World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1142

Shen Xiang's arrives, making Wu Qianqian be somewhat surprised, her hastily puts down living on hand. Really is rare, has not thought that you can look for me.” Wu Qianqian greeted Shen Xiang to sit down, then poured tea to him, on the face was having very delightful smiling face. Here has a fragrant beauty, I later often will come certainly.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, Wu Qianqian fragrance was very unusual, Shen Xiang smelled each time, comfortable of not being able saying that making him want to hold in the arms Wu Qianqian very much, approached sucked in that wonderful fragrance. Shen Xiang helps herbs that Wu Qianqian reorganizes these to abandon, while asked: „Wasn't Xiangyue, you familiar with? Or goes to and Xianxian their together, but they are also are very probably busy all day.” Um, later said again, when I promote here alchemy technique first, I can only refine Earth Level High-Grade Dan now, has not become Dan King . Moreover the strength is also quite faint, but also cannot amount to something! Must promote the strength in any case , a person carries on alone.” Wu Qianqian once was Extreme Martial Sect's number one beauty, at that time she was very proud, but had been taught after by Shen Xiang, transformation big, she governs entire Danxiang Taoyuan now, but actually appeared lower-key, the person of outside almost does not know that she was Danxiang Taoyuan's Dean, did not know her foundation. Shen Xiang looks that at present this attire is simple, but actually the beautiful female of malfunction rhyme, in the heart does not sigh with emotion extremely, he and Wu Qianqian together had had many matters, he fully realized that Wu Qianqian is a very strong female, moreover afterward also had the fortuitous encounter, from now on will have an achievement surely. Wu Qianqian sees Shen Xiang to stare at her, the eye does not wink, smiles gracefully, said: You did not think that like this looks at others, will make people very shy?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: You now not shy, you suspend in any case here, is so attractive, did not look to be a pity.” The Wu Qianqian Yanran chuckle, reorganizes these herbs skilled. Shen Xiang asked: Qianqian, do you want these herbs refined into pill?” Wu Qianqian nodded, said: Um, this can enhance me to pill furnace inside control ability, if successful, but can also make use of waste, this is also Sister Xiangyue lets an aspect of my with emphasis practice.”

Before I was very difficult to achieve, but with Sister Xiangyue together time, I have learned the lots from her there, moreover she also helps me promote the flame, my Blue Star Fire Spirit must evolve quickly Purple Fire Spirit, when the time comes my alchemy can twice the result with half the effort.” Wu Qianqian mentioned Blue Star Fire Spirit, cannot help but recalled in the past, at that time she and Shen Xiang together, lay down in the Shen Xiang's bosom fused Blue Star Fire Spirit. If with my double cultivation, can make your Fire Spirit evolve quickly!” Long Xueyi said that moreover model Shen Xiang's sound. Long Xueyi is not one time makes Shen Xiang so awkward in front of Wu Qianqian with this way twice, this makes Shen Xiang have to plant to pinch her impulsion, again and again harms his image. Wu Qianqian looks up Shen Xiang, on the face brings to wipe light blushing, she spat lowly: Really is little rascal...... no wonder Sister Xiangyue they always such shouts you, in Extreme Dan King Courtyard, your continuously this.” Qianqian...... this...... I said that if......” Shen Xiang does not want to argue, does not know how should explain, he only wants to grasp Long Xueyi, devastation maliciously. dragon brat, your his mother gives me honestly.” Shen Xiang to Long Xueyi sound transmission, loud voice roared. Old lady is helping you create opportunity...... At this time on, when doesn't treat?” Long Xueyi is very discontented, thought own good intention was struck by lightning. Wu Qianqian lowers the head not to speak, the atmosphere is very awkward, she has not thought Shen Xiang unexpectedly such bold said this words to come, although before her, was used. little rascal, hurries, is hugging her, then kisses her! She liked you, but you have the idea to her, what do you intertwine?” Long Xueyi is not feeling well very much. Shen Xiang innermost feelings also suddenly wells up such impulsion, then stands up, fierce grasps Wu Qianqian!

Wu Qianqian has not responded that felt own wing celtis mouth was stopped up . Moreover the fierce tongues are prying open her white teeth, enters her fragrant Run's small mouth, in inside crazy agitation, is seizing her fragrant tongue. „......” Wu Qianqian has not struggled, she does not dare to make an effort to nip the Shen Xiang's tongue, but she more struggles, Shen Xiang is makes an effort to hug her. This was right!” Long Xueyi laughs, she thought that she has done a big good deed, but vigorously had actually been pinched the cheek by jealousy thick Su Meiyao. Quick, Wu Qianqian soft, her jerky fragrant tongue given Shen Xiang's, quick fiery is twining, they closely support, the fervor is kissing crazily. After half tea, Wu Qianqian remembered something, hastily has shoved open Shen Xiang, blushes, the hidden bitterness was looking at Shen Xiang: I have the matter to do, cannot accompany you to continue to deliberately create trouble.” How is this deliberately creating trouble?” Shen Xiang is hugging her slender waist, has licked the lip, happily said with a smile. I also want alchemy, so is not leisurely and carefree like you!” Wu Qianqian sighed gently, depended toward the Shen Xiang bosom, supple sound track: Shen Xiang, is you courses this road me thank you, however the future road must go by me.” Um!” Shen Xiang is hugging Xiangmei such as the beautiful woman of jade, then lowers the head slightly, holds Wu Qianqian that wing celtis mouth once more, this time he very gentle kisses with her, but Wu Qianqian not so is jerky at this time, they quickly because this intimate contact, and has the wonderful feeling, affectionate entangling holds together. The small moment passes by, Wu Qianqian shoves open Shen Xiang gently, whispered: Sufficed? I have the goal today, must build up some pill to come, you will come another day again.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: Kisses insufficiently for a lifetime! I help you make together Blue Fire Spirit now, making you fuse Purple Fire Spirit.”

Wu Qianqian hastily draws Shen Xiang saying: Does not use, I can through the White Flame Pegasus promotion, you not need to take risk! My physique like you, the fusion are not many to me does not have the advantage, moreover is very painful!” Wu Qianqian delivers to outside Shen Xiang, said: Shen Xiang, you are more careful, Emperor Heaven now is not very peaceful, many people are having your idea.” I know!” Shen Xiang has stroked Wu Qianqian beautiful hair gently, then leaves Danxiang Taoyuan. little rascal, quickly to I apologize, then thanked me! The old ladies have contributed to the great merit!” Long Xueyi very proudly said. Good, thank Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor!” Shen Xiang returns to the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's time, is the evening, but Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan not here. He waited for more than half double-hour, only sees Leng Youlan whole face murderous aura to come back, but the Xue Xianxian's complexion is unattractive. Shen Xiang hastily inquired: What happened?” Leng Youlan angrily said: Also was not that anything nonsense Ghost Killer Sect, unexpectedly makes here, they know that Master was not, intentionally provoked our Divine Weapon Sect, moreover some sect supported to them.”