entrance, can prevent the hot thick liquid class to come, but the person can actually go out of this cave entrance with ease, enters the earth core world! Shen Xiang has rested the moment, deeply has attracted several tones, steps forward that cave entrance, arrived in a hot thick liquid sea, all around is piece of fiery red liquid, the temperature is high, moreover causes him to be hard to go forward, even if he has Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor to protect the body at this time, by that terrifying heat penetration, the whole body was been burningly painful. In this place, Shen Xiang is difficult, here space is also very firm, depending on his present strength, is hard to shake here space, goes through.

If he does not have other means that perhaps can only draw back, after him, has enough strength to come in again, but when the time comes this earth core also will become more terrorist. Initially Ancient Fire Beast can affirm that Shen Xiang was crossing the Nirvana five tribulations to enter earth core to save him, that is because he has not considered the matter of Emperor Heaven rebirth. Therefore at this time the fearfulness of earth core, far exceeded in the past the estimate of Ancient Fire Beast. Fire Dragon sword! With Ice Dragon Sword what you initially cannot resist the cold air? Gives a try with the Fire Dragon sword!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang hastily calls produce fire Dragon sword, afterward the unexpected matter occurred, sees only hot thick liquid suddenly to draw back he closely is wrapping, came from the hot thick liquid extrusion in all directions to not gasp for breath, but all around several feet places centered on Fire Dragon sword, does not have the hot thick liquid to come in now, heat does not have! This Fire Dragon sword is really fierce, not only can have control flame mysterious strength, but can also to subdue|grams refrigerating, no wonder initially the Sacred Dragon Mountain fellow had that big self-confidence to win me!” Shen Xiang praised, but Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade does not have this ability. Heard Fire Dragon, but earth core breeds, the forging material of Fire Dragon sword also came from earth core!” Long Xueyi said. dragon brat, are your White Dragon swords what kind of? Where knows?” Shen Xiang suddenly is very curious, the might of other Seven Saint Dragons swords, Ice Dragon Sword and Fire Dragon sword he experienced to cross, but the Holy Dragon sword was also good, can make the user release the strength of very formidable Holy Dragon, can increase time of promotion. Does not know, but I have the clue, after you, arrives at Heaven World, has a look to look again, our White Dragon swords are very fierce, when the time comes you knew!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang to the present does not know that what special strength White Dragon has, but from the Long Xueyi present situation, probably be fiercer than other dragons, because Long Xueyi can also use many attribute strength.

Has the help of Fire Dragon sword, Shen Xiang walks in this earth core is convenient, he wants to go most under to have a look first, after he sinks a period of time, felt that the Fire Dragon sword is shivering, does not dare to continue. Earth Core Divine Tree in the Ancient Fire Beast been stranded that direction, Shen Xiang, so long as confirmed the good direction, found Earth Core Divine Tree, then found that tree hole above, even if completes the larger part work. The asylum of to rely on Fire Dragon sword, Shen Xiang runs in earth core like the wind, had found not long that very huge Earth Core Divine Tree, that bough is very giant, moreover passes the red, seems probably is a velamen heat giant iron pole. Shen Xiang was worried that tree hole in root, but the root is a very deep place, even if he has the Fire Dragon sword unable to go to that place, now he has around the thick bough, to seek for that tree hole. Position that tree hole is in the deep place, Shen Xiang did not need one to find all day, this made him feel relieved. After entering tree hole, in this is really a very cool place, fills with the Ice Dragon unique ice cold aura, moreover some incorruptible, hole ** red light that comes in according to incorruptible, making in this redder.