World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1141
What out of the door is a middle-aged beautiful woman, she sees in the courtyard to have the man, cannot help but surprised, but careful looked that discovered this handsome and charming man looks familiar, who she recognized this man quickly is! Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean, Shen Xiang! Xue Xianxian is the Shen Xiang's wife, Leng Youlan is Shen Xiang's sworn sister, this matter Emperor Heaven people are clear, Shen Xiang also is very here normal, but this middle-aged beautiful woman is first time personally sees Shen Xiang, therefore appears very surprised. Youlan, calm!” Xue Xianxian has drawn Leng Youlan, was saying to that middle-aged beautiful woman: Kind elder sister, sends out the Dark Hall person to investigate first clearly, simultaneously there person withdrawal, then sends several skilled people to camouflage the ordinary disciple, looked that can direct these people! If discovered that had ghost killer to appear, making the Dark Hall person all kill them, did not remain.” Before Shen Xiang, and ghost killer has fought, is one crowd with the toxin with the concealed or hidden weapon greatly strengthened fellow, assassinates the aspect to have one very much. Um, knew, has the latest news, I notify again!” This was called the kind elder sister's beautiful woman to look at Shen Xiang one, then departed fast. I had butchered ten silver surface ghost killer before, wants me to get rid? If in Chenwu Mainland in view of your Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's words, this is equal to does right with Extreme Martial Sect and Danxiang Taoyuan. Should be a little sect of strength.” Shen Xiang said. Brother, takes me!” Leng Youlan air/Qi: Dares to our Divine Weapon Sect person fight, I must make this group of fellows die like a dog.” Xue Xianxian said: Youlan, who investigates first clearly is starts! That place is so big, the words that you arrive, ran away in fear the person, where do you go to look for these rascal?” Shen Xiang touches her head saying: Right, listens to Xianxian's, can get rid, she can go with you.” Um!” Leng Youlan nodded, then said: Brother, I and Senior Sister must be busy studying formation, you go to other place to play first, in the evening comes back again.”

Really clever!” Shen Xiang smiled. Shen Xiang leaves Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, arrives at Extreme Martial Sect through Teleportation Formation, those who let his accident is, Extreme Martial Sect's Dean has traded, no longer was Gu Dongchen, but was a very young elder, the strength was also very powerful. New Extreme Martial Sect Dean named Chen Jiatian, looks like the appearance of middle-aged person, but actually crossed martial artist of Nirvana eight tribulations, he also knew Shen Xiang, in the past when Shen Xiang was little rascal, entered Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm. Elder Chen, has not thought that you became Extreme Martial Sect's Dean, Ha Ha!” Shen Xiang has patted the shoulder of Chen Jiatian. Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming these older generations, want certainly transcend, therefore the position transmission of Dean, other sect is also similar. Your brat, but Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean, moreover had the fame more than me.” Chen Jiatian said with a smile. Exchanged greetings with Chen Jiatian, Shen Xiang arrived in Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm. Huang Jintian, Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming are practicing in a forest, Shen Xiang comes to induce to their aura, then came. Young bastard, a woman is fragrant, where comes?” Huang Jintian suddenly appeared in Shen Xiang's behind, has come up in the Shen Xiang's head maliciously a fist, hit Shen Xiang to lie in the ground is calling out. Although the Shen Xiang's strength has been increased, but had projected on by a Huang Jintian fist, obviously this Huang Jintian's strength is such powerful.

Master...... your this old monster.” Shen Xiang feels the head, scolded one lowly. He thinks he crossed the Nirvana six tribulations, the strength also calculates well, but this Huang Jintian's sneak attack still keeps him from shunting. Snort, does not have a strength, how can teach your this young bastard?” Huang Jintian is staring Shen Xiang, shouted to clear the way: You are really big at the matter that Sacred Dan World makes, unexpectedly snatched that seven Primal Chaos Fire Token.” Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen know Shen Xiang to arrive, walks from the forest, seeing this Young Martial Uncle to be taught by Huang Jintian this old lunatic, they have smiled cannot help but. That thing danger(ous), do you know very much?” Huang Jintian knows Primal Chaos Fire Token something probably. Naturally knows that what is not summons Nine Heavenly Devil Palace?” Shen Xiang stands, the low voice whisper said. „Isn't Nine Heavenly Devil Palace fierce? Any Immortal King Saint Devil went in must plant in inside, this was thing that injured someone very much, you knew well, do not make!” Huang Jintian very serious reproving. Gu Dongchen happily said with a smile: Young Martial Uncle, we wanted transcend quickly, Master Ancestor when the time comes can also go with us on the way, was rare you to come to here, he will definitely make the best use of the time to teach you well, so as to avoid, your strength was too strong, does not hit you.” I guess that is also this!” Shen Xiang smiled. Young bastard, we must walk quickly, can you support here? That does Great Elder of your side, depend on? Did you pay very big price to invite keep up the appearance? Will he walk from now on? The fellow of that strength, will definitely not stay is too long.” Huang Jintian said that must leave this piece of him to stay many years lands, he also feels somewhat moved. Does not have the issue!” Shen Xiang said very much self-confidently that as the leader of new times, he did not fear others threaten him.

Huang Jintian said: three realms great war after we leave formally starts, these Evil Demon devils could not endure, has hit completely, is very difficult to urge, can only extinguish them, our Chenwu Mainland's strength is very strong, this you do not need to be worried, moreover there is Demon Empress top, these Evil Demon and devils do not dare to act unreasonably.” „After coming up, we are one crowd are young, is similar to from the beginning starts, your Eldest Senior Brother has good foundation above luckily, we will come up also to cross well, you will not need to be worried about us. As for this Extreme Martial Sect's matter, you did not need to pay attention, you consolidate your Subduing Dragon Sect well, I was very clear your Subduing Dragon Sect's weight, although now looks like very fierce, but actually very empty.” Shen Xiang nodded: Knew! I a bit faster will look your.” After Huang Jintian they chatted one next, Shen Xiang has the disconsolate mood to depart, arrives at Danxiang Taoyuan, now Wu Qianqian is here Dean, Hua Xiangyue in Sacred Dan World, should also quick transcend, but Wu Qianqian certainly must speed up promoting alchemy technique now, soon will become Dan King, can build up Heaven Level pill. Hua Xiangyue has given her many high level herbs, she is also very rare and precious, does not dare to be negligent, but before Danxiang Taoyuan, does not have Hua Xiangyue , can also the Changyun extension, but Wu Qianqian does not need to take care too many matters, can feel at ease alchemy. After Shen Xiang enters Danxiang Taoyuan, directly enters Immortal's cave that only then Dean can go, Wu Qianqian is reorganizing herbs in inside at this time. Shen Xiang sees Wu Qianqian to reorganize abandoning herbs that on the tabletop places, asked: Is the plan abandons herbs to build up the hand with these?”