World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1143
Divine Weapon Sect is mastering the excellent refiner skill, many magic treasure sell from here, now Liu Meng'er no longer, stares is very normal, but must dare to provoke the Divine Weapon Sect words, the back at least must have formidable strength to be good, because Divine Weapon Sect, Icewind Valley, Danxiang Taoyuan and Extreme Martial Sect is a big alliance, even if the big influence does not dare to provoke. „Does Xianxian, want me to help?” Shen Xiang may idle now. ghost killer and Golden Heroic Sword Sect person looks for us today, making us sell the profound steel mineral lode low price to them, that profound steel mineral lode is our Divine Weapon Sect control value highest mineral lode, will we give how possibly them?” In the Xue Xianxian foreheads suddenly reveals killing intent, this is very rare. „Are their courage so big? Was who borrowed the balls to them?” Shen Xiang had decided that must help Xue Xianxian, he already planned to destroy completely this type all day the restless small influence. Mo Clan, is Devil Territory these fellows, what Ancient Spirit Earth now in that the strength is good, otherwise does not dare such to start to us, this group of bastards, bully our women, how doesn't he wrest away King Continent these influences mineral lode?” Leng Youlan life Qi/angry said. Our Devil Subduing martial arts study well, they choose to us start, that was completely mistaken.” Xue Xianxian said. Shen Xiang stretched oneself, asks: Ghost Killer Sect and Golden Heroic Sword Sect person also in city?” Leng Youlan coldly snorted: Naturally, me wants to tidy up this group of fellows now.” Shen Xiang said: Tomorrow morning, Youlan you lead me to go with them to negotiate, discusses the disagreement on fight, if the Mo Clan involvement, opens directly kills that's it, these Devil Territory fellows, were hard to compatible with our Human Territory in any case, now also wants to annex us, in your dreams!” Leng Youlan one happy, looked at Xue Xianxian, said: Senior Sister, your meaning?” Xue Xianxian said with a smile: Presses does, doesn't give a color that your brother said them to take a look good? Thinks that I i doesn't have to bully?” Good, I rest now, tomorrow slaughters!” Leng Youlan departure in high spirits.

Day also not bright, Leng Youlan has crashed in the Xue Xianxian's room, Shen Xiang and Xue Xianxian just calmed the mind, the bedding was torn by Leng Youlan. Leng Youlan looks that this to entangles is hugging the men and women smoothly, expression said freely: Is quick, I worried that group of fellows will run away, we go early!” Xue Xianxian blushes, ridicules saying: Youlan, your next politeness point, at least must knock knocks on a door!” Senior Sister, what are you shy? Your whole body I have traced, has looked, what has at the worst?” Leng Youlan thought that this is not the matter at the worst. Leng Youlan has stroked that white hair, looks to shrink in Shen Xiang of corner, said with a smile: Brother, what are you shy? Was worried that I do rob your egg?” Dead girl, has turned around quickly! Otherwise today's motion cancels!” Shen Xiang puts out the clothes, puts on fast. Leng Youlan stares at him to look, said: Cancels me also to go, isn't two eggs? Has anything at the worst, delivers me me not to want. The words said the man is hanging these two thing and that thing, fight time did not think that is in the way very much? The time of being kicked can be very sore?” Shen Xiang resigned-looking said: Definitely will hurt, moreover hurts awfully!” Leng Youlan said very much naively: That is certainly in the way, simply cuts away considers as finished! The words that cuts away, should be able to make your men facilitate many, perhaps the strength can to bring it up a level!” In the Shen Xiang heart grasps crazily, but Xue Xianxian this is whole face red cherry, the covering mouth chuckle. Youlan, you, although is not the man, but you sooner or later know that the treasure of this man is also very important regarding your women, do not despise.” After Shen Xiang wears the clothes, has kissed the Xue Xianxian's face, leaves Imperial Palace with Leng Youlan.

Sun has not risen, the dim city is very peaceful, the Leng Youlan shoulder is chopping that huge White Jade Dragon sword, Shen Xiang is camouflages one to accompany to follow on the heels. Youlan, where do you know them?” Shen Xiang gives Leng Youlan sound transmission Naturally knows, yesterday evening you in room merry, I sent the Dark Hall person to go to the determination of fix.” Leng Youlan said. Dark Hall is your Divine Weapon Sect assassination and so on organization?” Um, assassination and detection news and so on.” Leng Youlan said: This was Master established long ago, was elite, moreover little let slip!” Shen Xiang suspected that this Dark Hall inside person, has Demanding Life Devil Bow this type of thing, initially Liu Meng'er had said that must make one batch to use to them. Golden Heroic Sword Sect, ghost killer is the small influence that Mo Clan incorporates, moreover some Mo Clan also people here.” Leng Youlan brought Shen Xiang to arrive at outside a big house. Shen Xiang makes Long Xueyi investigate inside person with Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, locks the positions of these people. Leng Youlan stands before the house front door, unexpectedly very polite knocking on a door. After the gate opens, that old man sees is a white hair beautiful woman, immediately the whole face is panic-stricken, Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire who doesn't know the Leng Youlan's prestige? Moreover this white hair is her unique symbol. I am ask you to negotiate, you notify, they will understand my meaning.” Leng Youlan said that her unexpectedly has not rushed hardly, making Shen Xiang feel quite the accident.

Leng Youlan sees the Shen Xiang whole face doubts facial expression, spits the tongue: Senior Sister also Master said that is dignified in own domain management, cannot do the destruction, do not despise me.” The steward is bringing Leng Youlan and Shen Xiang goes to a hall, is entertaining them, told that passed on to here person. ghost killer 20, Golden Heroic Sword Sect 30, Mo Clan two, but the Mo Clan fellow is quite strong, should be Mo Clan incites them to handle matters here.” Long Xueyi said. Some people walked into the hall, was two Devil Qi very heavy young men, understood at a glance that was the Mo Clan person, but behind was also following two broad face ghost killer and three waists in them hangs [gold/metal] sword the middle age. ghost killer this fellow, can wash now white, dares to make an appearance under the broad daylight, you did not fear that was killed? Now but ghost killer everybody, but execution the fellow, you were not low-key in my domain, but also wants to buy and sell by using compulsion to us, was your this dislikes the life inadequately steadily?” Although Leng Youlan is quite impulsive, but does not represent her not to have the brain, otherwise she will not have now this strength. That two Mo Clan youth, looks at present this powerful white hair beautiful woman, reveals one type to want the look that it possesses, such beautiful woman truly very much makes the person have to conquer the desire. The silver surface ghost killer quantity are not many, but broad face ghost killer were less, now works oneself to death for Mo Clan, obviously Mo Clan strength. We lack the profound steel, so long as you give half mineral lode us, we will pay your corresponding crystal stones! Moreover you will also obtain the asylum of our Mo Clan! Said honestly, ghost killer and Golden Heroic Sword Sect are my Mo Clan influences, we send them to come with you to discuss, but does not want to think that your Divine Weapon Sect and Devil Territory do business. After all now Human Territory hates Demon and Devil very much.” That Mo Clan man said that the waist of this man is hanging a black jade pendant, the status is not evidently low.