World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1140
Shen Xiang has hit, recalled that and Liu Meng'er's all sorts of romantic matters, he said very much calm: Has? Don't I remember? I have been very good to her! Has not bullied her.” At the same time was depressed in Leng Youlan at this time, she has not thought of the young couple to meet, unexpectedly will talk about her Master, moreover she is very difficult to understand relation. She in the emotion is an idiot, naturally cannot ravel Shen Xiang already with Liu Meng'er on well, makes her be puzzling. Heard that Dragon Emperor initially can attack you? Right?” Shen Xiang hear of White Tiger have mentioned, thinks that this matter he is angry, solemn Dragon Emperor, unexpectedly to one crowd of strengths the woman who under he will be weaker than the cruel methods, he understands that now Long Xueyi that will hate why present Imperial Dragon Clan. The Xue Xianxian nod said: Um, your Subduing Dragon Sect's Great Elder suddenly appears luckily, we do not have the matter! The Dragon Emperor son is not you kills, he copes with us perhaps for Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, is really not a thing.” Temperament fiery Leng Youlan jumped immediately, angrily said: This old smelly dragon is a bastard, the old lady sooner or later will take away his dragon tendon, moves his dragon scales, crumb his dragon egg, making him rampant, gets what one deserves own bastard son to be chopped! Brother, are you so useless? Why massacres that small tortoise dragon the person is not you? If you butchers, that is good!” Worthily is my White Dragon [lineage/vein], has prospects!” Long Xueyi excitedly said, supports the Leng Youlan's words. The Shen Xiang forehead sweats slightly, this White Dragon [lineage/vein] are probably inborn on specially anti- Imperial Dragon Clan. Actually he also very much wants to tell the younger sister of this violence, Holy Dragon Crown Prince is he cuts, quite lets her proud, but he worried that Leng Youlan cannot provide lodging own mouth, if revealed to trouble. Brother, the younger sister I support Subduing Dragon Sect that you establish, later withers these elegantly beautiful noble Imperial Dragon specially! Your Subduing Dragon Sect must leave a position to me, waits to obtain the agreement of Master, I hire oneself your you, kills the dragon with you specially.” Leng Youlan was saying was saying, puts out that to wield the formidable big sword. Xue Xianxian had already been used to such Leng Youlan, but smiles. Was similar to Shen Xiang has been used to Long Xueyi such. Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan also put down matter on hand at this time, talked at random with Shen Xiang, is chatting various types of things, a day quick on the past.

Night, room inside remembers the neutral tone that is overwhelmed with emotion persuasively to recite tenderly, Shen Xiang and Xue Xianxian, although is husband and wife, but the matter of good men and women is few, now they are making up, heartily enjoys this peak happy...... The sky is about to have shone, Shen Xiang and Xue Xianxian double cultivation ends, Xue Xianxian recovers from the comfortable aftertaste, felt that True Qi in within the body has striven much, then has hammered the Shen Xiang's chest. rascal husband, you so are how skilled, last night quickly killed others. To be honest, do you practice with whom?” The Xue Xianxian whole face jealousy said. Shen Xiang is hugging fragrant tender sweet and pretty beautiful person, looks at that because last night watered, but appeared more beautiful jade face: Wanted to be comfortable?” little rascal!” Xue Xianxian is charmingly angry: To be honest, do you have outside is a womanizer, carelessly do not damage others.” I have not certainly acted unreasonably!” Shen Xiang hastily answered. You how...... Then is skilled, the experience is very probably rich, pattern that many! You only crossed not to have before many times with me. Honest, is Qianqian?” Xue Xianxian steps to sit on the Shen Xiang's navel, is watching intently Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang looks at smooth Xue Xianxian, a pair of bad hand has not traced very much honestly, but was actually opened. Is the Xiangyue girl!” Shen Xiang curled the lip, then sits, grasps Xue Xianxian, planned that once more and this is full of the incomparable enticement the Little Fairy duplicate rain to turn cloud.

Snort, I know! You finally this female slave eating, necrosis!” Xue Xianxian is pinching the meat on Shen Xiang arm vigorously. Shen Xiang laughed, presents the incomparably romantic spring scene along with the rear apartments in...... In the morning, Shen Xiang arrives in the courtyard, seeing Leng Youlan one to hold the fragrant cheek, the beautiful white hair is somewhat disorderly, Shen Xiang helped her comb in the past, but on her face full is disgruntled. Xue Xianxian walks, feels the Leng Youlan's cheek, happily said with a smile: Was last night I not with your together, aren't you happy?” Leng Youlan tenderly snorted and said: Your last night together played the game, played that happily, did not take me, you were quite selfish!” Shen Xiang looked at Xue Xianxian one, inquires Xue Xianxian likely, how not to teach the general knowledge in this aspects to this white hair beautiful woman, did her one age, did not know the matter in this aspect. I have taught to her, but how she actually does not ravel that is a matter...... Your this little rascal, were you and she had kissed before?” Xue Xianxian to Shen Xiang sound transmission, scolded one tenderly. Shen Xiang truly and Leng Youlan has kissed, he has coughed two, sits side Leng Youlan, said: Good younger sister, this is the matter that among husband and wife can handle, that is a very intimate action......” Leng Youlan thinks that said: Is your previous and Senior Sister does in the cave? What does not have at the worst? Did not remove completely has held together, then the kiss mouth, traces the body, was up and down again, one after the other anything. Should you not make this to make an evening? You are really bored!”

Shen Xiang was choked by the Leng Youlan's words, he has thought that said: Right, this is very bored matter, is among husband and wife enhancement sentiment one behavior, moreover can practice in this way, can promote the strength!” Leng Youlan at present one bright: Promotion strength? This also?” Xue Xianxian sees the situation not to be right, she knows, if continues again, Leng Youlan is certainly shouting Shen Xiang and she plays that game, her hastily gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: Master has said that you now are best not to bump the body of Youlan, she said that the body of Youlan now is very fearful, she worried that you and Youlan act unreasonably, disaster that causing is hard to tidy up.” „Has Sister Meng'er said really like this? How she knows that I can meet such with Youlan?” Shen Xiang traces the Leng Youlan's white hair. Your previous time has won Youlan initially kisses, this girl wishes one could entire day under to know that your this little rascal is really, already knows that you receive the younger sister to have the bad goal! Jing Jing (quietly), she now is also your younger sister, referred to uncertain that day being given to eat by you, humph, humph!” Felt that the Xue Xianxian jealousy sends greatly, Shen Xiang hastily avoids her look, he wants to pledge very much, when he initially received Leng Youlan and Dongfang Jing is sworn sister, the goal absolutely is chaste incomparable, just afterward development truly stemmed from his anticipation. When the Leng Youlan plan pesters, courtyard suddenly presents together the sound: Big Dean, but Dean! Has the urgent matter report, the ghost killer person moves near Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, moreover these days, our Divine Weapon Sect has several disciples of going out to be missing, we suspect are the hands under ghost killer!” After Leng Youlan hears, hastily opens door, big angrily said: Where do ghost killer that group of bastards appear and disappear? The old ladies go to castrate them now, dares to start to our Divine Weapon Sect, I must extinguish entire Ghost Killer Sect!”