World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1146
[gold/metal] Yuanchang must very tall and strong, wears the golden clothes robe, is stroking together human form Profound Ice! Shen Xiang immediately was also attracted by that Profound Ice, because this Profound Ice looks like with the beautiful woman who White Jade carves carefully becomes, has a very fine oval face, the five senses are very clear, is very difficult to believe that this Profound Ice is the natural formation, was really Highest God is wonderful. Shen Xiang walked into that to demonstrate that the Profound Ice hall, seeing him to walk, in many person hearts secret one startled, person who because can go , the strength was very good, they have not thought that such middle-aged uncle of undistinguished appearance was so fierce. Changes Shen Xiang after appearance, looks like extremely ordinary, but now he has actually brought to the attention of some people. This big brother, face quite! Are you first time come? This is beautiful person Profound Ice that our Bewitching Sound Paradise just dug, if you need to purchase, the price can give preferential benefit.” An appearance delightful spirit said with the neat voice. Shen Xiang looked at to price-mark, unexpectedly took five 100 billion crystal stones, is much more expensive! However at the previous Golden Sun Sacred Realm auction, that bailian Profound Ice can pat trillion crystal stones, therefore the contrast, this compares convenient. Shen Xiang cracks into a smile, said: If can start out one from inside with your same beautiful woman, trillion I buy.” Women's chuckle: Big brother you are really charming, if you buy this Profound Ice, so long as starts out the thing from inside, when we will return you purchase crystal stones. in other words, if your luck is good, can obtain a thing in vain.” If the luck is not good, in vain lost five 100 billion crystal stones, moreover generally is the luck not good situation are quite many, cannot delimit......” Shen Xiang shakes the head, while looks at this beautiful person Profound Ice with Primal Chaos Spirit Eye. A grandiose man of [gold/metal] Yuan clan contemptuously looked at Shen Xiang one, disdainfully said: Snort, thought that cannot delimit do not play Profound Ice, Profound Ice is no one plays.”

Plays Profound Ice? In the Shen Xiang heart laughs in one's heart, he plays the Profound Ice expert, perhaps in Emperor Heaven, can cause most good things from Profound Ice is he, Enlightenment Stone, Heavenly Emptiness Stone as well as that Bead of Mysterious Laws, all are the good things. Shen Xiang is very clear in this hall watches the Profound Ice young people, majority for the face, think one soak all day looks at Profound Ice here, has enough understanding to Profound Ice, moreover can play Profound Ice. But major shops, pit is this person, this person soaks here for 2-3 years, buys 1-2 most convenient that. „Can you play? How to see you to wrap here Profound Ice full? Also does not see you to buy several.” Shen Xiang said with a sneer. „Did small ape king, what you and this fellow say? Understood at a glance that he does not play Profound Ice!” At this time a black garment man walked, has swept Shen Xiang several, continued saying: Plays Profound Ice blindly not to buy, but must look that must touch, must smell, through the careful patient observation, comes to see in Profound Ice whether has treasure!” Shen Xiang smiled: Then please ask that two play the Profound Ice person of high skill, do you open have treasure Profound Ice?” That small ape king complexion slightly changes, in Northern Demon City, who does not know that the prestige of his small ape king, unexpectedly so is bickered by a fellow now. Shen Xiang thought that these fellows are because bored, all day here, then makes others feel that they are very fierce, is very out of the ordinary. That black garment man said: Opens Profound Ice naturally to have the luck ingredient, but observes is essential, this can make way the treasure assurance to be bigger, simultaneously can remove does not have protection Profound Ice.” This black garment man said rationally, he arrives at together by square purple-red Profound Ice, said: This Profound Ice is quite common four directions Profound Ice, this Profound Ice most major characteristics are the surface have the calibration line, but through our observations, can see this is a tree, moreover was one soon died, not the veteran of being cut off leaf.”

Fell the leaf, the veteran, death! This is unclear Profound Ice, therefore will not have anything.” Shen Xiang wants saying that very much talks nonsense, but he continues to say with a smile: That this beautiful person Profound Ice?” Small ape king said with a sneer: Black tiger brother, do not say that many with this fellow, he is wrapping our words, we in the professional of Profound Ice domain, we give others to illustrate that Profound Ice must gather crystal stones.” Shen Xiang has cannot help but smiled, but their arguments, causes surrounding of many people, they thought that secretly Shen Xiang must have bad luck, offended the small ape Wang He black tiger, that is not the good matter. Here is the Bewitching Sound Paradise's shop, is the Lu Qinlian gathering place, Shen Xiang does not want to cause trouble here, but Lu Qinlian has not come now, he also plans to have a look here Profound Ice, had treasure Profound Ice to select this inside completely, if started out treasure, but can also make the Heavenly Demon pavilion sell many Profound Ice. Two, you said that in this square Profound Ice does not have treasure is right?” Shen Xiang asked. This is natural, we think that like this, otherwise this Profound Ice price will not be low!” That black tiger said. Shen Xiang carefully looked with Primal Chaos Spirit Eye, can see in this Profound Ice to have the thing fuzzily, but he cannot determine that is treasure. Six ten billion crystal stone, give a try in any case!” Shen Xiang said to that delightful spirit: Miss, I want this, my intuition told me, in this Profound Ice had the thing!” That small ape king said while loudly laughing: You want to hit our faces, wants to let our lose face, does not need to waste six ten billion crystal stone! It looks like you likely is a maturity steady person, but has not thought that so is impulsive, what thing do I want to take a look at you to be able but actually to start out?”

Small ape king, has not thought that today can see this fool, told him in this Profound Ice not to have the thing visibly, but he must buy actually. He He, he is suspecting our looks.” That delightful female has looked in the nearby that she has not thought the result like this, she will think this middle-aged uncle person is good, looks like very simple and honest honest, now was stimulated by these playboys of two idling about, is hotheaded. Big brother, you determined that can buy?” That delightful female asked. Others small sweet see in this Profound Ice not to have treasure, can't you look?” That small ape king jokes. Slightly sweetly knit the brows, said: I have not looked to be good, if you look really how to see you to start out together Profound Ice? Our Wang said that if some people see Profound Ice to have treasure, that person will certainly have bought entire Northern Demon City Profound Ice, this purely by luck.” Shen Xiang said with a smile gruffly: young miss, I determines to buy, is not the abundant luck, with betting to be the same! Own that courage is not abundant, actually chips in gambling establishment director others, is really laughable.”