World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1137

Earth Core Divine Tree this tree hole inside space is very big, but actually does not affect the growth of this Earth Core Divine Tree, moreover in this did not have no heat, is very mysterious. Shen Xiang saw that formation under Ice Dragon cloth, this formation is very unusual, can to rely on entire Earth Core Divine Tree strength surround Ancient Fire Beast, arranges the technique is very wise. formation spirit pattern was covered by a thick ice, Shen Xiang has attempted, is unable to chop into pieces with Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, can see these ice is not the ordinary ice piece. Long Xueyi said: „It is not Profound Ice, should be Ice Dragon uses strongest strength, the ice that condense comes out, is not that easily can chop into pieces. Snort, this big lion, transfers to your matter is so difficult, comes up later to make him give you several Earth Core Divine Fruit to be good.” Shen Xiang emits Universe Fire, said: Can with burning down to be able really to melt?” He has tried, ice, although has not fused, but has the shaken sign, this method is feasible, but the frozen entire formation ice piece is similar to great mountain-like is big, when can burn to can melt completely? Moreover this tree hole cave entrance already outside heat isolation, otherwise he can absorb outside these fire Qi fast, uses the fire of Heaven Refining to burn down. It seems like can only consume own thing!” Shen Xiang puts out that bottle of Astral Yang Holy Water, this Astral Yang Holy Water each drop is rich Immortal Qi, if he drinks up, can use Heaven Refining Technique, urges to send out the fire of formidable Heaven Refining. Owed in a big way, came up the place to take several Earth Core Divine Fruit to make up to that big fellow is really good.” Shen Xiang drinks up entire bottle of Astral Yang Holy Water, then revolution Heaven Refining Technique, turns into the flame rich Immortal Qi, fuses his Universe Fire again, making him have very wild flame. Bang! Bang! Bang!

He double holds condense this wild scalding hot strength, the unceasing bang hits that giant thick ice of under foot, these wild scalding hot strength, are similar to lightning is ordinary, passes through the thick ice, will make cracks. „The fire of Heaven Refining really very much burns the energy, Astral Yang Holy Water did not have many all of a sudden!” Shen Xiang puts out Divine Craftsman's Hammer, is thrashing the thick ice of under foot crazily. This Divine Craftsman's Hammer effect is good, after Shen Xiang scalding hot flame strength pours into, again uses Divine Craftsman's Hammer to release, strength that thrashes has huge penetrating power, he has hit several hundred hammers, covered that large formation thick ice to disrupt similarly. At this time these ice sludge are better to melt! Following ten days, Shen Xiang exhausts the skills, finally arrived at this tree hole deep place, his both feet steps in that formation. Now is easier!” Shen Xiang puts out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, chops to chop these spirit pattern, the spirit pattern junction will cut off completely. After large formation was ruined, place suddenly of formation center reappears is similar to the ruby common round bead, sends out produce fire red dazzling light glow! What is this?” Shen Xiang hastily holds this stone, only feels strength of very terrifying flame, but has not actually attacked him. Is the crystallization of Earth Core Divine Tree within the body?” Long Xueyi also feels surprised. „......” Shen Xiang suddenly calls out in alarm: This stone must enter my body......”

Shen Xiang grips tightly the crystallization of this Earth Core Divine Tree within the body, the hand is shivering, after he spreads out the palm, saw only this fiery red round bead to have half to integrate his palm. terrible, this thing in devour my Universe Fire Spirit......” Shen Xiang complexion big change, but at this time an intermittent lion roar is transmitting, perhaps that Ancient Fire Beast came out, but he has actually met this danger(ous). That mysterious bead submerged in his palm completely, moreover turns into strength, breaks in his body fiercely, fires into various whole body places, making him feel that the body is similar to by the innumerable heat needle stabbing pain like that. My Universe Fire Spirit...... is changing, what's all this about?” Shen Xiang suddenly thought that crystal should integrate his body, is strengthening his Fire Spirit. Shen Xiang's body suddenly wells up a severe pain, this is similar to fuses Fire Spirit to be like that uncomfortable, he pours in the ground is tumbling, does not know how long, he had discovered he was entrained the arm by a person, then by Latvia's shuttle to a very burning hot place. At this time he is very sober, he guessed that some people had found him, then pulls out tree hole him, goes through in the earth core hot thick liquid! Accompanies this Seat many years of Earth Core Divine Tree, like this had been ruined by your brat, his paternal grandmother! My Earth Core Spirit Crystal,......” Shen Xiang hears a person to complain unceasingly, unexpectedly was Ancient Fire Beast entrains him, but at this time the pain intensified, keeping him from controlling the entire body, but also fell into the stupor the condition. Two days passed by, Shen Xiang wakes up finally, he only sees a red clothed middle age to stare him. You are...... Ancient Fire Beast Senior?” Shen Xiang suddenly has thought of anything, before he heard Ancient Fire Beast to complain, that Earth Core Spirit Crystal was given to rob by him.

this Seat, you fuse well! However your flame has not achieved the Heavenly Fire rank, your flame potential was too astonishing, once erupts, your this degree of body, cannot withstand.” Ancient Fire Beast said. Shen Xiang, knows if long ago one break through the flame forcefully, will ruin oneself, but at this time he fused that any Earth Core Spirit Crystal, must be fiercer! full beard of Ancient Fire Beast whole face, the look is very aggressive, the words that the child sees, will possibly be frightened to cry. If my flame did break through? Was that Heavenly Fire?” Shen Xiang asked that in him was regarding within the body, could not see that anything came, Universe Fire Spirit, did not have what change with before, he does not know that Earth Core Spirit Crystal has brought any advantage to him. Earth Core Spirit Crystal is the heart of Earth Core Divine Tree, was obtained by you! You know that what Earth Core Spirit Crystal does mean? That is the seed of Divine Fire, Divine Fire...... It is not Heavenly Fire this child thing can compare.” The Ancient Fire Beast words shocked Shen Xiang! Words that you will break through next time, should be Universe Sacred Fire! This was very fierce flame, with similar of this Seat. However your fleshly body is too weak, the words that you break through forcefully, will only kill themselves! You had the type of Divine Fire, later must practice Divine Fire to be also easier, but you do not have enough formidable fleshly body are incorrect.” Ancient Fire Beast arrives at mountain cave entrance, looks at outside Lan Tian, he has carried over Netherworld Abyss Shen Xiang: What you have to ask? this Seat must walk immediately.” I want to ask that has the matter about Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, where did I obtain Earth Slaughtering Technique, Spirit Slaughtering Technique and Heaven Slaughtering Technique, I want to know other Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique? I always thought words that I do not collect, is very difficult to practice.” Shen Xiang very bold asking.