World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1138
What? Do you have these many Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique?” The Ancient Fire Beast shock, he shook the head: this Seat cannot tell you, although you obtained many Qi Shi things, but does not represent certainly will tell you.” Shen Xiang suddenly decided that surrounds his matter to say Ice Dragon, is mad air/Qi fellow. I have seen Ice Dragon, in Sacred Dan World, he has built Ice Dragon Sword, leaves him in a Sacred Dan World human family, named Long Family!” Shen Xiang suddenly said. Really, Ancient Fire Beast is excited: Then?” Then did not have!” Shen Xiang curled the lip to say. Ancient Fire Beast is angry, seizes the Shen Xiang's front piece: brat, said to me honestly!” Shen Xiang shakes the head saying: I did not say that says you to massacre my.” „Will this Seat possibly massacre you? Although your this young bastard made Earth Core Spirit Crystal, but good and bad was also the this Seat benefactor!” Ancient Fire Beast hastily lets loose Shen Xiang. I, since is your benefactor, why you didn't tell me other Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique whereabouts?” In the Shen Xiang heart is not feeling well very much, although won Ancient Fire Beast to stare at many years treasure. You obtained Earth Core Spirit Crystal, you also think how this Seat does repay you?” Ancient Fire Beast the fire is big immediately. „Is that I earns? You have the skill, didn't you make before? I used very big vigor to go to that tree hole, beat open these thick ice, destroyed that large formation, then that Earth Core Spirit Crystal drilled into my body on oneself, I do not want to obtain difficultly.” Shen Xiang smiled: Was inferior that we make an exchange, where I know Ice Dragon, I also know why you hate Ice Dragon!”

Ancient Fire Beast said while loudly laughing: „Before this Seat, because was surrounded, can with your this human little rascal transaction! You do not know that Ice Dragon and this Seat are good friends? this Seat asks him to vent anger, does not treat as the personal enemy him, you think that your this can make this Seat reveal the Qi Shi conceal merit the place?” Qi Shi is my good friend, without his agreement, this Seat does not reveal him to hide the merit absolutely the place, only if he lives, nods assent in front of this Seat.” The Ancient Fire Beast words are very firm, Shen Xiang low coldly snorted: Ice Dragon and I have said that in the past he was because handled other matters to forget that put you, made you be stranded in that suffering injustice place was so long! If not I raises, he will not remember this matter!” What? Because forgot? This ruthless insect, owes this Seat to treat as the brothers to regard him!” Ancient Fire Beast flies into a rage: Because this damn insect has forgotten, this Seat was stranded is so long, I must teach him maliciously!” But this is also Ancient Fire Beast racks brains for many years to think the unclear place, because Ice Dragon had told him at that time, will put him, but these many years have not come, moreover he and Ice Dragon relationship is also very good, therefore he finally thinks Ice Dragon, because died has not put him to come out. But now Shen Xiang makes him know a fact of acceptance, moreover he did not suspect, because Ice Dragon forgot that the important matter is not one time two. May let alone be I said that some of my many matters were busy, say goodbye!” Shen Xiang stood up, has patted buttocks, must depart the cave, but was actually blocked by Ancient Fire Beast. „Did little rascal, quickly where tell this Seat that dead insect?” Ancient Fire Beast loud voice asked. I do not know!” Shen Xiang let go. Snort, this Seat can tell you Qi Shi conceal merit place, but you, if dies there do not blame this Seat.” Ancient Fire Beast said.

You did not say a moment ago wants Great Emperor of Ten Heavens resurrect, nods before you, will you tell me?” The Shen Xiang whole face does not believe. „Does little rascal, where hurry saying that dead insect?” Ancient Fire Beast stared his one eyes. You must tell me first, other Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique where.” Shen Xiang is not easily swindled. „Is this Seat likely the person of that talking big? Will this Seat deceive your this little rascal to be inadequate?” Ancient Fire Beast is infuriated, wants to repair one very much this hateful little rascal. You had talked a moment ago big, you said that did not tell me absolutely, but also says now.” Shen Xiang curls the lip saying: If you said first, if I did not say that or deceives you, then you can massacre me!” But if you act shamelessly, I do not have the means with you, the words that therefore you spoke first will be quite fair.” Ancient Fire Beast took a deep breath, said: In Saint Beast Ancient Domain, I only knows that in this place has Beast Slaughtering Technique, but there this Seat and place of Qi Shi birth, in how I do not know now, if some of your also many beasts, that strength very strong that's it, this place should also in Emperor Heaven!” „The Emperor Heaven fission rearranges, the position I am not clear, you inquired!” Shen Xiang has not thought that Emperor Heaven also has such a place, after he remembers that name, said: Ice Dragon said the place that he is at now is very fierce, he said that he mixes very badly there, I think that should be a higher world, if you go, definitely with him almost.” This fellow unexpectedly went to that place, no wonder, this Seat knew, bye!” Ancient Fire Beast departs the cave, saw only presented black big hole in his front, after he drilled into that big hole, on vanish from sight.

Saint Beast Ancient Domain, where do you know?” Shen Xiang inquired in the Hidden Jade Ring three females. Does not know that this is the Emperor Heaven matter, we are not clear.” Bai Youyou sighed. Shen Xiang thought that White Tiger definitely knows, waits for the time to ask, if still in Emperor Heaven, he must take before transcend. Left this place, Shen Xiang arrived at Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, he planned and Xue Xianxian together before on a period of time, had a look at her to need anything to help while convenient. However according to the Xue Xianxian's adolescence speed, she impossible dull too to be at present long in Emperor Heaven, the appearance of Emperor Heaven, the resources also become richer, therefore the good seedling of this new times, the strength to promote the rapidness, does not think that beforehand these old fellow are so difficult. Shen Xiang is taking Liu Meng'er to his special token, entered Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's Imperial Palace, Xue Xianxian lived in the former Liu Meng'er's residence, what surprised him somewhat was, Leng Youlan also here, moreover studied formation with Xue Xianxian together. Leng Youlan this violence female, unexpectedly can also gentle sitting there wholly absorbed research [say / way] of formation and refiner, making Shen Xiang think own vertigo. Shen Xiang quietly arrives in the lawn in that courtyard, stands is watching in the one side carefully, looks that Leng Youlan described these complex incomparable spirit pattern carefully, in the heart cannot help but sighs with emotion, this younger sister grew up.