World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1145

Shen Xiang arrives at Devil Subduing School to take a look at the Zuo Zhenxuan current situation, this Devil Subduing School's disciple are getting more and more . Moreover the scale is getting bigger and bigger, exits the student who from here, is each one influences the elite who is used to resist the Demon and Devil invasion. Zuo Zhenxuan already crossed Nirvana Ninth Tribulation, becomes Human Immortal, because of the Emperor Heaven reason, he had not chosen transcend at that time, but stays here, but now he continues to hold the post of Devil Subduing School's Dean, teaches Devil Subduing martial arts, simultaneously protects Devil Subduing School not by the expert attack of Demon and Devil. Old Zuo, your is pressure now big?” Shen Xiang and Zuo Zhenxuan on institute inside treeshady lanes, the entire Devil Subduing School's atmosphere are anxious at this time, because here every day will have a group of people to leave, goes Demon and Devil to invade the serious place. Also good, here has many skilled people, these rampant Demon and Devil have not dared to make to here comes, what I am worried will be only that side monster Devil Territory will have the fierce fellow to appear, now in Human Territory quite fierce possibly was your Subduing Dragon Sect's that Great Elder, but everyone guessed correctly that this Great Elder was so fierce, dull will not be long in Emperor Heaven, therefore your Subduing Dragon Sect will also compare danger(ous).” White Tiger is any strength, everyone knows clearly, expert of this rank only for a while will possibly come out to help Subduing Dragon Sect, but is impossible to support for a lifetime, but Subduing Dragon Sect nobody dares to move at present, because nobody knows that Great Elder also. This crowd of Demon and Devil were loses controls, barbaric savage, many Big Shot in monster Devil Territory took this group of fellows not to have the means that but in these monster Devil Territory big influences were also very glad to see such matter, because these big influences can to fish in troubled water, fish many advantage!” Zuo Zhenxuan knows that monster Devil Territory some influences are practicing dirty tricks. The Shen Xiang nod said: Right, before Mo Clan sent for starting to Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, wanting the price that as well as lowers to purchase the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire most profound steel ore, moreover is very arbitrary.” Now these people who comes Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire to stir up trouble are cut to kill by Leng Youlan, the head hangs on the city gate, this matter entire south person heard, very pays attention, because this is thinking Mo Clan visibly to Human Territory influence fight. I will arrange the time, convenes Big Shot of some big influences, discussed that this matter, now the loss of Human Territory was very serious, but the Demon and Devil that crowd of savage fellow the casualty are also many, but they actually do not care, monster Devil Territory originally on the fellow of this non- brain.” Zuo Zhenxuan is helpless to such matter, savage Demon and Devil stirs up.

Shen Xiang said: I go to Profound Cold Ancient Domain, looks for Demon Empress to inquire that situation, looked that she does have the means to control Demon Territory Evil Demon.” Shen Xiang transmits from Devil Subduing School's Teleportation Formation to a comparison approaches the Profound Cold Ancient Domain big city, although this big city is located in Human Territory, but truly Bewitching Sound Paradise establishes the management, because here is away from Demon Territory to be near, is Bewitching Sound Paradise and a Human Territory connection city. Northern Demon City inside monster are many, these monsters and Evil Demon are different, is quite genial that so long as does not provoke them, they can live together in peace and harmony with humanity! But beforehand Northern Demon City had been attacked by Evil Demon, at that time strove many also formidable monster in this, Shen Xiang now in city, can smell very thick smell of blood, but outside the city the combustion fire, is burning these rotten corpses. Here is recent from Profound Cold Ancient Domain, moreover is quite cold, many want to enter the Profound Cold Ancient Domain person, will come here to be ready first, or seeks for the team to go here. But Shen Xiang comes to here, on the one hand is Lu Qinlian greets, making her favor Chenwu Mainland, before Lu Qinlian had also complied with Shen Xiang. Naturally, Shen Xiang also comes to here to sell God Intoxicating Flower, his condense one month of Soul Creation Fluid, has made many God Intoxicating Flower to come out, planned that trades a good thing in Lu Qinlian there, even if Lu Qinlian does not have the good thing, gives to her to trade a favour to be also good, after all Lu Qinlian now in the Emperor Heaven strength is the comparison before. Bewitching Sound Paradise is Mysterious Realm, this Mysterious Realm is very big, but in female spirit are not many, Shen Xiang hear of Lu Qinlian have said that Bewitching Sound Paradise inside will put out very big stretch of area land to be used to plant some poisonous flowered poisonous herbs or is alchemy spirit herb, moreover this Mysterious Realm is quite special, in addition some of their Bewitching Sound Paradise spirits have the unusual talent, can make the plant growth up. Lu Qinlian is in itself the monster that Lotus Flower turns into, therefore has the inborn superiority to flowers and plants planter.

In Northern Demon City, here most common is various things from Profound Cold Ancient Domain, Profound Ice are most, comes here person, majority want to try one's luck, causes a point anything to come from Profound Ice, but the large number people are certainly disappointed to turn over. In addition, here also sells many ice cold attribute things, for example ore, strange flowers different grass and weapon...... But the Bewitching Sound Paradise biggest business, sells the strange flowers different grass here. Although Bewitching Sound Paradise's spirit with toxin, but they actually never sell the poisonous flowered poisonous herb, but they actually sell the disintoxicating herbs, many alchemy masters refine Detoxification Dan, must come to here to seek for some herbs. Meanwhile, Bewitching Sound Paradise also sells Ancient Profound Ice, is only sell Profound Ice is expensive, because these Profound Ice came from the Profound Cold Ancient Domain deep place, and shape is unusual. The Heavenly Demon pavilion, is Bewitching Sound Paradise in the Northern Demon City shop, is huge, inside is similar to a manor is ordinary. After Shen Xiang arrives at the Heavenly Demon pavilion, quick discovers here business prosperous reason, because in this charming spirit are many, many people come to look at these attractive spirits. Looks to turn over to look, but actually nobody dares fight to move the foot, how otherwise dead does not know, it is said before , some people have sexually harassed these spirits, to afterward was not died bewilderedly is the dead shape its miserable. Before Lu Qinlian invited Shen Xiang to come Bewitching Sound Paradise, helped her have a look at some Profound Ice while convenient, therefore has given the Shen Xiang together token. Shen Xiang arrives at the counter, had demonstrated to that maturity charming female the token, then said: I have the matter to look for her, having a look at her to be now convenient!”

Please wait a bit, my this notifies.” Female hurriedly said, is very polite to Shen Xiang. I stroll first here!” Shen Xiang is interested in these Profound Ice, he comes to here also to plan that makes some Profound Ice to study, because in these Profound Ice is containing very terrifying and mysterious ice cold strength. [gold/metal] Yuan came, this fellow soaks all day looks at Profound Ice here, but little has bought, even if buys cannot start out the thing, this fellow should not want to gang up with here spirit!” „, Low voice, others [gold/metal] Yuanzu strength is very strong!” Shen Xiang hears some people to discuss after that [gold/metal] ape, then looked that to hall that Profound Ice demonstrates, only then the strength not weak person can go, otherwise the resistance in that intense ice was cold.